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AKDY shower heads are manufactured by AKDY Imports LLC, a company based in California. The company was established in the year 2005 and now has several shower heads in their name. AKDY is an award-winning company due to their commitment to the best manufacturing practices and procedures. All their shower heads are beautifully designed and constructed to take your showering experience to a whole new level.

AKDY prides itself in manufacturing shower heads that stands out from the rest. Their products are top level and high end which combines great design and great functionality. AKDY shower heads are versatile, water efficient and built to last. Moreover, to ensure top-quality efficiency and durability, AKDY has a highly trained team of professional engineers whose mission is to ensure that all their products meet the highest production standards without compromising efficiency.

AKDY Showerhead Reviews

# 1. The Winner

AKDY AZ-6021 Shower head

AKDY AZ-6021

  • Gentle rain style dispersal
  • 100 rubber nozzles, easy to clean
  • High-quality ABS plastic body
  • Adjustable angle

The AZ-6021 weighs 1.4 pounds and has a dimension of 8 x 4 x 8 inches. This shower head is made of durable plastic, it is easy to install and operate. It feature san 8-inch square shower face which provides ample coverage from shoulder to shoulder. Additionally, the shower head also comes with 100 nozzles which provide sufficient water concentration and efficiency. Furthermore, the product is lightweight, which ensures that it is easy to install and would not strain the shower arm.

The shower head is optimized for all conventional shower arms. Therefore, it is extremely easy to use and easy to install. Its nozzles are made from rubber that prevents any mineral build-up that can accumulate over time. Since the nozzles are made of rubber, it is very easy to clean them. Furthermore, the shower head is angle adjustable which ensures that it will suit the needs of different users of varying heights. Moreover, its chrome finish ensures that it is compatible with any bathroom decor.

The shower head offers an impressive water flow that resembles rainfall. Moreover, the product is optimized to increase water pressure in locations of low water pressure installations. The shower head provides a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Additionally, it comes with all other items needed for its installation like a shower hose, a diverter and selector arm. Overall, this shower head combines great design with great functionality and comes with a one year warranty.

# 2. Runner Up

AKDY Shower Head And Wand Combo

AKDY Shower Head And Wand Combo

  • 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate
  • Made in High-quality ABS Plastic
  • 9 Inch 4-Spray Multi-Function
  • 2.2 pounds weight

This 9-inchAKDY shower head is made of durable ABS material and rubber. It weighs 2.2 pounds and a dimension of 11.1 x 6.4 x 5.1 inches. It comes with a chrome finish which ensures that it is compatible with any bathroom's interior decor. This two in one product is certified frustration-free and is very easy to install. Moreover, the shower head provides 2 GPM water flow rate and it is angle adjustable which means that it can be used by everyone in the family, regardless of height.

This showerhead offers excellent versatility and features four different adjustable modes to complement the needs of every person. The shower face is also wide enough for maximum coverage which ensures water efficiency. Moreover, the wand is very easy to use, the hose is long enough and doesn't curl when it is being used. Apart from that, the wand comes with two spray settings that help the user to optimize the showering experience.

The advantage of this product is obvious because a combination of a shower head and a wand is better than only the shower head itself. Therefore, this product offers a bargain deal of 2in1. Although the product operates under high pressure, a user also has the option of removing the flow restrictor in order to increase water output. Furthermore, the product comes with everything that is needed to install it which makes installation quick and easy.

# 3. Other Great Option

AKDY Dual Mode Shower Head

AKDY Dual Mode Shower Head

  • Contains a removable filter cartridge
  • Universal connections work with all shower types
  • Ensure maximum filtration 
  • Reduces dry itchy skin

Our next pick is an 8" Inch Dual-Mode shower head that weighs 3 ounces with a dimension of 13.2 x 10 x 3.7 inches. It is a circular shower plate that has a brushed nickel finish and is optimized to fit any conventional shower arm. The shower head has 112 nozzles that create a powerful and concentrated water flow. The product is also optimized to deliver high-pressure water flow even if there is low pressure in your house.

The shower head comes with dual water flow settings, it either provides a rainfall experience or a waterfall experience. The product combines great design with great functionality and is very easy to install. It comes with rubber nozzles that are extremely easy to clean and there is no risk of any mineral build-up overtime. Moreover, you won't have to worry about clogging nozzles because this product is built from high-quality material that ensures a hitch-free use.

This unit is made of durable ABS material that is guaranteed to last for many years to come. Moreover, it comes with a one year warranty to protect your purchase. Furthermore, the shower head has a great look and would fit the interior of any bathroom irrespective of the style and d├ęcor. If you want to cut down on your utility bill, you should consider this showerhead because this unit is great for water conservation and water efficiency. This is a showerhead that is ideal for locations where access to water is limited and if you are looking for a shower head that combines a great design with great functionality at a fair price, have a look at this fantastic shower head.

Why to Choose AKDY

Aside its laudable manufacturing practices, AKDY has also partnered with several top retail companies with the aim of making its products readily available in the market and easily accessible to all consumers. Just like every major company, AKDY has partnered with Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot among other retailers to establish them self as a reputable showerhead manufacturer. Aside from these robust partnerships, the company also has an online store where its products can be purchased. In addition to its advanced online store, AKDY has an impressive customer service department which has won notable awards for their excellent service delivery.

Additionally, as a contemporary company, AKDY abides by environmental sustainability principles in the manufacture of its products. Their manufacturing processes are eco-friendly and their products are optimized towards eco-friendliness in terms of performance. AKDY shower heads are optimized to fit standard shower arms which ensures that they are easy to install and easy to use. Majority of their products come with a chrome or brushed nickel that makes them extremely resistant to fading and corrosion. Also, all AKDY models are designed to fit the interior decor of any bathroom.

Overall, the AKDY as a company pride themselves in the production of shower heads and you can be sure that their products are durable and safe to use. Moreover, the brand has a wide array of luxury shower heads that can transform an ordinary bathroom into a hotel-like bathroom. That said, AKDY is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable manufacturers in America.

Things to Consider

AKDY shower heads come with different spray settings that ensure every user can customize his or her bathing experience. The company also produces several shower heads and hand shower combosso that you can acquire two products for the price of one. Moreover, their handheld units come with a metallic hose that can stretch between 5 to 7 feet without curling or curving. AKDY products also come with an easy to understand installation guide that ensures that their products are easy to install.

AKDY shower heads are specifically optimized for hassle-free maintenance, moreover, they come with a heat resistant construction. Their showerheads and handheld products come with several nozzles which ensures that water can be delivered at a high pressure for better efficiency. Moreover, AKDY shower heads come with a flow restrictor that is very easy to remove. That way, you will enjoy more powerful water pressure if you are used to a low-pressure plumbing system. AKDY stand by their products 100% and their units come with different warranty policies in order to ensure value for money. Additionally, replacement parts for their shower heads are easily accessible and are built to last for many years.


One of the best benefits of acquiring AKDY shower heads is that their products are optimized to produce water at a high pressure even in instances of low water pressure installations. This ensures that their products live up to the standard of efficiency. Virtually all their products are lightweight which ensures that they are easy to handle and use and every shower head product is angle adjustable to suit people of varying heights.

Another reason why AKDY shower heads are highly recommended for use is that they are manufactured in conformity with American safety standards. This ensures that their showerproof safely and flawlessly in your home. Moreover, their shower heads come with easy to clean rub free jets in order to deliver pure and clean water and does. Therefore, you won't have to deal with accumulated mineral deposits that may be toxic to the body.

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