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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan is a 90 CFM, high-powered ceiling fan from Akicon that comes with a preinstalled L.E.D. light. The ceiling fan should not take over the room, in fact, ideally, you shouldn’t even notice it. This is an extremely quiet ceiling fan that provides powerful ventilation to the space without any annoying noise.

Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan Review

Akicon Ultra Quiet

  • 90 CFM 1.5 Sone
  • 4" Duct diameter
  • Space up to 90 sq-ft.
  • Three-years limited product warranty

It is made out of high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting consistent function. It’s even safe to install above your bath or shower to ventilate that space. It has an unassuming white grill front along with the L.E.D. light. It is a nice looking fan that won’t interrupt the design of the bathroom.

Proper ventilation is essential to healthy living, and using the right bathroom fan can help maximize your health. This bathroom fan ventilation system will fit any 4” duct. It is made by a trusted manufacturer and comes with a limited factory warranty that protects against parts damages so you can make your purchases with added peace of mind.

Clean Airflow for Healthy Breathing

The bathroom can be a problem spot in your home, and you don’t even know it. The warm and wet environment can lead to the breeding of bacteria, molds, and mildews that linger in the air and seep into your lungs. Choosing the right exhaust fan for your bathroom can help prevent mold from building up.

You can proactively clean the air and prevent disease by using a proper ventilation system. For families with children and those with preexisting health conditions, proper ventilation is essential for healthy breathing. Even individuals with no health conditions should take care to protect their lungs by breathing clean, high-quality air. This ventilator will remove toxins as it circulates the air at a powerful rate.

Best Features

  • So Quiet You Won’t Even Notice It

Even though the fan provides powerful ventilation for the space, you will hardly even notice that it’s there because of how quiet the system runs. It has built-in protection against corrosion, over-heating, and system damage that could affect the sound or performance. It runs smoothly, quietly, and consistently for long periods without compromising the quality of the function.

  • Comes With Warranty

Akicon is a trusted manufacturer of appliances and electronics that have been making bathroom fans for many years. They have a friendly team of customer service representatives that will be happy to tell you more about their factory warranties, which come included with most bathroom fan purchases.

  • High-Quality Manufacturing and Performance

All of the parts in this fan are up to code and made from the highest-quality materials for safety and durability. Akicon uses only the best quality materials for their products, which helps to extend the lifetime of your fan for many years. They never cut corners on quality, so you can be sure that what you order is what you will receive.

  • Simple, Hassle-Free Installation

It’s never been easier to install your ideal bathroom fan in your home with the easy to follow instruction manual that comes with your ventilation system. It also comes with all of the components required for installation for added convenience.

  • Many Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to using a high-powered ventilator in your bathroom. It prevents mold and mildew from building up on the walls and lingering in the air. Impurities in the air can cause health issues in even the most healthy people and can be detrimental to those with existing health conditions.

Most health professionals recommend proper ventilation for healthy breathing, and the bathroom is no exception. The bathroom can have some of the dirtiest air in the house due to the hot water.

Worst Features

  • No Dimmable Light Feature

This is a high-quality bathroom fan for those who want a fan that comes with a light built-in. L.E.D. lights are the best choice for lights in the bathroom as they are long-lasting and use very little energy. However, it would have been nice if they had installed an additional dimming feature for this light fixture.


The Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan is a great bathroom fan for large to small bathroom spaces. It is made by Akicon, a trusted manufacturer, comes with a warranty, and is made with quality materials. The installation process is simple and the device can be installed easily on any 4” bathroom duct. The manual is easy to read and they can provide additional assistance if you need it.

The fan comes with a built-in L.E.D. light. It is protected against all sorts of damage such as overheating and corrosion and will perform consistently even after years of heavy use. It’s backflow protected to keep air and particles from outside from creeping back into the ventilator. The Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan is a high-performance fan suitable for those looking to clean their air without noise pollution. There are many superior features that make this one of the best ventilators out there.

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