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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

One of the hardest parts of doing a full bathroom renovation is picking out your new shower. What features do you want, and what features do you need? But at some point, you should go with a shower that will turn your bathing experience into one of sheer luxury. That’s what this steam shower review is here to help you with.

Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower

Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower

  • 20 Body Massage Jets
  • Dual 8" Inch Rainfall Shower Head
  • 6Kw Steam Generator
  • Teak Wooden Floorboard

This Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is pure luxury. It has seating for two people, so if you’ve ever wanted to shower with your partner, this is the place to do it. Best of all, each side has ten water pressure jets, so there’s no fighting over who gets to stand in the water and who has to freeze. If you want just a standard shower, there’s a regular shower wand that you can use, as well.

But the one thing that is really amazing is the steam setting. You can turn the shower on and let it fill the shower space with warm steam. If you’ve ever suffered from allergies or a bad head cold, you can imagine how soothing this will feel. This shower uses a 6,000 watt steam generator to get your sinuses and airways clear.

Other premium features for this shower include chromatherapy lighting, an aromatherapy setting (you just put in your own essential oils), and a fully computerized push-button control system. So whether you want to scrub clean or just sit back and relax in your own private cloud of steam, this Ariel steam shower is there for you.

Benefits of Steam Showers

Steam showers have many benefits. While they are usually found in health clubs and gyms, they are now finding their way into the homes of people who want to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and frequent colds. Here are a few ways that steam showers can help:

  • Increased circulation

It is well documented that exposure to steam will cause vasodilation, which is when your blood vessels open up wider. This increases overall blood flow, and can help improve overall blood pressure. With steam, you can enjoy the benefits of vasodilation without having to take medications with harsh side effects.

  • Skin conditioning

Steam is great for your skin. The steam and heat causes your pores to open and cleanse themselves. Whether you’re having an unfortunate pimple breakout or you want to control your blackheads, adding a steam shower regimen to your beauty routine will help to improve your skin.

  • Mood Management

By using the aromatherapy options, you can use essential oils to help a lot of different symptoms. Lavender oil, for example, is great for helping you relax and unwind. Combine that with the heat and relaxation of the steam and you’re ready to hop into bed and fall asleep fast.

Need some get up and go? Take a steam shower and then rinse off with cool water. This is a gentler version of a sauna and cold bath. Add in a few drops of citrus essential oil and you’ll perk right up.

How To Use a Steam Shower

You might wonder how you should be properly using your steam shower. Well, it is very easy. You just have to turn on your steam shower, let it warm up, and then sit inside as the steam envelops you. If you want, you can add some essential oils to add aromatherapy benefits to your regime.

If you’re worried about how much a steam shower costs to operate, don’t. It’s not that expensive at all. Consider that this Ariel Platinum unit has a 6,000 watt steam generator. If you took a steam shower for half an hour, you would be using 3 kilowatt hours. According to the US Energy.

Information Administration, the average cost of electricity in August of 2019 was 13.27 cents per kilowatt hour.

That means that your steam shower just cost you 39.81 cents. Take five steam showers per week and it’s still less than the cost of one morning latte at your favorite coffee shop.

When you see how easy a steam shower is to use and how cheap it is to run, there’s no reason not to try it.

Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons when it comes to your steam shower:


  • 6,000 watt steam generator
  • 20 pressure jets in all, 10 on each side
  • Hand-held shower wand
  • Seating for two
  • Aromatherapy and chromatherapy included


  • Possible for a DIYer to install, but should have professional installation
  • Requires a dedicated 220v and a 120v GFCI line
  • No bathtub


If you’re looking to up your shower game and get into the big leagues, this Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is a great way to do it. With room for two and plenty of water coming from both sides, there will be no more fighting to stay warm. Add in the steam shower benefits, and you have a good reason to splurge on your new bathroom renovation.

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