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Looking for a quality hair straightener can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if you have never used one before, or if you are a seasoned veteran user, you will be able to pick the best hair straightener that fits your style and needs. The reality is that flat irons can be very confusing tools if you've never used one before. That is the main reason why I created this website, to provide you with all the information you need in order to make an informed buying decision.

There are so many products online, with different features and price tags, that it will take you forever to go through all the information. However, I have gathered together only the best flat irons on the market today, where you can investigate all the different features before you decide to invest in one.

You will be quite impressed once you realize how far the industry has advanced just in few years. Using the latest technology, flat irons can include bells and whistles that you never knew could exist in a quality hair straightener. Moreover, top rated units are built to last for many years to come. However, if you want your tools to last, you need to take care of them.

I advise you to read thoroughly over the hair straightener buying guide so you can ensure that you end up with a unit that meets your demands. A flat iron can do magic for your looks, and therefore you need to make sure that you do not waste your money on a product that doesn't work for you and won’t last. Have a look at the flat iron comparison chart below and check if you can find a unit that can take your look to a whole new level.

Hair Straightener Reviews

# 1. The Winner

KIPOZI Titanium Hair Straightener

KIPOZI Titanium Hair Straightener

  • A non-tangle 8 foot heavy duty swivel
  • The automatic shut off 
  • The 1.75-inch special titanium floating plates
  • Temperature Ranging: 170℉-450℉

The KIPOZI Titanium Hair Straightener is all about user satisfaction, and this unit was built to enhance the overall user experience while you set your hair style. It is very easy to operate and features a simple temperature leveler that allows you to switch between different heat ranges in seconds, through the easy-to-read LCD sc display. Now you can give your hair some healthy texture and provide it with a hydrated sleek, thanks to its curved plate design.

This durable KIPOZI flat iron can be set anywhere between 170 and 450 degrees to suit any thickness or texture. Its 1.75-inch floating curved plate design makes it great for giving your hair some texture. Set it to 290F if your hair is sensitive to heat exposure, 370F is the ideal range for colored or damaged hair while the 430F is the ideal temperature for healthy hair type.

The Nano-Titanium plates heat up quickly and lock in moisture, so hair looks hydrated, healthy, and sleek. Its also got a compatible voltage for anywhere in the world. This is an ideal travel companion because it features a worldwide dual 100-240 voltage.

In conclusion, this KIPOZI flat iron is packed with great characteristics and safety features. If you forget to turn it off, the safety mechanism will do its stuff and shut off the unit after 60 minutes. Also, it is lightweight, fits great in hand and has a sturdy quality feel to it. To protect your purchase, the KIPOZI team offers a money back guarantee if, for some reason, you do not like the way it performs.

# 2. Runner Up

Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic

Remington S7330 Flat Iron

  • Up to 420 degrees of professional-grade heat
  • 1 3/4” Ceramic + Titanium Plates
  • Wet/Dry Styling Indicator
  • 30 Second Heat Up

Here is a flat iron that has been receiving a lot of praise for its so-called Wet2Straight innovation technology. Utilizing this brilliant feature, allows you to straighten your hair without having to dry your hair.  Thanks to its quality built ceramic plates, the unit allows you to start the straightening process immediately, even if your hair is wet.

The reason is that it was developed with a unique steam ventilation mechanism that dry damps your hair during the process. Now, Remington has taken the step forward and combined a hair dryer into a hair straightener to ensure quick and easy results

This is a very user-friendly hair straightener that informs you with green light when it is safe to use it for wet hair while amber light flashes when it is safe for dry hair. Consumers are extremely happy with this black, professional-looking and durable flat iron that delivers top rated salon results in matter of minutes.

Once you handle it, you will immediately feel that this unit is made from state-of-the-art materials. Apart from being very lightweight, only 1.6 pounds, it also feels great in hand as it provides very comfortable grip.

The wet/dry illumination is not the only feature that current owners love because this unit also takes only 30 seconds to heat up, comes with 30 heat settings and there is an auto shutoff mechanism that will be activated if you forget to turn it off by yourself.

This is a complete package that includes everything that you need in a hair straightener to achieve results that you have never experienced before. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you will find another product like this one,  in this price range that includes the same bells and whistles as S7330.

# 3. Best Value

Berta Mini Hair Straightener

Berta Mini Hair Straightener

  • Mini hair flat iron for travel
  • Power cord of 1.6m
  • Heating up to the constant temperature 356F
  • Only 7 inches, Mini size

Next up is one of the best portable hair straighteners on the market today called the Berta Mini and this unit features ceramic tourmaline plates. The Berta Mini is extremely lightweight (6.7 ounces), measures only 7" long and therefore is excellent to take with you on the go or traveling. Have in mind though that if you intend to travel internationally, you need a converter because this is not a dual voltage hair straightener.

Despite its compact design, this model is very efficient, and the ceramic tourmaline plates generate plenty of negative ions to secure smooth and silky results. These industry-grade plates will heat up to 365 Fahrenheit in no time at all and distribute heat evenly across the plates to make sure that every single hair will magically straighten up and look healthy. There is also a handy monitor that clearly indicates the temperature and when it is safe to start the hair styling process.

All in all, this is the perfect travel companion that comes with a long 6ft power cord. Although it does not affect the performance or results in any way, the Berta team should have included a travel bag to optimize the overall traveling experience.

Also, have in mind that this unit does not feature the auto shutoff. However, it does cool down extremely quickly once you have finished. You are covered by the 2 year warranty from Berta in the unlikely event that you run into trouble using this product.

# 4. Best Infrared Ceramic Iron

XARA Professional Hair Straightener

XARA Professional Hair Straightener

  • InfraRED MoistureLock Heat Technology
  • Control up to 450°F 
  • Auto Shut­Off/Safety Mode Convenient safety
  • 1.55 Pounds weight

Now is your chance to transform your hair style and use the Xara to get a beautiful silky hair. It comes with the latest Moisture-Lock innovation technology that works to moisturize your hair in order deliver top-rated healthy look for your hair.

The plates are premium quality ceramic tourmaline-infused material that was built to work together with XARA´s brilliant Heat-Balance sensors that evenly distribute heat across the plates. That way, you will be able to regulate the temperature easily, and you can rest assured that there will be no cold spots on the plates.

This unit has been receiving fantastic reviews all over the Internet from happy customers that state they have great results. The XARA heats up in no time at all, and you will be in total charge of the heat settings through the heat regulator where you can set the temperature range from 250 -450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was certainly built with quality in mind and will deliver silky results without the risk of damaging your hair.  Moreover, this hair straightener features the brilliant auto-shutoff function that will cut the power off automatically after 20 minutes in case you forget to turn it off by yourself.

Overall, here we have an extremely popular hair styler that will straighten your hair in no time at all without the burning smell that you get with other low rated flat irons. All it takes is just one pass through the plates, even if you have thin and sensitive hair. The XARA delivers a sophisticated unit that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

# 5. Iron with Smart Heat

Gold N Hot Gh7001 Straightening Iron

Gold N Hot Gh7001 Straightening Iron

  • 4 different hair type settings
  • Smooth nano-ceramic plates
  • 360 degree swival cord
  • 0.7 Pounds weight

Our next item is the Gold N Hot Gh7001 flat iron that comes with the awesome Smart-Heat-Technology that was invented as a versatile solution for all hair types. It comes with a built-in heat sensor that ensures constant heat distribution. In other words, this unit will distribute heat evenly across the blades, and you can rest assured that there will be no cold spots on the plates that will mess up your hair styling process.

The plates are built from quality Nano-ceramic material, and you will be able to choose from four different settings based on your hair type. Moreover, it comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that ensures that the cord will never be in your way while you are styling your hair.

On the whole, this is a fantastic hair straightener that comes with easy temperature settings where you can program the heat according to your hair type. This is a heavy duty and efficient tool that fits easily in your hand. Moreover, here is an excellent product that provides you with quality performance without having to fork out a lot of money.

# 6. Mini Flat Iron Gloss Factor Kit

XTAVA Full Size and Mini Gloss Factor Titanium Flat Iron Kit

XTAVA Full Size and Mini Gloss Factor Titanium Flat Iron Kit

  • Quick heating technology 
  • Both irons are dual voltage, 110-240V
  • The smaller iron is great for travel
  • 60-minute auto shut off function

It can be a real challenge to find the perfect hair straightener to work on thick and curly hair types. However, with the mighty XTAVA there are no hair type obstacles. If you are a straight-hair-perfectionist, then you should seriously consider buying this product. The package includes 2x titanium hair straightener, one large unit to work on frizz control and one small 0.5-inch flat iron that is ideal for bangs and short hair.

This unit is ready to use in about 15 seconds, and you will be able to set three temperature settings that include 300, 400 and 450 Fahrenheit. Also, there is a handy 60minutes auto-shutoff if you forget to pull the plug after using it. The XTAVA features dual 100-240V AC dual voltage, which makes it an ideal travel partner. Also, you can easily take it with you out of the house because it includes a handy thermal bag.

Altogether, this is a highly favored hair straightener that is proofed to run smoothly through all hair types, and it will deliver glossy and shiny results every time you use it. The mini flat iron is ideal to focus on smaller sections while the larger unit can easily tackle even the thickest and curliest hair type. If you have been looking for a quality hair straightener that delivers salon-like results at an amazing price, then I suggest you check out this low priced flat iron.

# 7. Best Iron Auto Shut Off

VAV Professional Hair Straightener

VAV Professional Hair Straightener

  • Temperature: 284 ℉ ~446 ℉ adjustable
  • Plate Type: Ceramic tourmaline
  • Screen Display: Digital LED
  • Cord Length: About 2m

This professional hair straightener from Vivid&Vogue may be your number one pick if you are looking for a unit that can take your hair straightening experience to a whole new level, thanks to its awesome features. You will be in complete charge of the heat settings where you can set the heat according to your hair texture. That way, the VAV ensures usability and maximum results for all hair types.

This is an elegant durable but lightweight product that comes built-in with the latest 3d floating ceramic/tourmaline iron plate’s technology that was developed to deliver professional-hair-salon results in just one pass.

There are many models on the market that require you to pass several times through the same hair, and therefore increase the risk of damaging your hair. However, the 3d floating plates ensure that after one pass, you hair will look smooth, shiny and healthy.

You will also receive a handy, magnet-closing storage bag to protect the product while not in use. Also, there is an 8ft long, 360 degrees swivel cord attached to the unit that assures that the cord will never be in your way. Moreover, there is a handy display screen that informs you the temperature and when it is safe to use it.

You won’t have to worry if you forget to turn off the straightener as this product automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. On top of all these great features, the Vivid&Vogue offers two-year warranty against defects.

# 8. Iron With LED Digital

Wazor Ceramic Hair Straightener Professional

Wazor Ceramic Hair Straightener Professional

  • Auto shut off after 30mins
  • Digital temperature controls with 446·F
  • 360 degree tangle free swivel
  • 1.8m professional salon cord

Next up in our countdown is the highly rated ceramic hair straightener from Wazor. This is a top-notch quality built and durable budget friendly unit. With the user-friendly Wazor, you will be able to enjoy the styling experience and sky-rocket your hair style results.

The Wazor hair straightener has been receiving two thumbs up from those with more difficult hair types. It is very hard to find a flat iron that is able to tackle thick and challenging hair types, but Wazor has now come up with a great solution. It works great for thick, long, curly and afro hair types, thanks to its large plates that provide complete coverage.

Moreover, this unit is perfect for bangs because of the compact design. The heat will distribute evenly and there are no hot spots to worry about that could damage your hair.

Just like the more advanced irons on the market, this unit heats up in less than 30 seconds, so you can immediately start setting your hair style. Wazor cares about the overall user-experience, and they have developed a unit that is very user-friendly, easy to store and compact.

There is also an automatic shutoff button that kicks-in if you forget to pull the plug. Additionally, there is a unique and convenient "M" button that saves your favorite heat settings. Therefore, once you have mastered your perfect hair style, just press the button and you will be able to achieve consistent results tailored to your needs.

Overall, this unit features a contemporary design with a quality and unique functionalities. It is packed with fantastic options to boost your results, and the best part is that you don’t have to fork out a lot of money to obtain professional solon-like results. This is one of the best value hair straighteners on the market that provides excellent performance, protection and will last for many years to come.

# 9. Ideal for Frizzy Hair

Remington S9600B Hair Straightener

Remington S9600B Hair Straightener

  • 2 inch Floating Plates 
  • Auto Shutoff The 60 minute auto shutoff 
  • 15 second Heat Get styling instantly
  • Plus, the digital controls and temperature lock 

Our next pick is another quality Remington product, and now we will look further into more advanced Remington's features that include the sophisticated Silk ceramic technology. The ceramic floating plates were built to generate silk proteins that provide easy maneuvering using 455 degrees Fahrenheit heat that can deliver smooth and silk finish that minimizes frizz and nurtures your hair.

There are two designs to choose from that include a 1-inch sized unit or a 2-inch unit. Both designs provide brilliant efficiency and safety mechanism. The floating plates ensure that the hair receives the best treatment without the risk of damaging the hair.

This unit can produce high temperature up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can set the heat level to your desired level so that you can be in total control of the styling process. This unit also includes the auto-shutoff that automatically cuts the power after 60 minutes, in case you forget to turn it off.

The S9600B is the only Remington flat iron on the market that offers the silk ceramic technology. Therefore, this unit is capable of delivering much smoother and silkier passing than any other Remington straightener. There is a digital display where you can set your heat level and lock in your favorite temperature.

Moreover, it is hard to find a flat iron that beats this unit’s heat-up as the plate will be ready to use in less than 15 seconds. Also, it comes with a convenient swivel cord for added peace of mind while you are setting your hair style.

At last, the Remington stable offers one of the longest warranty periods on the market, and if you purchase this unit, you will be covered by a 4 year limited warranty.

# 10. Iron for All Hair Types

Natalie Styx Infrared Flat Iron

Natalie Styx Infrared Flat Iron

  • 11 Heat Setting; Choose from 265-445F
  • 60 mins auto shutoff
  • 360°cord, LCD display
  • 2'' Wide infrared plates

Here is another well-built quality infrared iron that has a sleek design. It takes few seconds to heat up, and you can regulate the temperature according to your needs. This is an excellent choice for those who have thick and longer hair and are looking for a straightener that can deliver results in one stroke. Moreover, this unit is known to work efficiently even on low temperature. It is light weight and feels great to handle.

It features an advanced infrared technology that was developed to lock in the moisture of your hair. That is the key to silky and shiny results that lasts throughout the day. The infrared generates the perfect, zero frizz results once you pass your hair through the 5-inch plates. It takes 3 minutes to heat up, and current users state that they are ready for a busy day after only 10 minutes of use.

It is very easy to operate and maneuver the Natalie Styx through the LDC panel where you can set your preferred heat level that ranges from 355 to 445 Fahrenheit, and you can choose from 10 heat settings. There is also a handy 360-degree cord that allows you to set your style from all angles without the cord disturbing you.

Overall, an elegant pink colored flat iron that comes in a stylish box that would make a great gift for any flat iron lovers. Moreover, there is a 30-daymoney-back guarantee and a 2 year overall warranty against defects.

Hair Straightener Buying Guide

Before we dig deeper into the wonderful world of hair straighteners, it's important to analyze the difference between a hair straightener and a flat iron. The first hair heating tool can be traced all the way back to late 1800 when a Parisian hair stylist started to use heat to straighten hair. However, since then these tools have greatly improved with technology.

Both "hair straightener" and "flat iron" are used in today's hair styling industry to describe the same tool. These are basically synonyms that are referred to as a handheld, double iron, a heating tool that is used to straighten hair. However, the term "straightening" is more used when talking about techniques and methods that can turn curly hair into straight hair. On the other hand, the term "flat iron" refers to the hair styling process, using a hand held, two heated plates to straighten the hair.  Having said that, let's analyze what makes up a hair straightener and what you can do with such a tool.

What is a Hair Straightener?

As previously mentioned, a hair straightener is simply a handheld, double plated heating tool that can be used to straighten and style your hair. These hair styling tools are extremely popular today and can be used on any hair, regardless of length or type. However, if you are looking for a unit that can provide you with a modern and stylish look, you need to invest in a quality product.

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

Otherwise, you will just end up damaging your hair. We are all different, with different needs and hair types. Therefore, to maximize your results, it is crucial that you thoroughly investigate what unit is designed for your hair type.

If you choose the right hair straightener for your hair, you will be pleasantly surprised with the possibilities it can provide you with to transform your look. With today's technology, you can achieve fantastic results without damaging your hair. Therefore, you should consider getting a tool that delivers efficient performance, easy to use and the perfect balance of heat that suits your hair type.

Different Types

There are few things that you need to take into account before you invest in top-rated hair straightener and one of these important factors is the material of the doubled heating plate. There are four types of plates on the market today that include a solid ceramic, solid titanium, tourmaline-infused ceramic and titanium-infused ceramic.

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

Have in mind that each and every plate material will suit different hair types. That is to say, a solid titanium might be perfect for you, while solid ceramic could do magic for your neighbor.  For instance, the basic rule of thumb to follow here is that ceramic is the ideal solution for fine or thin hair types. While, on the other hand, solid titanium is better for thick hair types.

The ceramic plate types will distribute and maintain heat evenly. Therefore, there is no room for any cold spot on the plate. Moreover, ceramic types are designed to eliminate the risk of damaging your hair with heat. Titanium built heat plate is known to heat up a lot faster than a ceramic unit, and it will also maintain heat effectively. Keeping that in mind, if you have a thin or fine hair, you should consider investing in a ceramic or ceramic-combined product because these types are built to deliver maximum results for hair types that are prone to damage.

More on Different Hair Texture vs. Different Flat Iron Texture

It is important that you understand your hair's texture because different hair types will need different solutions. For example, thick hair requires a flat iron that can reach a high temperature, while fine, thin hair is much more vulnerable to high heat exposures.

Therefore, your ideal solution, if you have fine or thin hair, is to look for a straightener that you can easily regulate the temperature. Most of the quality flat irons on the market today include an LCD digital panel that you can set the exact temperature to minimize the risk of heat damage.

Like stated above, ceramic flat irons are your number one solution if you have fine or thin hair and you are looking for an efficient way to smooth out your hair and reduce frizz. The ceramic plates are built to maintain heat very well, and therefore they can reach very high temperature, without the risk of damaging your hair. There are several ceramic options that you can choose from that include ceramic coating plates, standard ceramic plates or tourmaline plates.

On the other hand, if you have thick hair, titanium plates might be your best pick. Titanium plates heat up very quickly, and they are better than ceramic plates in maintaining consistent heat throughout the straightening process.

Also, titanium plates are much lighter in weight than ceramic, and they also consist of more effective ionic charges that enable you to get better results in just one pass. Their main selling point is the high heat that titanium plates generate, but have in mind that titanium plates might not fit those who have fine or thin hair type.

What to Look for?

It goes without saying that you are in the market to find a unit that can straighten your hair efficiently and quickly. Ideally, you have found the best product if it takes just one stroke to straighten your hair because if you have to pass through your hair multiple times through the glowing plates, the risk of damaging your hair will increase.

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

There are other factors to bear in mind that make up a top notch performance, such as how long it takes to heat up the device because you would not want to waste precious minutes in waiting for the straightener to heat up. Moreover, it should distribute heat evenly around the plates and stay hot.

There are hair straighteners on the market that heat up in just a few seconds whereas other can take up to few minutes to build up the heat. Most, if not all, quality straighteners come with a heat indicator that shows and alerts you when the machine is ready for action.

One of the crucial elements of a hair straightener is heat, and this is an important factor to consider when you are on the look-out for a device that fits your needs. Therefore, I advise you to thoroughly check the heat settings, the type of the plate and the size, to ensure that it matches your hair type and minimizes any hair damages.

Your straightener will most probably reach around 200 - 400 degrees until it alerts you the green light to start the process. Therefore, if you use a unit that is well under 200 degrees, you will not be happy with its performance and results. On the other hand, if the tool heats up well above 400 degrees, your hair can suffer from heat damages over a lengthy period of excessive heat exposure.

Of course, it is hard to declare the temperature that will burn your hair because we all have different types of hair and our hair react differently to heat. Therefore, you might have to use a straightener that can be set lower than the standard temperature while you also might have to set the heat significantly higher than 400 degrees to see any results on your hair style.

That said, there are units on the market that display the temperature range so you can easily adjust the heat according to your needs. If your hair is vulnerable to heat, you should consider getting a ceramic unit, and if you need a higher setting, a titanium plate could be your best solution.


As you know, flat irons come in all shapes and sizes, and it is essential that you understand what size is best for your needs. Size does matter in the world of flat irons, and functionality differs between small sizes and large flat irons. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the width because there is a different performance for every width.

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

Have in mind that the width is not the only factor that determines the size of the plates because flat irons can have thin, but long plates as well. However, the length may be a problem if you are looking for a model that is easy to operate and maneuver. Nevertheless, longer plates are  solution for those who have a lot of hair but make sure that the plates are not too long. Ideally, shorter plates are not only safer, but they are easier to control.

  • Basic Size

The standard size for flat irons is a unit that features 1" plate. This size is more than enough for most hair types, but it all boils down to personal preference. There is no brand on the market that can be labeled One-Size-Fits-All, simply because every hair is unique and requires a different approach. However, the 1" plate is the industry standard.

  • Compact Size

Moving on to more compact units and let's look at flat irons that are smaller than 1 inch. You have several options here, and the most popular compact units are 0.5" and here is an ideal solution for those with short hairs and for those who need a hair straightener that can be used close to your scalp without damaging the scalp.

Moreover, this is a great option for both short, thick hair and thin hair as well. The reason why smaller flat irons are better for shorter hair lies in the heat. With smaller unit, you are in complete charge of the temperature that you expose to your hair.

For example, for thick, short hair types, your best approach are slow passing with consistent heat that is easier to control with smaller plates. Anything below 1" is considered as a compact flat iron. These smaller items are perfect to take on the go or for traveling. Moreover, smaller size means that you can focus more on specific and smaller sections of your hair.

Size also matters if you are on the lookout for a styling flat iron. That is to say, if you want to go the extra mile and not only straighten your hair but also style it with flips or curly looks. Both standard and smaller straighteners are perfect to shape curls and add more details to your hair such as waves, twists and curls, to name a few styles.

  • Larger Size

It goes without saying that if you have long hair, you will see faster results with a larger plate. However, size is not the only factor that determines efficiency because the temperature is also an important element to take into account. In this case, it will take longer to straighten long hair with a compact straightener, but if you use it with the right heat settings, your results will stay longer than using a big iron with wrong heat setting.

As we did mention above, anything below 1" is considered a small flat iron so it goes without saying that anything above 1" is regarded as a larger unit. Large flat irons can range from 1.25" all the way up to 2.5" and you should pick the size that fits your style and needs.


To maximize your results and hair straightening experience, you also need to consider the grip and how it handles in your palm. It is obvious that with bigger plates, you will experience heavier unit and the weight might affect your results. On the other hand, if it’s too lightweight, it can easily fall apart and simply break down. 

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

Many of the industry leading manufacturers have taken the step forward and brought us flat irons that are built with lightweight and durability in mind. Therefore, even though your flat iron may feel light, it doesn’t mean that it not made out of quality material.

Grip feel is one detail that many consumers overlook. It should be comfortable to hold your hair straightener, and comfy grip means that your results will be top notch. If you have small hands, your option is a unit with smaller grip and plates. For bigger hands, you might want to opt-for a larger unit because a smaller iron can be dangerous and may burn your skin if you have big hands.

Maximizing the User Experience and Efficiency

You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize that the best flat iron hair straightener is so much more than a unit that can transform your hair style.  For you to fully enjoy your hair style goals, you need an efficient and user-friendly tool to get the job done quickly and effectively. Therefore, lightweight and easy-to-handle units are the best solutions in this case.

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

It goes without saying that to secure smooth handling, the heating plates are the only component that should get hot. You will not gain any results if the whole body of the straightener heats up while you are using the tool. If the body turns out to be too hot to handle, then you won’t be able to continue.

Moreover, if you constantly have to stop during the process because of heat, then you will never achieve maximum results. If you read any user complaining about the body of the tool getting excessively hot, cross that unit out of your list.

As stated above, you need a unit that ensures that the body stays cool at all times while using the product. Additionally, it needs to maneuver and handle well to deliver results. Therefore, it is important to take the weight into account because a lightweight unit is a lot easier to control than a heavy tool. If you have a lot of hair, a heavy unit will be your worst nightmare. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas to make their products easier to hold. These ideas include a rubber or silicone grip that fits nicely into the palm of your hand.

To provide you with even more hair styling solutions, many straighteners allow so-called flipping. This is the process of generating curly hair. Also, many of them include floating plates that allow you to spread the hair evenly across the plate.  This is an innovative technology that was developed to maximize the hair style process and efficiently straighten the hair by minimizing the risk of damaging the hair.

Another important factor that makes up an enjoyable user experience is how the manufacturer deals with the cord. There is nothing more annoying than having to deal with a cord that is constantly in your way and especially when you are making your hair curly. For example, when you are flipping the straightener only to see that you need to unwind the cord because it looks like an old telephone cord.To solve this problem, most units feature a so-called 360-degree swivel cord that basically ensures that the cord will never be in your way while in use.

Extra Features

You will be able to opt-for handy additional accessories to compliment the hair straightener. These extra accessories can be dual voltage units that are ideal for those who are traveling overseas. Moreover, you can invest in a product that includes a handy protection bag that enables you to take the straightener with you on the go.

Best Hair Straightener Reviews

Also, to stay on the safe side, there are units on the market that even include a glove to protect your hand from burning.  These are just extra bells and whistles and are not really necessary to boost the straightening process. However, these are handy solutions for those who prefer a little bit of luxury.


This is another crucial part of a hair straightener because the warranty is usually an indicator of how durable the product is. If you had to choose between two similar products and the only thing that stands between them is that one offers 10 year warranty while the other manufacturer offers 1 year warranty. It goes without saying that we tend to lean towards the first option.

Although the warranty is a good indicator of how durable the product is, it should not be the only factor that you look into. The warranty is usually 1-2 years, but there are some brands that offer 5-10 year warranty as well.


After reading through this buying guide, you should be on the right track towards your ideal flat iron tool that meets your demands and needs. It can be a hard task to go through every all the options that are available online. However, if you do your homework properly and if you understand what you need, then you will most definitely end up with the best hair straightener that perfectly satisfies your demands. If you invest more time, and you are willing to go the extra mile, you will be able to easily identify a quality hair straightener from the rest.

Also, you need to set your budget but don't end up by throwing a couple of bucks in the trash in order to save few cents. Flat iron purchase is a long-term-investment, and the general rule is that quality comes with a price. If you can fork out a little more, go for it, and you will be impressed by the extra bells and whistles. The final point to make here is that now you should be capable of identifying the ideal unit for your hair type after reading through the hair straightener reviews above.

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