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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Ariel Platinum DZ962F8-BLK Steam Shower is a beautiful luxury two-person shower that comes with a built-in sauna. Among its water features are twelve powerful massage jets, a hand-held showerhead, and a rainfall ceiling shower for an in-home spa experience every time you shower.

Ariel Platinum DZ962F8-BLK Steam Shower with Sauna

Ariel Platinum DZ962F8-BLK

  • 12 body massage jets
  • Steam generator 6kw
  • Chromatherapy lighting
  • 220 v installation
  • Twelve massage jets
  • Hand-held showerhead
  • Rainfall ceiling shower

Adding to the luxury shower experience are adjustable, chromotherapy LED lights to set the mood, as well as an FM radio pre-installed right into the shower for jamming out to your favorite radio stations. This is altogether a superior showering experience, and the teak floorboards and stools are gorgeous.

  • LED lighting
  • FM radio
  • Teak floorboards and stools

Benefits of Steam Showers

Steam showers have been popular ever since ancient times for their health benefits. Daily steam showers can help increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health. They are especially relaxing and therapeutic when combined with the aromatherapy features of the sauna shower.

Improved Circulation

The invigorating environment within the steam shower improves circulation all over the body for a faster recovery after workouts, increased metabolism, and enhanced weight loss.

Skin Care

Warm steam will open up your pores and allow for maximum detoxification, hydration, and cleansing during your skincare routine.

Fight Off Cold Fatigue

When fighting off a cold or allergies, hot steam showers can help to open up your respiratory system and clear out mucus from your nose and lungs. This detoxification will further help fight against disease.

Stress Management

After a long day of work, sports, kids, or other responsibilities, you deserve to have a relaxing shower experience. Tension can gather in your muscles, causing pain and migraines, and it is important to have a stress management strategy in place. Having a luxurious sauna in your bathroom will help you to reset your mind, body, and soul.

Luxury Features

Among its many luxury features are the therapeutic, multicolored, and adjustable LED lights, which can be changed to set the mood, as well as a built-in adaptation for aromatherapy. Simply pour your favorite essential oils into the compartment and turn on the steam shower to enjoy an aromatherapy treatment right in your own home. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for stress management and improved health.

For the music lovers out there,manufacturers have installed an FM radio so you can tune in to your favorite radio stations to listen to the morning news, play relaxing music, or jam out to your favorite songs all while in the warm sanctuary of the steam sauna. This steam shower comes with two bath stools in beautiful teak wood, so you can sit down and relax while you enjoy the twelve massaging jets and relaxing rainfall ceiling shower.

Hot Steam Technology

If you want to enjoy a hot steam shower as a part of your busy schedule, this is a high-quality choice because of its super-fast steam heating technology. The integrated heating technology allows the Ariel Platinum Steam Shower to heat steam to very high temperatures in just 2 minutes. Don’t worry about overheating; the system protects against that as well. Enjoy the benefits of adjustable hot steam showers without the hassles of waiting for them to heat up or worrying about overheating.

  • Heats steam in two minutes or less
  • No risk of overheating
  • Adjustable temperature

Sleek, Modern Appearance

The overall appearance of the Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is that of contemporary luxury. It has a crisp, sleek black and chrome interior offset with the warm tone of the teak wood floor and stools.

There is a digital screen for adjusting the temperature and a radio that has an almost-futuristic, cool look with easy-to-understand button settings. This shower would work best in modern, contemporary households and is perfect for couples and families looking for modern luxury at home.


Therapeutic Features

Several features, including chromotherapy lighting, aromatherapy, and massage jets, are specifically designed to maximize the therapeutic health benefits of bathing.

Modern Technology

The shower features high-tech digital assets and the latest steam heating technology. It guards against overheating, damage, and more for an extended shower lifetime and minimal maintenance.

Beautiful Appearance

For a modern, contemporary bathroom, this is a great shower because of its minimalist but luxury-spa-inspired appearance,which will blend well with many types of decor.


Steam Showers are Bad for People with Heart Conditions

For most people, increasing your heart rate during showering is a good thing as it increases circulation and improves overall health, but for those with a serious heart condition, the hot steam sauna feature may increase your heart rate too much, causing light-headedness. Be sure to check with your doctor first if you have any medical issues.


The Ariel Platinum DZ962F8-BLK Steam Shower is a high-quality steam shower with many built-in luxury features. For your health and wellness, it provides therapeutic massaging jets as well as aromatherapy and chromotherapy. The sauna can heat up steam to very high temperature in less than two minutes without overheating, and the rainfall ceiling is a beautiful and luxurious experience. This is a great shower experience for those looking for a combination of value, luxury, and functionality.

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