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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

American Standard has a long history of offering high-quality faucets that you can depend on. They are always easy to install and made of durable materials. While American Standard’s designs have changed with the times, their quality has not. This is a faucet that you can trust will work for a long time.

American Standard Hampton Widespread Faucet

American Standard Hampton Widespread Faucet

  • Metal pop-up drain
  • Metal lever handles
  • Lifetime finish won't tarnish or scratch
  • High-arc faucet design

The Hampton Two-lever Handle Lavatory Faucet is a great addition to any bathroom design. It’s a great-looking bathroom faucet that adds an upscale and elegant feel to your existing look. It will also be a beautiful fixture for any renovation, too. American Standard makes a matching set for your tub if you are looking to update both.

Saving Water makes Sense

Most of our planet is covered with water, yet many places experience drought on a regular basis. Whether your location struggles with drought or not, installing fixtures that will save water is a smart idea.

Most of the water on Earth is saltwater. Unfortunately, humans can't drink salt water, so we aren't able to use it for much. Our access to freshwater is much more limited, and even then, we have to treat the water to ensure that it is safe to consume. This combines with the cost of transporting water to make water a commodity that municipalities make us pay for.

The Hampton Two-lever Handled faucet is a great choice if you are interested in reducing that monthly water bill, though. It has a certification from WaterSense that ensures this faucet won’t waste your money. Its valve design will also prevent leaks.

Reasons to Conserve Water

A human can only live for about 3 days without water. It’s one of our most vital resources. It’s also one of the keystone resources for life on Earth. Without water, everything else will die. We need to conserve our use of freshwater for many reasons:

  • There is a limited amount of freshwater available on Earth
  • Water does cost money to transport and treat
  • We need water for many aspects of our lives, including:
    • Growing food
    • For us to drink
    • For animals and livestock to drink
    • To clean us and our belongings

In addition to a great looking bathroom sink faucet, American Standard’s Hampton Two-Lever Handle faucet recognizes the importance of saving water. It has a flow rate that cannot exceed 1.2 gallons each minute. This is how it has earned WaterSense certification. Even better, this means that it will save you money.

But American Standard didn’t stop their water conservation efforts there. They know that leaking faucets are one of the most common ways that households waste fresh water. To prevent this, they designed a special valve system that locks tight. They use a disc valve cartridge that is made out of ceramic to ensure that you never have to worry about leaks.

A Classic Look

The Hampton Two-Lever Handle faucet by American Standard offers a classic look that can't be beaten. Its design is a traditional look that would pair well with a claw foot tub or antique shelves. Even in a contemporary bathroom, this faucet will add a touch of old-world English elegance that really catch the eye of every guest.

It has separate hot and cold handles with a center spigot that is designed with function in mind. The curve of the faucet arches up high enough to leave plenty of space for proper scrubbing. Of course, the accompanying drain assembly matches perfectly and will bring the look of your bathroom sink together.

This faucet offers a classic design by a company that can stand behind it. Instead of looking for a faucet that is old, enjoy this shiny new unit that you know will withstand the tests of time.


  • Very fast and easy installation with American Standards special Speed Connect system
  • The classic design follows English traditions to add elegance to any bathroom
  • Water conservation is easy with a faucet that won’t leak and is certified to save water


  • This faucet does require three holes in your counter, though if that matches your existing design this might be a pro.


If you are looking to add a more traditional beauty to the bathroom, consider the Hampton Two-Lever Handle Faucet by American Standard. Its classic English look will withstand the tests of time. Since it’s made American Standard, you can trust that it's built to work forever, too.

You can’t go wrong with the timeless beauty of a design like this one, and with its high arch, you won’t have to worry about trying to fit your hands into a too-small space. The American Standard, Hampton Two-Lever Handle Faucet is the perfect way to ensure your bathroom will look beautiful for many years.

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