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by Thomas Holmes

Finding a shower head that fits your budget and purpose can be challenging as they are so many products in the market. It is possible to find a product that you like but the price is way over what you wanted to spend. Shower heads such as the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head are lifesavers because they provide quality features at a good price. The Artbath model is well designed, adding a touch of elegance to your space and change how you interact with the water. If you are a lover of rain, then you will definitely enjoy the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head.

Artbath Extra Large 12-inch Rain Shower Head Review

Artbath Extra Large 12-inch

  • Air energy technology 
  • The swivel ball technology
  • The self-cleaning design of the silicone nozzles
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel

As a consumer having options allows you to weigh your choices. For example, the ShowerMaxx High Pressure 6”Premium Shower Head is affordable and slightly smaller than the Artbath model.  The ShowerMaxx head works well but it does not beat the wide coverage that the Artbath shower head has to offer. Compare the prices and then decide whether the features offered are worth it.

The Artbath brand is a US-based company focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction and affordable prices for their products. When you purchase this unit, here are some of the advantages you stand to gain:


  • Provides constant water pressure.
  • Comes with accessories to aid in fast installation.
  • Features easy to clean nozzles.
  • Integrates air technology to produce the rain effect needed.
  • Ultra-thin shower head adds style to the bathroom.
  • Features durable brass fixtures that prolong service life.
  • The large surface area to provide enough coverage.


  • Could do with more settings to adjust the water pressure to the consumers liking.

Key features

Even though the Artbath brand is somewhat new in the market, the products have proved to be worthy and well designed. So what are the features to expect from the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head?

12-inch shower head

Nowadays it seems that large shower heads are all the rage because people love the feeling of water pouring all over their body. Unlike small shower heads that provide partial coverage, a 12-inch shower head provides full coverage. Standing beneath the shower provides a luxurious experience that cannot be compared. The slim shower head has non-clog nozzles making sure that the water streams continuously.

Brass fittings

The quality of the materials is paramount to the service the shower head will provide. If cheap materials are used, then you will have to contend with leaks and fixture breakages. This unit is not cheaply built and therefore you should not expect any failures. For one, the unit has brass fixtures which are known to be durable and keep rust at bay.The brass features include the shower arm, the connector,and the mixer valve. If even over time there are is a bit of clogging in the fixtures, it can be fixed easily.

Durable construction

Like the brass fittings above the quality of the material really matters. This shower head is created of 304stainless steel which as we know is a durable material. It weighs around 3.22 pounds which is heavy compared to smaller units. The solid construction assures you that the shower head will provide you with long service. The frame has been given a chrome finish to protect the metal frame and add a layer of beauty. All the parts in this product have been given a chrome finish to provide a uniform look.


Accessories save us from spending more money and save us time too. Some products seem initially affordable but end up costing a lot more with purchasing additional parts. The Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head is not one of them because it comes with accessories you need. These accessories include a brass shower arm with a standard ½ inch connector, flange,and a brass shower mix valve with a standard G ½ inch connection. So if you were thinking of saving a bit of money, this model doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

No-clog nozzles

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time attending to unnecessary things and cleaning shower head nozzles are one of them. So how do we lessen the time spent? We get showerheads with self-cleaning nozzles like the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head. This model features silicon nozzles that basically are straightforward to clean. If you do not have hard water problems the need to clean is occasional, however, if you notice any build up just rub the nozzles to loosen the dirt.

Air technology

People who love the rain naturally gravitate to rain shower heads. To make the rain effect more pronounced, the manufactures introduced air technology to the design. This technology allows water to maintain pressure and fall consistently. With a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, the experience is simply amazing. Imagine getting caught in the rain but this time you are looking forward to it and that is what to expect from the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head.


There was a time that warranties did not hold much water but today society has changed. Products that offer warranties tend to convince the consumer more in terms of the quality. The longer the warranty, the more secure we feel and this shower head is definitely a secure product. It comes with a 5- year limited warranty that solves any problems that come up with the product within that time period.

Frequently asked questions

After doing extensive research on this product, there were questions that came up repeatedly. The answers to this questions may satisfy some of the curiosity you had about the product.

Does it allow angle adjustment?

Among the things that come with the product is a brass connector with a chrome finish. When you are installing the ceiling shower arm, you have to include the connector to give the head mobility. Once you have done this, you can adjust the shower head and get on with it. If you are not particular about shower angles, you can purchase the item so that your family can enjoy. Either way, it is a win for every party that is involved.

What is the water consumption rate?

The Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute which will save you some water. Whether your water pressure is high or low, the shower head will function just as well. The shower does feature a large surface with a large number of nozzles, so it is only normal to assume that water consumption is high. However, the ultra-slim design ensures that water is distributed evenly without needing to overcompensate.

Are all the accessories supplied?

This is not one of those times you order something and it comes missing some parts. When you buy the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head, you get everything promised in the advertisement. If you purchase this item and find the accessories missing, inquire from your supplier and find a workable solution. The accessories you will get are a ceiling shower arm, a mixer valve,and a flange. Installing the unit is easy especially with the required accessories present.

Can it be mounted anywhere else?

It is a ceiling unit so admittedly it is supposed to be mounted on the ceiling. However, different houses have different plumbing systems and it will depend on how innovative you are. If you get a compatible shower arm, then you can fix the unit as you please. Whether it is coming from the side of the wall or not ensure the unit is in an upright position.

What the customers say about the product

Reviews are a good way for you to find out how other customers interacted with the product. Many people have sought out for this product and when they finally had it, this is what they had to say:

Aesthetic design

Everyone appreciates things that look good and this boils down to the shower head too. The shower head has an ultra slim design that would look good in any bathroom. Modern house décor is particularly accommodating because the fixtures are newer and match perfectly. The whole unit has been chrome plated and it wasn’t long before someone commented on how pleased they were with it. The surface can be wiped clean to remove finger and watermarks.  If you just moved into a new home and you need a luxurious inexpensive shower, the Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head is perfect.

Good water pressure

Whenever purchasing a shower head, one needs to understand the ins and outs of your plumbing. If your plumbing system is set to operate a low pressure, then do not worry because this shower head works well with both high and low water pressure. Many customers were satisfied with the water pressure commenting how refreshing the shower was. With the shower mixer valve, you can interchange between hot and cold showers.

Affordable price

As we said before the Artbath brand offers quality products for affordable prices. This was evident in the many customers that chimed in of the shower heads value for money. With many satisfied customers, it means that the product was well built and the customers got what they wanted. The more impressive thing is that it comes supplied with all the fixtures that you need for a quick install.

Easy to set up

People are good at somethings and others not so much which happens to be normal. If you have never installed a unit like this before, do not worry many have preceded you and succeeded. This unit is easy to install as it is delivered with its own shower arm and additional accessories to use. Just ensure that the fixtures are tightly secured to avoid leakages and as always a bit of Teflon tape never hurt anybody.

Low maintenance

This a low maintenance unit because it requires little attention. Once you install it in place, you can forget about it for a while and clean the unit when needed. If there are any water or finger marks, some warm soapy water will get that right out. For those who have issues with hard water, use a water softener to avoid your nozzles clogging. Even if mineral deposits appear, just rub your hand against the nozzles to remove any dirt and then rinse off clear.

More features

The Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head is a good unit but then lacked pressure adjustment settings. If these settings were available, some said that they could have paid more for it but that is not how it goes. This model was created for a specific function at a specific price.

Final Words

It is understandable if you have never interacted with this brand before as it is somewhat new in the market. However,I hope that features that have been presented are enough to at least tickle your curiosity. The Artbath Extra Large 12 inch Rain Shower Head is an attractive ultra-slim shower head that is designed to provide optimum rain experience. Since it is a ceiling unit, it makes the bathroom look fancy and the water drops in a centralized location. You can change the angle to fit your shower requirements and it comes with a mixer valve to choose between hot and cold water.

There are cheaper options in the market such as the M.HOUSE 8inchHigh-Pressure SPA Shower Head or the AquaSpa 9-inch Round Rain Shower Head. For example, the AquaSpa 9-inch model offers 180-degree adjustability while the M.HOUSE 8inch model is more affordable.  The only major difference is that their shower head sizes are smaller compared to the Artbath 12 inch model.  They are all dependable ultra slim showers but the only one can emerge as the winner.

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