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by Thomas Holmes

Many years ago, when you walked into bathrooms, almost every single bathroom faucet looked the same. They were the same height, the same color, and most were even the same shape. That’s hardly the case anymore, as home improvement centers and online shopping sites have literally hundreds of different bathroom faucet choices. Some would even say a bathroom faucet buyer nowadays has too many choices. So, how do you find the best bathroom faucet for the look and functionality you want in your bathroom? In this article we have reviewed some of the best bathroom faucets out there to help you find the one for you.

Reviews of the Top Bathroom Faucets Available in 2020

Here are some bathroom faucet reviews on the best models that you will find in the home improvement marketplace today. They combine outstanding looks and functionality that will definitely upgrade the feel of any bathroom where they are placed.

#1 Best Widespread

KOHLER Devonshire Faucet K-394-4-CP

KOHLER Devonshire Faucet K-394-4-CP

  • Lever Handle type
  • Spout Height 3.5 Inches
  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute
  • 7.69 pounds weight

Koehler has a great reputation for making bathroom faucets that work great and look good, too. This brilliant chrome finished faucet from Kohler certainly keeps with that tradition. It has more of an old-world style that goes well with more classic or traditionally designed bathroom settings. It’s an ADA-compliant bathroom product that has a subtle, water-saving 1.5 GPM water flow. There is even an optional aerator that can be installed to cut that water flow even further.

This bathroom faucet is designed to work well for a long time. That’s because of characteristics like its corrosion resistant brass body and virtually leak-free ceramic disc valves. This bathroom faucet needs 3-holes for installation because of the way it sets up. Despite that fact, installation is still pretty straightforward and simple. All that’s necessary for installation is Teflon tape, plumber’s putty, a wrench,and a screwdriver. It includes a lever-style popup drain and is backed up with a limited life-time warranty. This unit is also an exact match for Kohler's Devonshire Suite line of bathroom fixtures and hardware.

Read Full Review: KOHLER Devonshire Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet


  • Brilliant polished chrome finish
  • Two-handle, widespread design 8”-16” fit
  • Water-saving 1.5 GPM flow
  • High arcing/ADA-compliant design
  • Limited-lifetime warranty


  • Only installs on3-hole sink setups
  • Older style lever pop-up drain

#2 Runner Up - Best Widespread

Delta Faucet Dryden Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Delta Faucet Dryden Widespread Bathroom Faucet

  • Spout Height 6.25 Inches
  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute
  • Wide-spread Lever Handles
  • 6 pounds weight

This is a very interesting bathroom faucet design from the reputable manufacturer Delta. Its two handle widespread design is great for those who want total control over their water temperature and who want their bathroom faucet to be more of a focal point in their bathroom setting. The unique smooth angular design goes well in both contemporary and more sophisticated bathroom styles. It really stands out nicely thanks to its bright chrome finish, but this bathroom faucet also works as good as it looks. It has a high arcing, ADA-compliant design that makes it easy for anyone to wash his/her hands or use the sink to which it’s attached.

Its more-than-adequate 1.2 GPM water flow makes it an EPA labeled water saving type bathroom faucet, too. It will save you at least 20% on your yearly water from this faucet compared to those that are not EPA WaterSense certified. This Delta faucet includes a matching popup drain and there is a variety of matching bathroom hardware that goes with it that can be purchased separately. The Delta Dryden is backed by a complete limited-lifetime warranty, too.

Read Full Review: Delta Faucet Dryden 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet


  • Bright chrome finish
  • Two-handle, widespread design 6”-16” fit
  • Meets EPA WaterSense criteria with its 1.2 GPM flow
  • High arcing/ADA-compliant design
  • Limited-lifetime warranty
  • Can only be installed on 3-hole sink setups
  • Not suitable for installation on tall vesselor other high-sided sink basins

#3 Best Single Handle

Moen 6400 Eva Bathroom Faucet

Moen Eva Bathroom Faucet

  • High Arc Sprout
  • Maximum flow of 1.5 gpm
  • Single hole mount
  • One–handle lever design

This Single Handle Faucet from Moen comes in three beautiful finishes, including; brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. The working parts inside it keep up with Moen’s tradition of making excellent performing and long-lasting bathroom faucets. It’s great for bathrooms that have tall vessel or other high-sided sink basins. Not only does it look great, but it has many features that help it operate nicely, also. They include such characteristics as its ceramic disc valve and its 100-degree arcing lever-style handle.

The included drain is of one-piece metal construction that greatly helps simplify the installation of this faucet. Moen bathroom faucets like this one will save you on your yearly water bill, too. Its 1.5 GPM flow rate meets all of the EPA standards for it to be considered a WaterSense certified product. For those that want to install this great working bathroom faucet on a 3-hole sink, the manufacturer has included an optional-use escutcheon plate. Additionally, there is a matching drain piece included. Moan also stands behind this bathroom faucet model with a limited-lifetime warranty.

Read Full Review: Moen 6400BN Eva Bathroom Sink Faucet


  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Single-hole/single-handle
  • WaterSense certified 1.5 GPM flow
  • High arc/ADA-compliant design
  • Limited-lifetime warranty


  • Needs cleaning on a regular basis
  • Installation instructions need improvement

#4 Runner Up - Best Single Handle

Delta Faucet Trinsic Bathroom Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Bathroom Faucet

  • Spout Height: 6.25 Inches
  • 1.5 gpm maximum flow rate
  • Chrome finish
  • Deck Thickness: 2.25 inches

Delta makes many highly rated bathroom sink faucets. This model is both highly decorative and functional. It would be a welcome addition to any. It will do a great job of blending into any urban or modern style bathroom.It comes in a very attractive chrome finish that is simple to maintain and keep looking good. The chrome finish tightly adheres to the brass body to make it both scratch and corrosion resistant. This WaterSense certified faucet is said to save those who use it more than 20% on their yearly bathroom sink water usage.

It has a very acceptable 1.5 GPM flowrate, too. The Diamond Seal ceramic disc valve in it ensures many years of leak-free usage, too. It’s fairly simple to install this bathroom faucet. This bathroom faucet from Delta has a single-hole design and a one-piece drain assembly that leaves very little to assemble during the installation process. Included in the package are a matching pop-up drain assembly and an escutcheon plate that will cover the holes on sinks with a pre-drilled 3-hole configuration. Delta also backs this bathroom faucet with a limited-lifetime warranty.

Read Full Review: Delta Faucet 559LF-LPU Trinsic Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet


  • Subdued chrome finish
  • Diamond seal ceramic disc valve
  • Uses 20% less water than most industry standard faucets
  • Simple single-hole installation
  • Limited-lifetime warranty


  • The pop-up drain is lever operated
  • Some may not like the amount of working space under this lowprofile faucet

#5 Best Value

Premier Faucet Handle Lavatory Faucet

Premier Faucet Handle Lavatory Faucet

  • Waterfall spout design
  • Chrome finish
  • 1.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Lever Handle Centerset

Here is one of the very different looking black bathroom faucets from Premier Faucet that offers a unique look and also performs great. It’s a great looking,oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet; that means it’s a faucet with a flat black hue to it that is nicely accented with bronze highlights. Its waterfall spout design also adds to its unique look. It goes great in somewhat classic and rustic bathroom settings. Leak-free performance is not an issue with this bathroom faucet either.

It features a popular ceramic disc style valve that all but ensures years of non-drip workability. It takes only a slight valve movement of its single valve to activate its 1.5 GPM water flow, too. That 1.5 GPM water flow makes the Premier conform to EPA water saving guidelines. The water-fall faucetalso lets you easily wash your hands above the sink basin level. Included in the package are a matching Parisian bronze pop-up drain and an extension plate to cover the extra holes on bathroom sink basins that are pre-drilled for 3-hole faucets. This solidly built metal bathroom faucet’s finish and working parts are also backed up by a limited-lifetime warranty.

Read Full Review: Premier Faucet 284443 Sanibel Lead-Free Lavatory Faucet


  • Parisian bronze finish (black w/bronze accents)
  • Superior performance ceramic disc valve
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Single-hole/single-valve style
  • Limited-lifetime warranty


  • Some will not like the non-pressurized stream this water-fall bathroom faucet creates
  • Not easy to install on single-hole sinks

#6 Best For Undermount Sink

Moen 6191 Bathroom Faucet

Moen 6191 Bathroom Faucet

  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute
  • Lever handle design
  • Spout Reach 4.5 Inches
  • Chrome finish is highly reflective

You don’t get any bigger names in the bathroom faucet industry than Moen. It has long been an innovator when it comes to bathroom faucet manufacturing. This align bathroom faucet from Moen has a unique style all ofits own that will complement any bathroom where it’s placed. It has a contemporary looking, single-body, single-handle design that requires only light movement of its valve to operate. This is also one good-looking bathroom faucet. Its distinct tubular design is nicely complemented by its brilliant mirror-chromed finish. This is also a bathroom faucet that is versatile and small enough that it looks good when mounted either at the back or to the side of any bathroom sink.

The Moen 6191is a very simple-to-install bathroom faucet model, too. That’s because it only requires a single hole for mounting purposes. This bathroom faucet meets all of the requirements that are necessary for it to be considered an EPA water-saving product. Don’t mistake that for meaning it does not allow for much pressure, because it has a smooth and steady 1.2gallons per minute (GPM) flow when it’s running. Like all of Moen’s higher-rated bathroom products, it’s backed up by a limited life-time warranty.

Read Full Review: Moen 6191 Align Low Profile Modern Bathroom Faucet


  • Single-handle operation
  • Good-looking mirrored chrome finish
  • One-hole mounting
  • Meets the EPA’s criteria for water saving
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Not everyone will like its tubular design
  • Mirrored chrome finish faucets need cleaning often to remain shiny

#7 Widespread by American Standard

American Standard Hampton Widespread Faucet

American Standard Hampton Widespread Faucet

  • Metal pop-up drain
  • Metal lever handles
  • Lifetime finish won't tarnish or scratch
  • High-arc faucet design

American Standard is another strong name in bathroom faucet manufacturing and this model does not disappoint. It has a classically inspired style that will greatly enhance the looks of any bathroom sink to which it’s attached. Since this item is a porcelain-handle bathroom faucet, you’ll see that it has a polished chrome finish that really sets it apart from most standard looking bathroom faucets as far as looks are concerned.The entire faucet is also constructed from long-lasting brass material and its chrome finish will not corrode, tarnish, or allow scratches. You will find few bathroom faucets that operate as smoothly as this one.

That’s because it has such unique features as its drip-free, ceramic disc valve handle operation and the ability to have its handle sensitivity fine-tuned. Installation is a snap with this model bathroom faucet, too. American Standard has included a one-piece, speed connect metal drain that eliminates the normal time-consuming drain assembly that’s required with most bathroom faucets. This is also a WaterSense certified product that will save you hundreds of gallons per year in water usage, yet it still has a very generous 1.5 GPM flow rate. American Standard has enough confidence in the quality of this bathroom faucet to offer a limited life-time warranty on its finish and operational parts.

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  • Porcelain decorated lever handles
  • Brilliant polished chrome finish
  • Ceramic disc valve handle operation
  • Speed connect metal drain
  • Lifetime finish will not tarnish or scratch


  • Warranty is not transferable
  • Installation requires 3 holes

#8 Best Touchless

KOHLER K-13461-CP Touchless Faucet

KOHLER K-13461-CP Touchless Faucet

  • 5-3/4-Inch Spout
  • Brass construction
  • Single-hole mounting
  • Vandal-resistant aerator

This very cool bathroom faucet is made by the reputable Kohler manufacturing company. It’s definitely amongst the fanciest bathroom faucets on my review list of the top models. That’s because it’s a battery powered,completely touchless bathroom faucet. It also has a very distinct sculpted look and a great looking polished chrome finish. This faucet from KOHLERwill make any bathroom setting look much more modern. How does this high-end bathroom faucet turn itself on. you may be wondering? It does it by means of a built-in infrared sensor.

When you place your hands in front of its invisible beam of light, the faucet automatically starts flowing. The infrared light will run for many months when powered by high-quality AAA batteries. This is considered to be a water-saving bathroom faucet model, too. It only allows for a ½ gallon water flow per minute. That puts it easily within the EPA’s WaterSense standards. There is also an optional temperature valve that comes with it. This KOHLER faucet is fairly simple to mount and it’s best done on bathroom sink basins that only have one pre-drilled hole. This product is backed up by the manufacturer with a five-year limited warranty.

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  • Completely touchless/infrared sensing operation
  • Battery powered
  • 0.5 Gallons Per Minute water-saving technology
  • Easy-to-install single-hole design
  • Temperature control valve option


  • Batteries need to be changed every few months
  • Noescutcheon plate for 3-hole sink applications

#9 Metris by Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe Metris 04552005 Bathroom Faucet

Hansgrohe Metris 04552005 Bathroom Faucet

  • QuickClean easy-maintenance silicon aerator
  • Spout Height 4 Inches
  • Boltic Lever Lock 
  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute

If you buy a Hansgrohe bathroom faucet,you can rest assured you are getting a quality faucet at an affordable price. This faucet certainly has got areas covered well. Built into it are such things as water-saving technology and superior working inner parts. It’s a bathroom faucet model that will help make any bathroom look more contemporary and modern, too.The water saving technology that’s built into its proprietary technology is called there “‘EcoRight.”That technology helps this faucet easily meet the EPA’s WaterSense criteria, with its 1.5 GPM water flow. The Hansgrohe 04552005 is built to work well for a long time, too.

These are brass bathroom faucets that have chrome finish applied over their bodies. Its smooth and leak-free ceramic cartridge operation also promotes long-term reliability. The lever lock handle design helps keep the handle stay intact over long periods of use. This faucet kit includes matching popup drain and 3/8” flexible hose to make installation easy. It can also be used on 3-hole sink applications thanks to its included escutcheon plate. Also, when you purchase this bathroom faucet from Hansgrohe, along with it comes a limited-lifetime warranty.


  • Lever lock handle atop a chrome finished body
  • Smooth and leak-free ceramic cartridge operation
  • EcoRightwater saving 1.5 GPM technology
  • Sleek looking tubular design
  • Limited-lifetime warranty


  • Water tends to puddle on flat surfaces
  • Some will not like the included larger square escutcheon plate

#10 Best Waterfall

Pfister F042JDKK Jaida Control Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Pfister F042JDKK Jaida Control Centerset Bathroom Faucet

  • Waterfall Trough Spout
  • Pforever Seal Ceramic Disc Valve
  • Push and Seal PopUp
  • 4.29 pounds weight

If you like a minimalist style bathroom faucet that is more functional than it is decorative, then you will love this four-inch unit from Pfister. It’s a versatile and compact bathroom faucet that you can use in anything from a classic to modern style bathroom setting. The brushed nickel finish also matches up well with a variety of different bathroom colors. This faucet has a gentle flow coming out of its single-valve,waterfall-style spout. Its comfortable 1.5 GPM water flow also meets or exceeds all requirements for it to be labeled an EPA-compliant water saving device.

The single valve works smoothly and effortlessly, thanks to what Pfister refers to as its “Pforever Seal.” This is a highly advanced ceramic disc valve seal that is guaranteed not to leak over the lifetime of the product. With its single-hole configuration,it is easy to install, too. It even includes a push-to-seal drain and an escutcheon plate that can be used when it’s mounted on a bathroom sink that is pre-drilled with 3 holes. Pfister has so much confidence in Pfister product that it stands behind it with a full lifetime warranty


  • Medium sheen brushed nickel finish
  • Single-handle, single-hole design
  • WaterSenserated 1.5 GPM flow/ADA-compliant height
  • Pforever Seal – proprietary advanced ceramic disc valve
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • The optional escutcheon plate is plastic in nature
  • Not a good choice with raised or pedestal style sink basins

#11 Best Wall-Mounted

Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic Bathroom Faucet

Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic Bathroom Faucet

  • 2-Hole 4-8-in center wall-mount
  • Spout Height 4.69 Inches
  • Spout Reach 7.5 Inches
  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute

If you are the type of person who really dislikes a cluttered countertop around your bathroom sink, then this wall-mounted Delta Trinsic bathroom faucetmight be a really nice option for you. It features a rigid spout with separate operating handle done up in a subdued chrome finish. That look will go well with everything from modern to classic bathroom styles. ThisDelta T3559LF-WLwall-mount bathroom faucetalso works great with both regular and vessel style sink basins. This wall-mounted bathroom faucet will definitely save you some money on your water bill.

It only has a 1.0 GPM water flow and even that can be cut down to 0.5 Gallons Per Minute if you install the optional aerator insert that comes with it. The virtually leak-free Euro style valve ensures years of smooth operation, too. It’s a two-hole, 4” to 8”on center,wall-mounted design. That makes for a very simple installation. Please note that it is only appropriate to use on walls from 1/8" to 1-1/8" thick. This item is part of Delta’s popular “Trinsic Collection.” That means you have lots of options with it as far as finding such things as matching shower trim kits, towel bars,androbe hooks.

Read Full Review: Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet


  • Subdued chrome finish
  • Wall-mounted rigid spout w/separate handle
  • Water efficient 1.0 GPM flow/ADA compliant design
  • Part of Delta’s Trinsic collection
  • Works on wall thicknesses from 1/8" to 1-1/8"


  • No countertop mounting option
  • Rough and drain need to be ordered separately

#12 Best for Vessel Sink

Friho Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink Faucet

Friho Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink Faucet

  • Spout Reach 4.53 Inches
  • Ideal for Vessel sink
  • Overall Height: 12.4 in
  • Spout Height: 9.44 in

Here is a bathroom faucet that was designed to coordinate perfectly with tall vessel sink basins. It’s an unusually tall bathroom faucet at 9.44” and its spout reaches out over 4”, too. This Friho single-valve faucet is done up in a very nice brush nickel finish that will compliment all different bathroom styles and all different types of tall vessel sink designs. One of the best features of this tall vessel bathroom faucet is how easy it is to install. It takes just a single hole in the counter it attaches to and it contains all of the quick connect flexible hoses that are needed to hook up to the hot and cold-water lines.

This is one tough bathroom faucet, also. It has a solid and corrosion resistant all brass body. Its single valve contains ceramic disk technology, which promotes leak-free usage and smooth operation for many years to come. You don’t have to worry about this bathroom faucet breaking or being unhappy with it after you purchase it, either. That’s because you’ll enjoy a100% money back satisfaction guarantee and a full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Read Full Review: Friho Modern Waterfall Tall Vessel Sink Bathroom Faucet


  • Bright brushed nickel finish
  • 9.44” high waterfall style spout
  • Easy installation
  • Ceramic disc cartridge valve
  • 100% money back guarantee/lifetime warranty


  • Some don’t like its thick square styling
  • Too tall for standard sink basins

Best Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

Here are some of the key characteristics of bathroom faucets and other factors to consider when shopping for a new one:

Type/# of Holes

The very first thing to consider when shopping for a new bathroom faucet is the type of faucet you are looking to buy. Some of this may be determined for you already if you purchased your sink basin before you started your bathroom faucet search. That’s because you will then have to match up the type of faucet you buy to what that particular sink basin will allow you to install on it.

There are basically 4 main bathroom faucet types from which to choose:

  • Center-set faucet: This is when the faucet and two handles are combined together to install as a single piece unit. It requires side holes that are drilled exactly 4” apart.
  • Widespread/Spread-fit faucet: This is another faucet configuration that has a spout and two water controls handles. What makes it different from a center-set faucet is the two handles are installed as separate components. This allows some freedom as far as how you want to position your handles. It’s the preferred style for sinks that have little counter space or are corner mounted.
  • Single-hole faucet: These are among the easiest bathroom faucets to install because the control valve is incorporated right into the spot. That’s why it only requires one mounting hole. Many motion sensing faucets are built this way, too.
  • Wall-mounted faucet: The name is self-explanatory here. This is a faucet that mounts on the bathroom wall and not the countertop around the sink basin. A low flow faucet is preferred here to avoid splashing because these are usually mounted higher than normal faucet spouts.

There are a few exceptions to which types of bathroom faucets can be installed on which types of sink basins. For instance: you can drill extra holes to make a 3-hole bathroom faucet fit a sink that comes with only one predrilled hole. It just makes the installation much more time consuming and more difficult. Many single-hole faucets also contain decorative escutcheon plates that cover additional unused holes. This then allows you to install it on a 3-hole sink basin setup.

Proper Size/Fit

There is one other huge factor to consider before you can even begin to start your search for a new bathroom faucet. That is,you have to know your size requirements and constraints for the type of faucet you want to install in your bathroom. For example: if you are determined to install a decorative tall vessel sink in your bathroom, then you will have to install a bathroom faucet that is tall enough to give you enough clearance to use it.Another example is if you want to install a wall-mounted bathroom faucet. You will need to know the thickness of the bathroom wall onto which it’s going to be installed. That’s because not all wall-mounted bathroom faucets are designed to be installed on all the different wall thicknesses that are found in bathrooms.

In order to buy the proper size bathroom faucet, you really need to consider everything, including the faucet height, width, required hole size, the distance between valves (applies to 3-hole faucets and faucets with separate valves), and wall thickness (for wall mounted bathroom faucets).


Some people are very surprised to find the wide range of prices in bathroom faucets. There are some fancy ones that certainly can be very pricey and some super budget-friendly models, too. So, before you start shopping for a new faucet, set a price range that meets your budget constraints and will still allow you to get a faucet that will meet all of your needs.

Black wall mounted faucet


You not only want your new bathroom faucet to fit and look great, but you also want it to compliment the surroundings in your bathroom. There are many nice choices in finishes, such as brushed nickel, chrome, brass, black, and copper, so you should have no problem finding a finish that fits your taste and adds to the looks of your bathroom setting. You most likely want your new bathroom faucet to be stylish.Therefore, strongly consider such things as if a square or more tubular shape appeals to you. You also have to determine if you want your faucet to be very plain in nature or be one that has some highly decorative accents built into it.


Without a doubt, you absolutely can’t go wrong by shopping for a new bathroom faucet by brand. There are several manufacturers that stand out above the others when it comes to the quality and design of their bathroom faucet products. What are the top bathroom faucet brands? Those would b Moen, Delta, Kohler, and Hansgrohe.


Unfortunately, not all bathroom faucets in the marketplace are built to last. There are certain characteristics of bathroom faucets that will tell you that a particular model will most likely be very durable. These are bathroom faucets that have such characteristics as corrosion-resistant solid brass bodies and long-lasting ceramic disc cartridges in their valves. A stainless-steel bathroom faucet is a very durable faucet option, too.

Ease When Installing

You really want your new bathroom faucet to be easy to install; this is especially true if you are doing it yourself. Look for a bathroom faucet that comes in a complete kit in order to do this. That means it includes a matching drain and all the flexible hoses necessary to hook up to the hot and cold-water lines. It’s even better if the flexible hoses have quick connectors on them.

Warranty/ Satisfaction Gurantee

You want a lot of confidence in the bathroom faucet purchase you are making and a good warranty can certainly give that to you. The best warranty to have is a lifetime warranty on both the working parts and the finish on the bathroom faucet you are about to purchase; these will allow you to exchange your faucet over its lifetime if it fails due to normal wear and tear. Some manufacturers will even offer a full money-back guarantee after you purchase a bathroom faucet if you are not satisfied with it for any reason.

How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Faucet

The first step in fixing any leak on a bathroom faucet is to determine from where the leak is coming. If the faucet valve is off and it’s still dripping, that means that your problem lies in the internal parts of the valve itself. This is definitely the most common problem area for any leaking faucet because of all the wear and tear a valve takes in its lifetime. In order to fix this, you will have to take the valve apart. Once you do that, you will have to replace the valve O-rings or the entire internal guts of the valve. You can usually order these online from the manufacturer or get the part numbers online and take them to your local home improvement center for cross-referencing.

There also is a chance that your leak is coming from your plumbing connections underneath your bathroom faucet. To fix something like this, it usually only involves undoing the connections and then re-tightening them (be sure not to overtighten plastic or soft metal connection parts!!!!). A few wraps of plumbers’ tape will usually do the trick on stubborn leaky connections that are slightly worn out. If this does not work, try replacing the entire plumbing line and connectors.

How to Install a Bathroom Faucet

Although there are many different types of bathroom faucets, the installation process for them involves basically the same steps, done in this order.

Step 1: Make sure your new bathroom faucet is compatible with your sink basin.

Step 2: Assemble these tools and have them ready to use

  • Channellock pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Thread seal tape
  • Silicone caulk
  • Small Philips head and straight screwdriver (won’t need these to install some faucets)

Step 3: place a bead of caulk around the holes where the faucet will slide down onto the sink basin counter.

Step 4: with the gasket in place on the bottom of the faucet, slide it down into the predrilled holes. Next, fasten the nuts securely that hold the faucet and valves in place (note *** for valves that are separate from the faucet; the steps here are exactly the same.***)

Step 5: hook up all of the plumbing connections. It’s very advisable here to put one or two wraps of thread seal tape (also known as plumbers’ tape or Teflon tape) around the plumbing connections before tightening them.)

Step 6: turn on the water connections. Test your new faucet to make sure it works properly and there are no leaks.

Note: Most bathroom faucets come with very good installation instructions or these can easily be found on the manufacturer’s website.

How to Change a Bathroom Faucet

When it comes to doing anything like replacing an old bathroom faucet with a new one, I find that experience is the best teacher. That means you really have to pay close attention when taking off the old bathroom faucet. I even like to take notes of the trickier parts during the disassembly process because those will most likely be the trickiest parts when installing the new bathroom faucet, too. It’s also critical that your new bathroom faucet is identical spec wise to your old bathroom faucet. That means you want the same number of holes that were required before and it meets all of the same type and size requirements as before, too.

A Few Final Thoughts on Bathroom Faucets

Don’t be surprised if you get overwhelmed by the number of choices with which you will be presented when you are shopping for a new bathroom faucet. There are literally thousands of different ones in the home improvement marketplace from which to choose. Once you figure out what type of faucet you want or need, those choices will quickly start to narrow. The same is true when you factor in other characteristics, such as style, color, and matching it to a particular sink basin.

With that said, any bathroom faucet that I reviewed in this article would make a great bathroom faucet purchase. The handy buying is also a great reference tool to use during your search for the perfect bathroom faucet for your needs. I am confident you now have all of the information you need, after reading this article, to make a sound bathroom faucet purchasing decision.

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