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by Thomas Holmes

Produced by Interlink, Aquadance is becoming a well-known brand of showerheads. Interlink produce a lot of different varieties of bathroom products, meaning that they are experts in this field. The AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo is one of the more popular and highly-rated items on the market, and is in the lower to mid-range when it comes to price.

AquaDance 3328 Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower

AquaDance 3328 Premium High Pressure

  • 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Wall Mounted installation
  • 7 Inch / 4 Inch size
  • 2.2 pounds weight

People can sometimes be wary of a product with such a low price as they tend to worry about cheap materials, but this is something of an exception to the rule. This particular shower combo has two separate heads, creating a dual shower massage and waterfall effect as you shower.

One of the key features of this product is that one of the showerheads can be handheld if you wish, so you can wash and rinse specific areas. The other is a large head for a heavy rainfall option. The Aquadance also allows you to experience a wide range of different power and massage, with options allowing you to customise your shower to what suits you best.


  • Settings – the hand shower has a range of six different flow settings and options. These are very easy to switch between.
  • Diverter – the hand showerhead also has a quick and easy diverter switch between the two showerheads.
  • Installation – the installation of this shower unit is super easy, you don’t need any tools or any plumbing knowhow to get set up.
  • Adjustability – The overhead bracket for the showerhead is totally adjustable, so you can point the shower head or head in any direction you want to. Of course it can also be hands free so you can enjoy the rainfall setting in full.


  • Materials - the AquaDance feels like it could be made from a higher quality material, so it might not last quite as well as other heads.
  • Pressure – when both shower heads are on, the pressure can weaken slightly.

Key Features

Build Quality

The Build quality of the AquaDance 7” is an area of debate. Some of the AquaDance’s competitors use a lot of different finishes, most used brushed chrome as when coated with this they are less prone to limescale and rust. These are issues you might have to deal with in the long term when using any shower head.

But the AquaDance is a great product in spite of not offering a brushed finish. The product is made of steel and therefore hardy and durable. It is quite lightweight considering its sturdiness.

It may not have the classic design you would expect of some of the top shower heads, but its lifetime warranty and durability may make up for this.


When you look at a new product to have in your bathroom which is likely to be a permanent fixture in your home, of course you want to make sure it fits into your bathroom decor. This product might not strike you as luxurious especially as it doesn’t hold that classical look.

Instead, it offers a very modern look to it and is particularity subtly minimalist, in spite of the fact the dual showerhead means it is larger than many other products.


A great feature of this showerhead is its ease of set up and installation, it’s one of the quickest and easiest in the market. You don’t have to have a plumbing knowledge to be able to go through the process as it simply plugs in and is ready to go.

The Aquadance ships with the instructions and all of the connections and part that you need, assuming s a standard ½” water connection. It also has hand-tightening fittings. This means you don’t have to worry about any specific tools. The process only takes and few minutes to get up and running.

Once it’s up and running it’s actually very rare that it comes loose or is prone to any sort of damage. Whilst some shower heads are more complex and require some plumbing experience, the Aquadance is simple. Take off the old, put on the new and you are ready to go.

Flow and Feel

The actual water flow and the feel of a shower are really important when finding your best option. You spend a massive amount of time in your shower, and it can even impact upon your mood, so you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

With this showerhead, the waterfall design is designed to have a soothing and gentle flow, whereas the hand-held shower dual option (which you can leave on the overhead bracket for a hands free option) can give a more direct water flow system.  The only issue is when you have both showerheads on simultaneously, the waterflow pressure is a little bit less.

The AquaDance showerhead has enough power for most. Most shower products are restricted to 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) as this is the regulation for all of the USA. With that in mind, the pressure of this product is very good, especially if using just one head.


By default, no more than 2.5 gallons can flow through the showerhead per minute, which makes the AquaDance quite economical. The 2.5 GPM limit is right where the AquaDance model sits in the regulations.  This economy of the model is brilliant, and more impressively, it shows what is capable at 2.5 GPM. The pressure this showerhead builds up is good, but will depend partially on the pressure within your pipes. If you’re using an older shower head, this can be an upgrade of power and economy.

Most showerheads on the market come with so different functions and settings each one using the water supply slightly differently. This is true of the AquaDance, but it is restricted, meaning it won’t exceed the 2.5 GPM limit. Some people choose to take the water restrictor out of the product, giving it more pressure and power. We would not recommend doing this at all, it makes the product less economical and can actually void the warranty of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this unit made from metal?

Answer: The main part of the product is actually made from plastic but has a durable metal coating to finish.

Question: Can it be bought in different finishes?

Answer: No, for now the chrome finish is the only design available. Which is a slight issue if you have a different finish in your bathroom.

Question: Can the handheld showerhead reach far enough?

Answer: The actual reach of the cord is five feet, which is long enough for most people’s needs. The only negative feature in regards to this is that it higher than the standard showerhead making it a bit of a stretch for some. You can purchase longer hoses if needed.

Question: Can you adjust the heads?

Answer: Both showerheads are full adjustable. You can take the smaller out of its holder, and the larger one can be tilted and moved based on when you want the waterfall to go.

What Does The Customer Say?

When reviewing and assessing customer reviews from amazon and other online retailers you have to consider all responses, and find the best unbiased and fair reviews in order to make sure you are getting the best product for your own needs. With the review sections on most retail sites it is easier now more than ever to get a factual review.

The most common customer phrases in regards to customers reviews are about features that they love and the things they don’t like about a product, which we’ve scoured through to bring you the general customer feelings regarding the AquaDance.


When looking at the reviews and comments about this product not from consumers and professional reviewers, they seem to commonly mention the coverage of the showerhead. Most people love the surface area that this shower head is able to cover. Not only cover but soak too! With a seven-inch head below a four inch head, both being able to run at the same time means wide and adjustable power. The unit also allows you to swivel and move the showerhead to best fit the area it is in, not many showerheads can give you this level of control.


Pricing is something that everyone looks at, you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money and something that is going to last you for a long while. This topic comes up a lot in customer reviews. Of course because it’s not made of the highest quality material on the market means the price is able to be on the lower end.

Being able to buy a product like this at less than $50 is rare, and especially one with so much positive feedback. Whilst other products in this price range can be less durable and can easily break the AquaDance stands out amongst the crowd.


Everyone goes through this awkwardness. Once you’ve found something you want, how are you going to set it up and get it ready for use? You don’t want the additional expense of having to hire someone to come in and set it up for you. Most reviewers praise the ease that the Aqua dance is set up.

You’ve probably seen ‘easy to install’ on the packaging of most products you’ve purchased, but then you’re three hours in to the ‘easy’ set up, with parts everywhere, trying to find that missing screw and gluing things together that should fit nicely!

When looking at the reviews customers virtually all of them show that this is not one of the products which makes claims about its ease and doesn’t follow through. A vast majority of users say how straightforward and simple set up was for them and they didn’t have to know a lot about plumbing.


When purchasing a showerhead, it is preferable that it can be customized to your own preferences. This is a feature that is mentioned again and again with regards to the AquaDance. It has a large range of different settings for you to choose from and is really easy to switch between each one. The settings of the AquaDance are: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, Pause mode.

The water also can also be diverted so you are able to choose which of the heads to use. There are three different choices with this. You can use just the handheld head, the rainfall head, or both heads, depending on what you feel like on any given day.

Customer Service

When buying a product, you want to make sure that if there is a problem the company selling the product are straightforward and helpful. AquaDance are willing to help solve your problem as quickly and reliably as they can. Most reviewers say the brand are great if you do need to discuss anything.

They are a USA brand, the company has employed customer service employees, based in the USA which means you can quickly chat to someone who understands your issues. They man a live chat on their website. On top of that, this product comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t need to answer a load of questions if it breaks, simply ask for a replacement unit.

Final Thoughts

The AquaDance is a rare product, not only is it relatively low price, it also has the features to make it a great product, it’s flexible, adaptable and ultimately is one of the popular shower combos on the market.

As showerheads go, it is tough to find faults with the AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo. I think perhaps the best way we can summarize the AquaDance is to say that there isn’t much about the design which we think needs to be improved. If we were really scrutinizing, we might say that the use of better materials may take this showerhead to the next level of quality. There is no doubt that this looks best in a modern bathroom, preferably one which already has chrome fittings, but it can also work in other different room decors.

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