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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

If you’ve ever been at your local gym or health club and seen a steam shower, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like. Then you stepped in, and after twenty minutes, your sinuses were clear, your skin was glistening and clean, and you felt like a brand new person. Now with the Ariel Platinum Steam Shower, you can bring one of the best steam showers home with you.

Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

  • 6 body massage jets
  • Steam generator 6kw
  • Chromatherapy lighting, aromatherapy system
  • 220 v installation, 2 stools, teak

Let’s start with the best features of this shower. First, it’s the 6000 watt steam generator that will fill your personal spa experience with a luxury cloud of hot steam to leave you relaxed and refreshed. Then there’s the overhead rainfall ceiling shower that will gently wash away sweat and clean out your pores. If you need some hydrotherapy, six pulsating jets will massage your cares away as you sit on a teak stool/step stool.

Need to rinse out your hair? The shower head is removable and reaches all corners of the shower (which helps make cleaning a snap). And if you want to add in some aromatherapy, you just provide the essential oils, and the steam will circulate and imbibe your shower with the aroma that you need to get up and going.

The Ariel steam shower also has a Chromatherapy lighting system that is all controlled from a touch-key computerized panel you can access without ever opening the door. Oh, and did we mention the FM radio? Pair it with your favorite FM broadcast tool and you can have your Spotify list playing as you relax and let the steam carry your cares away.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a system of homeopathy based on the principle that smells affect your mood and can also have positive effects on your health.

Consider how you feel after you smell a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. Or think of how a smile comes to your face when you walk into your home and smell dinner cooking. Those are all examples of aromatherapy. Essential oils distill the healing properties of plants down to their basics, so that they can be breathed and enjoyed as part of a steam shower. Here are some essential oils and the effects that they are said to have:

  • Lemon

This is one of the most common oils, and it is used in pretty much every cleaner. When you smell lemon essential oil, it can lift your spirits and act as a natural antidepressant. In some studies, levels of anti-stress hormones elevated after participants smelled lemon.

  • Sage

This is another smell that people associate with healing aromatherapy, and for good reason. Sage has additional antidepressant properties that help lower cortisol levels and improve thyroid health.

  • Lavender

Everyone in aromatherapy knows about lavender, and it’s so popular you may be almost sick of hearing about it. However, lavender is so popular because it is a great oil. If you need to calm down, lavender is a sedative and also may have anti-anxiety properties.

  • Eucalyptus

If you have ever smelled Vicks VapoRub, you know what eucalyptus smells like. Add a couple drops to your aromatherapy steam shower and you’ll wake right up with your sinuses clear as day. It’s a strong oil, but it definitely works.

With any essential oil, it’s best to test it first with just a couple drops. Some people have high levels of sensitivity to essential oils because they are so strong.

So, What is Chromatherapy?

Chromatherapy is the practice of using colored lights in your steam shower. Various lights are purported to have various effects, just like aromatherapy. Here are what the basic colors represent:

  • White is clarifying and purifies and focuses the mind
  • Red is energizing and motivational
  • Orange is invigorating and awakens you
  • Yellow stimulates creativity
  • Green emphasizes harmony
  • Blue is calming and reduces stress
  • Purple helps to reduce anxiety

The use of colors to calm and influence moods has been around for a long time. Using them while you relax among steam can have a profound effect on your mood.

Pros and Cons

When you’re making a huge investment like this steam shower, you want to be sure you’re getting the right model for your lifestyle. Here’s a short list of pros and cons to help you decide.


  • 6000 watt steam generator
  • Spacious 59”x 35.4”x 89.2” shower space
  • Wooden bench with six hydrotherapy jets
  • Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy included
  • Overhead rainfall showerhead


  • Requires special installation and a dedicated 220V GFCI and 120V GVCI outlet
  • There is no tub for a full water soak


This Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is a great option for a one-person steam shower. With all the amenities included, you are going to revel in your new spa experience, especially when you take a steam shower for the first time. If you aren’t sure if this is the right one for you, we have other reviews of steam showers on our site that you can read here.

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