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by Thomas Holmes

There are many great benefits of using a handheld shower head. Using a handheld unit will provide you more comfort and pleasure while you are doing your daily shower routine. The vast majority of handheld shower heads are often shipped with pre-installed massage functions that are built to improve both enjoyment and comfort to the showering experience. Furthermore, handheld units provide more flexibility during a shower, thanks to the included hose.

Handheld Shower Head Reviews

You will discover numerous of factors that you will love about a handheld unit. These type of shower heads are becoming extremely popular and mainly because you can detach the unit from the wall fixture and direct the water flow in any direction. Check out the reviews below and see if you can find the best hand held shower head that fits your needs and demands.

# 1. The Winner

AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head

AquaDance High-Pressure Shower Head

  • High-power 3. 5" Click Lever Dial
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle
  • Rub-Clean Jets for easy cleaning
  • Easy tool-free connection

The AquaDance shower head measures 6 X 3.5 X 10 inches, size of 3.5 inch and weighs 1.5 pounds. The product has a great design and can be used as an overhead or handheld shower. The product's design makes it ideal for any type of bathroom decor. It comes with a shower hose, over-head bracket and plumber's tape.

The shower head comes with high-pressure jets which makes it easier to clean the body and prevent the buildup of lime. It also comes with an ergonomic grip handle that enables the user to get a tight grip on the shower head even under slippery conditions. Furthermore, it has an angle adjustable over-head bracket that enables the user to focus on any particular spot.

There are several benefits of acquiring this product and one of them is that it is very easy to assemble, with an average assembly time of five minutes. Apart from that, the installation is also remarkably easy and fast. Moreover, it comes with a dispensable flow restrictor for users who want higher pressure. Furthermore, the product performs optimally even under low water pressure installations. Additionally, the shower head is capable of running on high pressure for years without leaks if the installation is done accurately.

The Aquadance shower heads are made of the highest US quality and performance standards. Moreover, it also comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures that the owner gets top-value for money spent. Additionally, the product fits any standard shower arm.

# 2. Runner Up by AquaDance

AquaDance Premium Rainfall Shower Head

AquaDance Premium Rainfall Shower Head

  • Premium 6 setting
  • 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Wall Mounted Installation
  • 2.2 pounds weight

The AquaDance Premium is a beautifully crafted dual shower head that serves as a fixed shower head while the other is a handheld unit. The product comes with a chrome finish which gives it a shiny and attractive look. Therefore, the product combines a great appearance with functionality. Additionally, it comes with rub clean jets which enable easy cleaning of the body and prevents the buildup of lime that can be toxic to the body.

Furthermore, it is angle-adjustable which ensures that a user can set the fixed head shower at any desired angle in order to maximize the showering experience. It also comes with rub clean jets so that all body dirt is effortlessly removed. The shower head comes with a huge 7-inch face for total body coverage while the handheld shower has a 4-inch face. The product comes with an ergonomic grip handle which ensures that the user can have a tight grip even when it is slippery.

Overall, a top-notch shower head that features tons of great benefits that include six different shower settings to suit different showering needs and purposes. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools. The product is also manufactured according to the highest US quality and performance standards. Additionally, it boosts a lifetime warranty and an easy to understand user guide and manual.

# 3. Runner Up by DreamSpa

DreamSpa Rainfall Shower Head

DreamSpa Rainfall Shower Head

  • 3-zone Click Lever Dial with Rub-clean Jets
  • Premium 60 inch (5 ft) Super Flexible stainless steel
  • Tools free installation
  • 4 inch Chrome Face High-power with 7 settings 

The DreamSpa Rainfall shower head is made of high-grade chrome plated ABS and stainless steel. The product has a dimension of 6 X 4 X 9 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. It has an elegant design with stylish chrome finish that gives it a beautiful look. With two shower heads, one fixed while the other is a handheld shower head, you will enjoy a 2in1 versatile shower head.The product combines a great design with great functionality and seven different water flow settings to choose from.

Furthermore, the product comes with an adjustable overhead bracket and a water consumption rate of 2.5 GPM. Overall, this is a lightweight product that is easy to install with flexible options for use. You can either use the hand-held shower head, bigger shower head or both simultaneously. The product brilliantly combines elegance and remarkable engineering with its chrome finish that ensures great functionality and aesthetic beauty. The chrome finish also ensures that it blends with any color scheme you have in place in your bathroom.

# 4. Best Value

HotelSpa AquaCare Spiral Handheld Showerhead

HotelSpa AquaCare Spiral Handheld Showerhead

  • Oversize 4" chrome face
  • Advanced high-pressure 3-zone spiral dial 
  • Tools-free Installation
  • High-power Precision SpiralFlo dial design

The HotelSpa AquaCare Spiral Handheld Showerhead comes with one of the longest hoses out there, at about 6 feet. At a reasonable price for under $30, nobody can deny that this shower head is a steal. You get to utilize seven different spray settings, four inches of spray face and even a pause option set conveniently along the front of the shower head handle.

This shower head boasts a beautiful chrome finish, with a small drawback of being slightly slippery. This can be easily dealt with by getting a separate rubber handle. Its pause button manages to be responsive, providing you with enough time to get your shaving, cleaning, and other tasks are done while the function is in use.

Something that stands out with this shower head is its simple mounting and zero reliance on tools. All you have to do is use the Power Suction and you are done for the day. At this price, there are very few handheld showerheads with on/off switches that come close to the HotelSpa AquaCare Spiral.

# 5. Best Value - Runner Up

AquaDance By Hotel Spa

AquaDance By Hotel Spa

  • 5 Full Setting High-power
  • 5 ft Super Flexible chrome-finish Hose
  • Patented 3-way Water Diverter
  • 3-zone Click Lever Dial

The AquaDance by HotelSpa is a well-crafted shower head with a handheld unit which makes this a decent shower combo. The product weighs 1.2 pounds and features a chrome finish. The shower head comes with an aesthetic quality that is comparable to what is available at high-end spas and hotels. The shower head combines great design with great functionality in a remarkable way. The product enables a user to choose from 24 full and combined flow patterns from both showers so it meets the needs of demanding users.

Furthermore, the product has five high-pressure settings for users who love to shower under high pressure. The product also comes with an angle-adjustable overhead bracket which allows the user to direct the water flow in any direction. The shower head is easy to assemble and easy to install and requires no tools for installation. Additionally, the product comes with a ten-year warranty if it is purchased from an authorized distributor.

It also comes with a hose that measures 5 feet and provides a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. You can use the hand-held unit separately or both showerheads together if desired. It ensures that the body is cleaned efficiently and effectively as two shower heads would do a better job than one. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of any tools. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, a dual shower head like the AquaDance increases the showering versatility and this unit is not just to wash the body, but also to clean the shower area. Furthermore, it doesn't leak when properly installed.

# 4. Best Multi-Functions Pick

YOO MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

YOO MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

  • The Soften Rubber Jet Nozzles 
  • 3-functions for alternative option
  • 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • 1.1 pounds weight

The YOO.MEE is made of plastic, has a weight of 1.1 pounds and product dimension of 8.9 X 3.3 x 1.8 inches. It has a modern construction style and a chrome finish. The shower head can perform optimally in places with low water pressure installations. It is capable of increasing water pressure irrespective of the water pressure inside the plumbing system in your house. Therefore, in a house with low water pressure, the pressure that would be created by this shower head would be sufficient for a powerful total body coverage.

Moreover, the product is easy to install and comes with an easy to understand user manual that contains all the required instructions in a step by step format. Additionally, it has three settings which allow the user to choose which shower head setting is most suitable for his or her needs. It also comes with a high-quality hose which makes the shower head very easy to use. The shower head is lightweight which makes this unit fantastic option for those who are looking for a shower head in an RV because its lightweight feature makes it a versatile product for smaller areas.

# 7. Great Pick by HOMELODY

HOMELODY Handheld Shower Head With On-Off Switch

HOMELODY Handheld Shower Head With On-Off Switch

  • Water-Saving Push Button
  • ABS Engineering Plastics
  • Shower Head With Handheld
  • Tools-free Installation

HOMELODY is also one of the best handheld shower heads with on/off switches that boasts a great price to quality ratio. It is priced well under 30 dollars and costs slightly less than its predecessors and has a great design as well as water control.

With the HOMELODY shower head, you’re sure to save up on both time and money because of its convenient water-conserving push button. This button also makes sure you don’t have to close any valves to adjust your water temperature or stop showering to fix its settings. This makes it quick and convenient for bathing hyper kids and dogs.

The shower head comes with five settings, with four massage options and a highly enjoyable and soothing power mist option. It is designed using ABS plastic, though you’re still given a ten-year warranty and proper certification so you can rely on its safety and durability. If you can afford to get some of the extra accessories needed with it, HOMELODY’s Handheld Shower Head is a decent option.

# 8. Great Pick by HotelSpa

HotelSpa Handheld Shower Head With On-Off Switch

HotelSpa Handheld Shower Head With On-Off Switch

  • Versatile 4-inch shower head
  • The 5-foot stainless steel hose
  • Patented On/Off Pause Switch on Handle
  • Tool-Free Installation

Another HotelSpa addition, this shower head comes with many attractive features. One of these is the fact that you can utilize two shower heads simultaneously or individually. The shower head itself offers various water flow patterns, including economy rain, mist, massage, and pause, as well as many others. Another great feature is that it also comes with four combination options that let you mix and match.

The shower head includes a stainless-steel hose that boasts high quality and a great deal of flexibility so that you can easily maneuver yourself in the shower. It also uses double conical hose nuts made of brass for an easy and sturdy setup.

The package includes jets for rubbing clean and showering at the same time. The overhead bracket offers angle adjustments which also makes the whole process easy and convenient. Overall, if you’re looking for the most affordable product on this list, then the HotelSpa Handheld Shower Head fits the bill.

You might also be interested in the same featured model by HotelSpa (it has also on and off switch, but it comes up with a rain shower head. If you are looking for a combo then you should go for this item).

Brushed Nickel Rain Shower Head with Handheld

# 9. The Winner - Showerhead with Handheld



  • Brass Shower Bracket Holder
  • Ten layer Brushed Nickel finish
  • Shower Hose Length: 70.8 Inch
  • Shower Arm Length: 15.7 Inch

The 12-inch Rain Mixer Shower Set by SR Sunrise is a wall mounted brushed nickel rain shower head system with a handheld (if you are looking for simply a rain shower head, then you can go for 10-inch stainless steel rain shower head from the same brand). It provides an air energy technology due to which the handheld shower can supply water with more pressure as compared to other shower systems even in case of lower water pressure. The water mixer is quite underrated, but it helps in achieving that hard to get water mix with ideal temperature.

You also get a plain looking bathroom by a wall mount design concealing all the pipes behind the wall leaving you with a spotless wall. Use of brushed nickel shower not only increases the durability and stability of the system but also makes your bathroom look more desirable and brass removes harmful bacteria from water. The L-shaped handheld shower gives a better angle and a good grip in hand. Giant 12 inches rain shower head is highlighting feature which offers that luxurious experience.

# 10. Runner Up - Showerhead with Handheld

EMBATHER Shower System

EMBATHER Shower System

  • Kit includes: 12” fixed shower head
  • 16” shower arm, 71” shower hose
  • Air injection technology
  • Saves up to 30% water

Embather introduced a shower faucet set which includes brushed nickel rain showerhead with handheld comfort. It is equipped with a superior ultra-modern air injection technology that is extremely eco-friendly. It saves up to 30% water by using an air and water combination spray to use less than usual water during shower. The use of finest quality materials without any impurities such as brushed nickel and brass prevents the system from corrosion, increasing its life by several years plus its sleek design will give your bathroom an aesthetic look and feel.

A Huge 12” brushed nickel rain shower head will provide you with a rain-like experience inside your very own bathroom and included a handheld shower with a premium quality anti-winding shower hose. With its easy installation process, you can easily install it without any special skills or knowledge about plumbing and ultimately save you a lot of money.

# 11. Other Great Option



  • Saves up to 30% water
  • Brass handheld shower head
  • Brass Material
  • Detachable Shower Head

The B7021BN by Homelody is a Retro-Fit Shower System. It is equipped with 8 inches brushed nickel rain shower head with a brass handheld and 59 inches anti-winding shower hose. Use of brushed nickel and brass instead of stainless steel improves the performance of the shower system by providing protection against corrosion eventually keeping the system stable for a long period of time. The use of high-quality brass also eliminates bacteria from water making it safer to use.

You can enjoy the flexibility of a brushed nickel rain shower head with handheld adjustable height, universal joint and 360-degree rotation with 15-degree tilt. This level of customization makes it extremely comfortable and easy for users as they can easily adjust it according to their height. Brass Soap Dish, Brushed Nickel Combo Showerheads are also some of the features. Its DIY installation process is so easy and basic that you won’t be needing any plumbers.

# 12. Another Great Option

Khrodis Shower

Khrodis Shower

  • 10 inch 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Diverter location: Rough-in Valve
  • Gross Weight: 10,6 lbs [5.1KG]
  • 10 years manufacture guaranteed

Shower Faucet Kit by Khrodis comes with valve brushed nickel handheld shower system. It is a simple yet elegant wall mount design with only a mixer and handheld shower visible to you and all other elements are concealed in the wall making it very easy to clean.

The ultra thin full stainless-steel shower head comes with self-cleaning nozzles which keeps the nozzles clean by preventing the shower head from clogging and diminishing water pressure over time. Faucet simple and efficient design improves water levels in handheld and shower head Brushed nickel valves adds up several years in system’s life by making it durable and anti-corrosive. The brass handheld shower is designed in L-shape providing better grip and brass removes bacteria from water making it safer. 10 years of manufacturing guarantee can easily answer the question about built quality and reliability.

Best Hand-Held Showerheads

What is a Hand Held Shower Head?

In order to be able to get the most out of the shower head, it is important that you understand what is a hand-held shower head. Basically, a handheld unit is attached to a mount and comes with a stainless steel hose that is attached to the showerhead. With this flexible shower head, you can easily move and direct the water flow wherever you like.

Additionally, you can even use the hand-held unit as a fixed shower head because there is always a bracket that you can place the showerhead in and enjoy a hands-free shower. There are many handheld shower head combinations available on the market that can be both found as a wall mount units or hand mount units. Additionally, these packages also come with a diverter that allows you easily change or move to your desired shower head. There are even units out there that enable you to use them both simultaneously.

Apart from allowing you to relax under the shower, a hand-held product is built to boost the water pressure during showering. This basically means that the unit generates enhanced massage benefit. Typically, with a fixed/regular unit, you are not able to regulate the spray pressure level that your plumbing system provides. However, handheld units are built to generate more water flow and some are even infused with air that mixes with the droplets and sprays out the showerhead with more pressure than a fixed unit. That way, you will enjoy a greater water pressure and more enjoyable showering experience that ensures more water pressure without spending more water. By having the ability to enjoy a powerful water flow will help you to wake up in the morning if you are one of those who have a hard time waking up. Additionally, in case you feel tired, take a powerful shower and you will immediately wake up and be ready to tackle the day.

Best Hand-Held Showerheads

Things to Consider

Sunrise can turn into a stressful situation if you live in a home where everybody are rushing towards the bathroom and you suddenly realize that you won’t be able to enjoy a quality shower with no interruptions. Furthermore, fixed units can also drive you crazy because these types force you to stay at the same spot for the duration of the whole showering time and therefore, you won’t be able to relax or move. 

As a result, rather than popping out of the shower more relaxed and full of energy, you step out of the shower all stressed and cramped out.

However, with a hand-held shower unit, you can rest assured that there will be no such tense showering routines. There is a handy hose included with every hand-held unit that provides more versatility than fixed showering heads. In other words, you will be able to easily move around the showering area and you will be able to be in charge of the direction of the water flow.

Best Hand-Held Showerheads

Major Benefits

There are many great benefits of investing in a hand-held unit. To start with, it provides fantastic versatility and flexibility where you can be in total charge of the water-flow direction and direct the spray towards a focused area of your body. Additionally, many of the handheld units feature massage settings where you can set your shower head to generate powerful massage spray to work on sore muscles. 

There are many of us that simply do not like a massage setting because it can turn out to be too strong water flow for sensitive skins. However, in most hand held units, the massage function can be adjusted towards your needs. Therefore, you can set the spray strong if you like powerful water flow, or you can decrease the waterflow and enjoy a more softer massage.

If you have young children in your house or pets, a hand held shower head is a must for you. The long and flexible hose makes the magic here, especially if you use saturating spray to wash your dog. Additionally, you can use the handheld shower to clean the shower area and again, the hose makes things super easy where can operate a flexible and long hose to clean up after a shower. With kids, you can easily operate the hand-held head to quickly rinse off after the day.


It goes without saying that it can be extremely frustrating to install a shower head in your bathroom once you install that you do not have the tools required for the job. Today´s showerheads usually come with all the tools you need to get the job done. Therefore, you won’t have to call in a professional to mount the shower head because you will have all the tools and detailed instructions to guide you through the process. Have in mind that if you invest in a handheld shower head that you need to carefully consider the height of the area where you intend to install the shower head because it is important that you leave sufficient room for the hand held the shower head.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have gone through the major benefits of acquiring a handheld shower head, you should be well on your way to make an informed decision and buy a showerhead that matches your demands. The truth is that a handheld unit offers more versatility and flexibility than a fixed shower head. Therefore, if you end up with a hand-held unit, you will get a 2in1 product. Moreover, these units come with fantastic features and settings that can take a showering experience to a whole new level. Warranty is something that you need to consider as well and you can rest assured that every single product listed above has a warranty that ensures a fair deal for everyone.

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