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best shower headsAll of us have stood beneath a miserable trickle of water on a cold winter’s day and wondered how manufacturers get something as simple as a shower head wrong. I had just such an experience and decided to research the world of showerheads. I subsequently decided to share the information that I had gathered on this site, making it easier for others to find the best shower head.

For me, the most important attribute of a good shower head is a steady and consistent flow of water. In addition, the water must be delivered at high pressure. This is what makes the shower experience a pleasant and relaxing one.

Choosing the Showerhead to Suit Your Home

I have been surprised at the wide variety of these products out there. Showerheads differ in size, shape and finish. They boast a wide variety of finishes so you can choose the one that best fits in with your bathroom style and that matches the rest of the sanitary ware in the room.

Today Many shower heads contain technology that will prevent tarnishing, corrosion and mineral build-up, so you can expect them to last for years. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Most of the shower heads in our reviews come with a decent warranty.

Many showerhead shave water adjustments so you can choose from a variety of spray settings. The spray settings control the water direction, volume and range. Before you set out to purchase your shower head you should decide whether you want a gentle rain shower, a more concentrated flow or a shower with multiple settings.

Water efficiency

It is of course also essential that you choose a water efficient model so that you don’t waste resources. Federal regulations limit shower head water usage to 2.5 gallons per minute. If you want to stick to the water sense regulation you will have to choose a showerhead with a water flow of just 2 gallons per minutes.

The Type of Showerhead

best shower headsOne of the important decisions that you will make in selecting a showerhead is the type of showerhead that you want. I’ve listed the different types below

  • Wall mounted showerhead – the most popular.
  • Top mounted shower head – mostly rain showerheads that deliver a soft and gentle water stream. Rain shower heads are large and the water will flow over the entire body.
  • Sliding bar showerhead – this is particularly useful for families where members of different heights use the same shower.
  • Detachable showerhead – these come in a number of mounting The flexibility of a detachable shower head is perfect for those who may want to use the water to clean the dogs or wash the shower cubicle. The handheld showerhead makes it easy to control the direction of the water flow.
  • Aerated showerhead – helps to improve the water pressure with reduced water usage
  • LED showerhead – add your own colour light to the showerhead for a contemporary look. These showerheads are powered either by battery or water pressure
  • Bluetooth showerhead – for those who love to sing in the shower, why not add a blue tooth speaker?

With so much to choose from, you should easily find a product that will balance your budget with the features that you desire.

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