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by Thomas Holmes

Ana Bath is a company which specializes in bath and shower products. Their range of products is both reliable and well-reviewed, with lots of great features. In the case of the Ana Bath anti-clog shower head, a dual head system is utilized. This is something which seems to be becoming more and more popular in the modern world of bathroom design, with products such as the AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo doing so well. People love having the option to have two heads running at the same time. It also opens up a world of new options for spray patterns and positioning to perfect your shower.

Ana Bath Shower Head Combo

Ana Bath Shower Head Combo

  • 60 inch hose length
  • Brass Ball joint
  • Anti-Clog nozzles
  • 2-in-1 shower combo

This is one of the most affordable products to have the feature of two heads, as well as such a large amount of options. It isn’t the cheapest shower head money can buy, but when you consider how much it has to offer, nobody could really accuse this of not being good value for money.


  • Both a stationary head and a handheld shower head combined into one.
  • Allows you to use both heads or either one head as preferred. Doesn’t lose power when using both of the heads at once.
  • Simple and hassle-free installation.
  • Has five different spray patterns to choose from.
  • Manages to have high pressure and plenty of power whilst still being efficient with water.


  • Could be made out of slightly better-quality materials for more rigidity and the ability to last longer.

Key Features

Anti-Clog System

Clogging can be a huge issue with shower heads. Anything which carries water has the chance of becoming clogged, with limescale and other minerals building up within and causing individual nozzles to stop working. While this is far less likely to clog due to its design, it can still happen, and if clogging does occur you simply have to wet the nozzles and disrupt them by applying some pressure or ‘wiggling’ them, to ensure the buildups break and allow the water to flow again.

Spray and Pressure

Both of the shower heads offer five different functions. This means you can totally choose your own preferred setting, whether you’d like a rain feel from the stationary head and then more pressure via a massage spray on the handheld head, this is totally up to you. The five functions are rain spray, massage, massage & rain, bubbling and bubbling & rain mix. There are plenty of options no matter how you like to shower.

One of the most impressive features is the pressure that this builds up. The manufacturer description says it runs at 80 PSI. That may not mean much to you, but basically means there is plenty of power. With many of the dual-headed combo systems there is a loss of power when you are using both at the same time, but this is barely noticeable with the Ana Bath Anti-Clog shower head system.


Ana Bath give a precise measurement of the GPM (gallons per minute of this product). The rating is 2.31, close to the maximum which is recommended in most US states which is 2.5 GPM. The power this shower head is able to build up with this level of water flow is very impressive.

If you are running an older shower head, you may well notice how far the technology has moved on when you install a product like this shower head combo. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that many of these can use half the water of predecessor products made 10 or more years ago. That rare combination of power and economy is certainly on offer with this shower head.

Handheld Capabilities and Hose

Having a handheld option is all well and good, but if it doesn’t reach very far then there is very little point. As a standard, this ships with a five-foot hose. This is perfect for most of us, and can help with getting to harder to reach areas such as cleaning your feet, for instance. A hose can also be super helpful for cleaning out the bathtub (if your shower is attached to one) and other unglamorous tasks such as washing the dog. If a five foot long hose is not enough for you, you can contact customer services and Ana bath are able to provide longer options.

Simple Installation

The Ana Bath anti-clog shower head combo system has no requirement for a plumber to fit it. In fact, you won’t even need tools. It will plug into a standard ½ inch connector with ease, and you can simply unscrew and detach your old shower head before installing your new one by hand. The instructions are included with the product and you are very unlikely to experience any problems as this has been designed to be very easy.

Two Different Finishes

Not every bathroom is designed the same, and sometimes you can end up with a shower head system that looks out-of-place is you don’t have something which keeps the general theme of your design at least. You should aim to keep a similar finish on all of your fittings, faucets and showerheads. For instance, a chrome finish.

The two different finishes to choose from with the Ana Bath are a chrome or brushed nickel design. Both are equally well-designed and though you can tell when feeling them that these are not worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars, the designs are nice enough for the majority of bathrooms. They certainly don’t look or feel flimsy or low-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions customers often have before purchasing the Ana Bath Anti-Clog Shower Head Combo System.

Question: Can both heads be used simultaneously?

Answer: Yes, this is really one of the huge strong points of this particular shower combination. The fact that not only can both be used together; the loss of power is barely noticeable. Changing between using one, the other or both of the heads is controlled via a simple switch.

Question: Is this shower head made of metal?

Answer: For the price point, there’s no way the majority of this shower head could be constructed out of metal. Instead, a durable plastic interior is used with a metallic finish in either chrome or brushed nickel to give a metallic look and feel.

Question: Does the “Anti-Clog” system really work?

Answer: The anti-clog system is very simple, and it does require a little human interaction too. The short answer is that yes, the design of this shower head certainly helps avoid clogging. However, you do have to adjust the nozzles yourself in order to ensure they are all flowing clearly. The option to do this is only available due to their rubber design, naturally you couldn’t do so if the nozzles were made of metal or hard plastic.

Question: Is this adjustable?

Answer: Yes! This is one of the most adjustable shower heads we’ve come across. It has two heads which gives a big advantage, but these can be heightened or lowered, angled and moved to suit your own personal preference. The flexibility of the Ana Bath shower head is one of its many charms.

What Does the Customer Say?

It’s Durable and Long Lasting

The benefit we have with many of the consumer reviews on Amazon or on websites is that they can be updated. These shower heads have been available for a long time and one recurring pattern we see is people coming back to their reviews and explaining that it has lasted a number of years. With a three-year limited warranty to back this up, too, you can rest assured that this isn’t a flimsy, temporary-fix shower head.


Some people are put off when they hear of a shower head that has a five-inch diameter, purely because there are products out there with six or eight inch diameters which can provide a real ‘rainfall’ effect. However, the coverage of the Ana Bath is not detrimentally affected by its five-inch diameter, mainly because of the fact it has two different heads. You can ensure that every area you want covered is, and being able to have two directions working simultaneously is a big hit with many of the users.


With five different settings on each of the heads, plus the choice of which heads are running at any time, there is something for the whole family. There are many reviews which mention how one person in the family may prefer just to use one head, while others prefer both heads and the massage settings. Having this amount of choice is rare, and is a big plus point for this shower head.


We’ve already covered the installation when talking about the features of the product, but it is always worth looking over reviews, too. Some product descriptions may say that the installation is simple, but does the product actually deliver? In the case of the Ana Bath, this ease of setup is absolutely delivered, and it can be up and running in a matter of just a few minutes. Just attach it to your existing shower arm and you are good to go.

Water Flow Restrictions and Economy

By default, these products have very good economy. Running at 2.31 GPM is exceptionally good, and can result in savings as reported by many buyers. The truth is that whether this level of power is good enough for you will come down to personal preference.

The flow restrictor is what keeps it below that regulatory 2.5 GPM, and there is one in both of the shower heads, but this can be removed. There are even instructions within the packaging which will walk you through exactly how to remove them. Be careful, though, as these restrictions on water use do exist for a reason, and it is important to be responsible for both the environment and your own preference.

For most people, the power these heads give off even with the flow restrictors in place is more than enough for a comfortable shower.


It is worth a quick note on the building materials. Though the metallic finish is nice, one should be under no illusions when purchasing this product. It is not high-grade metal and this shower head is built in an efficient way when it comes to materials. Many people have mentioned this in reviews. There is nothing wrong with that, and it doesn’t affect the durability of the product too badly. It is just worth noting if you plan to wow people with your bathroom fittings.


These dual shower head combo systems are becoming pretty popular. Many people love the feeling of having two different shower heads, and the flexibility of being able to hold one while the other is stationary. One of the most similar products is the AquaDance Premium 3-Way Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo, which is available at a slightly lower price point to the Ana Bath model reviewed here. This is another good option, but is a little bit more likely to lose power when using both heads at once.

There are some larger products on the market in terms of shower head combos too. The Esnbia Shower System has a large 12-inch rainfall style shower head combined with a handheld head. These two together are a powerful combo and while this is a well-built alternative it is also very expensive.

For a mixture of great value, power and durability, the Ana Bath anti-clog shower head combo system really hits the nail on the head. It may not be made of the top-of-the-line materials, and five-star hotels may not have this as their default fitting, but that doesn’t mean they’re not perfect for many home bathroom setups. A huge amount of good reviews are well justified and this is a great option for anyone wanting two headed shower power.

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