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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

Homeowners and interior designers on a search for a high-quality freestanding tub need look no further than the AKDY 67” Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub. It holds a large capacity of water and is insulated with double-walled technology to hold in heat for long soaks.

AKDY Freestanding Bathtub

AKDY Freestanding Bathtub

  • Fiberglass material
  • 79 Gallon Capacity
  • Curved Contours for Comfortable Recline
  • Adjustable Feet for Leveling

Its freestanding modern design makes it versatile for a variety of spaces and design choices. It has an economic shape that makes it a perfect fit for any space large or small, including the middle of the room! Its modern pearly white finish compliments any bathroom color scheme and is popular among interior designers for a contemporary look.

It is a high capacity bathtub perfect for families, couples, children, and pets. It stands at 36” wide x 20” long and holds 79 gallons of water. It is the perfect focal point for a modern bathroom that needs a high-quality freestanding tub with a high water capacity. It will bring out the rest of the room by making the most of the space with its economic design.

Contemporary Freestanding Design:

Freestanding bathtubs are popular among interior designers who are looking for a modern, contemporary bathroom feel. One of the added benefits of choosing a high-quality freestanding tub for your bathroom is that it makes the space feel larger and opens up the room. There is also a wide range of freestanding tubs available so they’ll fit any design style.

The freestanding tub is a statement piece in your bathroom. The chic, curvy design adds elegance to any bathroom space for a touch of luxury right at home. Pair it with modern or vintage decor and let the tub be the focal point of the room. It looks great against stone and tile and freestanding tubs are also a popular choice for minimalists and European interior designers.

Sophisticated Design Inspiration:

  1. Freestanding tubs look great with marble, stone, and granite.
  2. Pair with antique decor for a vintage-inspired bathroom.
  3. Let the bathtub be the focal point of the space with minimalist decor.

Double-Walled Insulation

The pearl white acrylic walls of the tub are insulated with double-walled technology that traps in the heat, making this a high-quality freestanding tub perfect for those who love to enjoy long soaks. This is an important quality when it comes to choosing a high-capacity freestanding tub. This is a beautiful tub with high-performance heat retention technology.

Being made from high-quality materials prevents damage over time, extending the lifetime of your tub. The shiny white finish is both scratch and chip resistant to keep it beautiful over time. It also is easy to clean as it is resistant to grime and dirt building up because acrylic tubs are less porous than other materials.

  • Double-walled insulation traps in heat.
  • Less porous material resistant to dirt build-up.
  • Scratch and chip resistant.

Perks to Purchasing the AKDY 67” Bathtub

  • It comes from a trusted bathroom appliance manufacturer. AKDY manufactures award-winning bathtubs and bathroom appliances.
  • It comes with a free limited warranty. It comes with a warranty that protects against parts damage.
  • It comes with a drainage pipe. It comes with an easy to install flexible drainage pipe with easy-to-read installation instructions.
  • It comes with adjustable feet for leveling. The tub comes with adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces and tiles.


  • Holds a lot of water, and keeps it hot. This high-capacity freestanding tub is perfect for families as it allows for up to 79 gallons of water.
  • Durable and scratch-resistant. The acrylic surface and double wall technology keep the tub looking new even after years and heavy use.
  • Modern design makes a statement. The sleek design gives off an air of luxury and will bring out the most in any space. It is also very versatile in terms of design styles for those with minimalist, vintage, or modern taste and can fit into a variety of bathroom spaces.


  • Large and Bulky - It is significantly bigger than some other freestanding tubs, which is great for those who enjoy luxury, but not so great for those who prefer a dainty tub.
  • It doesn’t come with a faucet - It doesn’t come with a bathroom faucet but the company does provide several affordable choices suitable for different needs.


The AKDY 67” Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub is a high-quality freestanding tub that is ideal for families or couples. It looks great in minimalist or vintage-inspired bathrooms paired with stone, tile, or marble.

Freestanding bathtubs are versatile and can fit into many different places. It is made out of quality materials that you can trust to last. The double-insulated walls hold in the heat for a long time which is perfect for people who enjoy long soaks in the tub. I would recommend this freestanding tub to anyone looking for value, versatility, and beauty in a tub.

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