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by Thomas Holmes

Having a great shower after a long day has to be one of the most rewarding feelings ever. The water relaxes and refreshes the body. To get a nice shower, you need a well-designed showerhead. One that provides enough coverage and pressure.  The AKDY AZ6021 is a great showerhead that provides a luxurious experience when showering. This affordable showerhead mimics the rain providing enough water pressure to guarantee a good time in the shower. It is a stylish square showerhead that can easily blend into your bathroom décor.

AKDY AZ-6021 Shower head

AKDY AZ-6021

  • Gentle rain style dispersal
  • 100 rubber nozzles, easy to clean
  • High-quality ABS plastic body
  • Adjustable angle

The AKDY AZ6021 happens to be similar to the AKDY SH0093. The only differences are that the AKDY SH0093 has 12 more nozzles and 2 shower settings compared to the AKDY AZ6021. However, you will find the AKDY AZ6021 is friendlier in terms of budget.

The product was created by the AKDY Company which was listed among the fastest growing companies in 2015. It got an impressive rating coming out at no.75 out of thousands of companies. It started in 2006 and it has continued to produce high-end products for home improvement to date. It is a brand trusted by many. AKDY makes an effort to use the best materials and designs to provide affordable products.


  • Features a solid construction that won’t submit to damage easily.
  • The style of the showerhead allows it to blend with different bathroom décor.
  • It is easy to install and interact with.
  • The price is budget friendly.
  • Releases water with enough pressure to mimic the rain.


  • Features one setting which can be limiting.
  • May take up a lot of water in populated houses.

Key Features

Now it is time to look at what the AKDY AZ6021 has to offer. The various features available all play an important part in providing the best experience. We told you the AKDY Company produces quality products at affordable prices. The proof can be seen in how the showerhead performs. Some of the features to be found are:

Sleek solid construction

For a shower head to last long, the quality of the material used should be of good quality. The AKDY AZ6021showerheadconsists of a brushed chrome frame finished off by solid plastic. The ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)material used is heat resistant thus ensuring longevity.

The design of the shower head allows it to blend into your bathroom whether modern or traditional. The water chamber delivers enough pressure and allows the water to retain the heat. Hot and cold showers will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

Rubber nozzles

The AKDY AZ6021 shower head has a wide face covered in rubber nozzles. These rubber nozzles are convenient as they are easy to keep clean. Any mineral build up can be removed by rubbing against the nozzles using your hand. Once the mineral deposits have been dislodged, all that is needed is a rinse and it is good to go. This is much simpler than dealing with blocked metal nozzles.

Compatible shower arm

Finding the right spot to enjoy your shower can improve your overall experience. Ifyou like to have a bit of fun, buy a compatible shower arm. The shower arm allows you to adjust the showerhead angles and height. The AKDY SH0069 shower arm is compatible with this model. You can find this shower arm on Amazon at affordable prices.

Wide coverage

The AKDY AZ6021 shower head measures 8.25 x 8.25inches. It has 100 rubber nozzles spread over the face to provide that gentle rain feeling. When you stand in the middle you can feel the water fall all over you with no sections are left out. Compared to a regular showerhead this one has more coverage and the water pressure feels like a light massage.

Simple installation

This is not one of those products that leave you frustrated. The AKDY AZ6021 comes in two pieces that need to be connected. Joining the square and the swivel piece should be straightforward taking little time. Connect the assembled unit to your plumbing system and you are set to go. The screws used are non-slip facilitating the unit to remain in place. You won’t have to fasten them often or worry that the showerhead will fall.


This showerhead comes with a one-year warranty for parts. You can be assured that the quality of the showerhead can be trusted. In the event that you run into mechanical problems with the showerhead, you can get some solutions from the company. Therefore, it is paramount that you understand the terms and conditions of the warranty. It is not one of the more exciting things to do but it is the only way to know what the manufacturer is willing to cover.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

With the AKDY AZ6021 shower head comes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you buy the product and find some production flaws, contact the supplier. They will be able to refund your money or replace the damaged shower head. If you have never bought a rain showerhead before, this would be a nice one to start with.

Frequently Asked Questions

People always want to be sure that what they are buying will suit their needs. Asking questions on the product is a great way of gaining insight. Below are some questions that have popped up as we researched the AKDY AZ6021.

Is the water released with a lot of pressure?

Some people prefer having high-pressure showers to feel better. The high pressured water on their skin feels like massage that relieves sore muscles and joint pain. The AKDY AZ6021, unfortunately, does not happen to be a high-pressure shower head as it produces normal pressure. It is supposed to mimic the rain after all so it cannot be pounding on your skin at the pressure of a firehose. It cascades softly ensuring every square inch exposed is covered by water.  If you need a high-pressure showerhead from AKYD, take a look at the AKDY SH0040. Because the quality is great and the price within reach.

Does it consume a lot of water?

Utility bills can be expensive especially if you are living many people under one roof.  The more water used, the more money you lose. The AKDY AZ6021 consumes around 2.5 gallons per minute. That is not as high compared to the high-pressure showerheads in the market. If you do the math, the water consumption might be high or low depending on the household. Let us assume we have a family of four and each person takes an average of 8 minutes to shower. That will constitute 20 gallons per person making it 80gallons in a day. If the house is populated you can always try and take shorter showers to save on water and electricity.

Can it be adjusted?

Maybe you like the water hitting your body at a certain angle or you shower sitting down. That is okay, we all have our shower routines. Depending on the space and style of your bathroom you may need a showerhead that can be adjusted. If you buy a shower head such as the AKDY AZ6021you may need a bit of help.

Unfortunately, the showerhead in itself swivels around but movements angle/height wise are limited. If you want some form of adjustability, you will have to purchase a shower arm. The AKDY SH0069 is a compatible shower arm that you can get from Amazon. The arm will facilitate easy height and angle adjustments. It is not expensive to purchase so don’t worry about going bankrupt.

Are the materials used safe?

There is growing concern about the products that we use and their safety. People nowadays want to know if their health will be affected in any way. People with skin sensitivities asked if the plastic found in the product was safe. The good news is that you have nothing to worry about because ABS presents no threats as it is non-leaching and stable. This means that it will not leave any traces in your water, food or soil.

What the customers think of the AZ6021

Discovering what other people think of the product is a good way of judging its value. There are plenty of comments that shed light on the characteristics of the AKDY AZ6021. Some of the comments include:


One of the more notable comments is that the AKDY AZ6021 provides long service. The unit has been constructed well enough to last for years to come. There are no metal parts that are capable of rusting or plastic parts that break away. It remains in good condition without needing hours of maintenance. The featured rubber nozzles remain in use without the color fading away. The AKDY AZ6021is worth the price that you pay for in years of service.

Works on low pressure

Water pressure is affected by many things when living in the city. If you are facing low water pressure worry not. There are shower heads that are able to operate in such limited conditions. The AKDY AZ6021 is a perfect example of such shower heads. Many people were quick to point out that even though their buildings had low water pressure, they were able to experience more than a trickle. The water won’t massage your skin as high-pressure showers do but you will leave that bathroom feeling fresh.

Minimal maintenance

Everybody likes a low maintenance unit. Less time and energy is spent. The AKDY AZ6021 is a low maintenance unit. All you need it to clean the rubber nozzles once in a while to keep blockages at bay. The brushed chrome frame retains its appearance and may need cleaning once in a while. Other than that, there isn’t much to do. All bolts and screws retain their position requiring re-tightening once in a long while. Simple and direct interaction.


Many were pleased that the shower head was light. It made it easy for them to install the shower head. Since it only weighs 1.45 pounds it can be supported by the shower arm without problems. The lightweight unit takes under 10minutes to install even for a first time user. It will remain in the angle you set it without bending the shower arm.

Looks good

The AKDY AZ6021 is definitely a stylish shower head with an ultra-slim frame and clear blue/green plastic finish that give your bathroom a befitting look. Whether it was in an 80’s house or a modern house, both the owners were satisfied that the shower head did not look out of place.

Hair washing simplified

For those who struggle with leftover suds in their hair felt that the AKDY AZ6021solved the problem. By providing wide coverage and adequate pressure, people are able to get the soap suds off quicker. Now people can have fun washing their hair till is squeaky clean without wasting too much time.

Final Words

The AKDY AZ6021 is not the most brilliant shower head that you will find in the market. In fact, there are shower heads that will cost more than your salary for the month. However, the AKDY AZ6021 has proven that you can get a good rain shower head at an attainable price. The design blends in well into your space and adds some form of elegance. The product will give you years of service but be careful not to run your water bill too high.

Nothing is stopping you from accessing the AKDY SH0040 or the KOHLER K-13688-BN 8-inch shower head. In fact, you may find that these models have more features and settings that you can have fun with. Like the AKDY SH0040 that comes with 3 settings and 185 nozzles.  .The question of the matter is if your budget will allow it. If your budget cannot match, then the AKDY AZ6021is the best option here. The quality is great and if you maintain it well, it will serve you faithfully. You do not have to our word for it, you simply just have to try it. Grab this shower head from your favorite vendor and transform your showers to an exciting experience.

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