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by Thomas Holmes

Hot tubs are super fun for the whole family and have been used for centuries to relieve pain and as a social activity. Inflatable hot tubs are a fun and inexpensive alternative to a traditional hot tub. One of the best things about an inflatable hot tub is how a blow-up hot tub is portable and can go with you on vacation or through housing changes.

Because they use less water and energy they are not only less expensive to maintain but also are better for the environment. In this buying guide, an overview is given of some of the inflatable hot tub reviews on the market as well as each of their benefits.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

# 1. The Winner - Coleman SaluSpa

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Soothing AirJet system
  • Rapid heating system
  • Integrated water filtration
  • Ideal for 4-6 adults

This four to six-person inflatable hot tub by Coleman is super easy to use and fun for the whole family. There are no tools required or messy remodeling needed to get started. It comes with everything you’ll need. It inflates using the air pump which is very easy to use. The instructions will guide you through everything. It has massaging bubble jets that circulate the water. To keep the water clean and pure you should regularly change the filters. It comes with some high-quality filters to get you started.

It is a nice green color that would look great on a patio or in a backyard. It fits six people so you can enjoy it with everyone in your family, friends, or even neighbors. It’s portable and breaks down easily for storage. You can transport it easily so you can take it with you if you ever decide to move. You can even take it with you on vacation. You’ll want to take it with you everywhere once you discover how wonderful the massaging jets are for relieving stress and back pain.

It’s made of three-ply material that is certified safe. It is durable and long-lasting, it won’t wear and tear easily. The manufacturer is a reputable hot tub manufacturer and all of the parts of certified safe and energy-efficient. It’s all very easy to operate using the digital control panel.


  • Air pump for easy set-up.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Fits four to six people.
  • Massaging air jets on floor and walls.
  • Durable and soft three ply laminated material.

# 2. Runner Up - Coleman SaluSpa Square

Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person

       Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person

  • Water flow: 320 GPH
  • Water capacity (80-percent filled)
  • Heat range: 40-104 degrees F
  • 90-day warranty

This is a four-person inflatable hot tub spa that is made out of a light gray, durable three-ply material. The material is both soft and durable. It is made by Coleman who is a trusted manufacturer of inflatable hot tubs. They only use quality materials that are certified safe and offered great factory warranties on all their products. This hot tub heats up to 104 degrees and also has 114 powerful air jets that circulate massaging bubbles throughout the hot tub.

It’s a great size for families and couples. It’s big enough to comfortably fit four people but is also compact enough to easily fit in a variety of spaces. This hot tub is not suitable for indoor use, and should only be used in a backyard, garden, or patio. Inflatable hot tubs for gardens are fun because they can be used during barbeques or for relaxing after work with your loved ones.

It comes with an insulating lid cover that traps in the heat, as well as an air pump that easily inflates the hot tub for you. Installation is super easy as it relies on your existing wiring and plumbing. You won’t need to do any sort of remodeling for this hot tub, simply hook it up using the easy to read directions and wait for it to blow up before adding the water. It should take only minutes for the water to heat up.


  • Fits four people.
  • Made out of durable, three-ply material.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Comfortable and roomy.
  • 114 massaging air jets.
  • Comes with a timer system.

# 3. Best Portable Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman Portable Spa

       Coleman Portable Spa

  • Made of durable 3-ply PVC
  • Sturdy I-Beam construction
  • 2 handles built into the sides
  • Water capacity (80% filled): 192 gallons

New from Coleman with the same trusted technology is the classic-black four-person inflatable hot tub. It comes with everything you need to get started, including the air pump and cover. It is made by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business, and they only use the best quality materials. The “fabric” is a three-ply laminated material that is specially engineered for maximum strength, durability, and heat retention. It will not tear or damage easily.

It is certified safe to use even at a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. Everyone in your family (six-plus) will love spending time together in this hot tub. It has massaging bubble jets that circulate the hot water and soothe sore muscles. It’s completely portable, so deflate it whenever you want to move it. You can take it on vacation with you, and if you decide to move you won’t have to leave your hot tub behind! This way, it is even more sustainable to enjoy all the benefits of a hot tub with massaging air jets.


  • Fits four people.
  • Has two easy-lift handles.
  • Comes with insulated lid.
  • Filter cartridges clean the water.
  • Classic black color.
  • Cushioned floor with drain valve.
  • 60 air jets.

# 4. Inflatable Hot Tub With Bubble Jets

Intex 77in PureSpa

       Intex 77in PureSpa

  • Age Grading: 6+
  • Seating capacity: 4 people
  • Water capacity: 210 gallons
  • Water Temperature Range: 68-104 degrees Fahrenheit

This 210 gallon inflatable spa system fits four people and has 120 bubble jets. It is a beige or nude color so it won’t interfere with any of your other decorations. It comes with a built-in hard water treatment that keeps water soothing for your skin. This set has a lot of value. It is made out of quality, long-lasting materials and has high powered massaging jets. The material will not easily tear or corrode over time even with extended use.

It easily heats to the maximum temperature of 104 degrees and maintains it. Because of the high temperatures it is only suitable for children above the age of six. You friends, neighbors, and family will all enjoy hanging out in this hot tub. It is very comfortable and the massaging jets feel great on the skin and relieve sore muscle pain.

The filter cartridges are easy to clean and replace. This is essential to proper maintenance of the hot tub, and other hot tub systems can have complicated and expensive filters. Not only is this one very simple to do maintenance on, it comes with a couple extra high-quality filters to get you started!


  • Four people maximum.
  • Beige/nude color.
  • 120 massaging bubble jets.
  • Comes with hard water treatment.
  • Filters included.
  • Three-ply laminated soft material.

What are Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs are an inflatable structure made of sturdy materials that use air pressure to stay upright and hold the water. Once the water is added, the hot tub heats it using the circulating jets. Once the hot tub is blown up and filled with water, it becomes a haven for you to soak away your stress and back pain.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using an Inflatable Hot Tub


  • Price

An inflatable jacuzzi is more cost-effective than a traditional hot tub. One reason is that they are smaller, so naturally, they use less energy and water. They also can be emptied, collapsed, and stored away when not in use. This way, if for some reason the hot tub isn’t being used for some extended period you won’t be wasting money trying to maintain it. The initial cost is also far cheaper! It could cost thousands of dollars to remodel a space for installing a full size traditional hot tub.

  • Easy installation

A blow up hot tub literally blows itself up and can be put almost anywhere without any installation! It actually completely relies on your existing wiring and plumbing. A blow up hot tub should come with the pump included to inflate it. The pump shouldn’t be hard to use and should blow the hot tub up completely in a short period of time.

  • Mobile

It is completely portable, which is really the best thing about it! If you go to the beach or a vacation home, you can deflate the hot tub and take it with you. Not only that, but unlike a traditional hot tub, an inflatable hot tub will be easy to take with you if you should decide to buy a new house or transfer housing.

  • Entertaining

This is a fun activity for couples and families to do together. A large inflatable hot tub can also be a fun addition to an outdoor party or barbeque. Your family, friends, and loved ones will all enjoy spending time together in the hot tub.

  • Relieves Stress and Back Pain

Those suffering from chronic back pain will find great relief in the regular use of hot tub soaks. Inflatable hot tubs with multiple massaging jets will do the most to improve pain symptoms. It’s also just so relaxing, and your muscles will naturally relax as you release stress from your body. For athletes using a hot tub can help to reduce pain from workouts and recover faster. For those with chronic muscle pain, joint pain, and back pain, inflatable hot tub can seriously help manage and relieve pain. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, inflatable hot tubs can help you look and feel your best.


Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Does Not Come With Seats

The floor and walls of an inflatable hot tub should be made out of a comfortable padded material, as there are not seats in an inflatable hot. Because of this, you would not be sitting upright as if you were in a chair, but rather sitting down with your legs under or beside you.

  • Limited Space For People

Inflatable hot tubs are on average much smaller than a traditional tub. It’s not the best choice for those looking to have lots of people in the hot tub for a party, but it is a great option for those who want an inexpensive hot tub for them and their family.

  • Might Take Time to Heat Up

Because the hot tub is emptied and deflated when not in use, the water inside of it usually starts off as room temperature. A traditional hot tub usually keeps the water pretty warm even when not in use to maintain the environment so it heats up very fast.

  • More Energy

Inflatable hot tubs are less expensive than traditional hot tubs but they still do use a lot energy because they heat up the water and have to circulate it to maintain the temperature, as well as powering any jets. You will be using more energy when using any sort of hot tub.

  • Filter Concerns

You will need to replace the filters on the inflatable hot tub very often if you want your water to stay clean and for your hot tub to work optimally. The filters must be purchased separately so that will factor into the monthly cost of maintenance.

Things to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Price

As with all things, cheaper is not always better. When you purchase an inflatable hot tub you’re already saving an incredible amount compared to a traditional hot tub, so why not spend a little extra on the features that you want. The cheapest hot tubs may have structural insecurities or be made of unsafe materials. Make sure that you’re investing in a hot tub that is both long-lasting and safe for your family to use.

  • Size

Because inflatable hot tubs are used outside you have more versatility over the size of the hot tub. The best portable hot tub is one that suits your needs. Don’t get one that’s too small and try to fit more people into it because that could be a major safety concern. Instead, pick one that is roomy enough for everyone. Larger hot tubs use more water and energy than a small one, so sometimes bigger isn’t always better either. Choose one that is appropriate for the number of people that will be using it to get the best results.

You should also take into consideration where you intend on placing the hot tub and how much space you will need. If you have a very small outdoor space that you plan on using, then you should measure it beforehand to make sure the dimensions of the hot tub will fit properly.

  • How Many Persons?

Hot tubs sizes range from one to two people to up to six. You should select the appropriate one for your family. It’s not a good idea to have more than the recommended amount of people in the hot tub so make sure it is roomy enough for everyone in your family. However, a larger hot tub uses more water and energy so if you don’t need the extra room, don’t get it.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Control Panel

The control panel for the inflatable hot tub should be uncomplicated. A digital control panel should also be certified safe for use with a hot tub. The wiring should not ever get wet or interfere with the function of the hot tub. The buttons should be easy to understand as well, and you shouldn’t have a press down hard to get the right result. They should be sensitive to touch and marked clearly.

  • Hard Water System

If the inflatable hot tub doesn’t come with a built-in hard water system you will need to install one yourself. The hard water system is essential to keeping the water pure without being harsh on the skin. Using a high-quality shower filter with your handheld shower head will also keep your shower water perfectly clean and soothing.

  • Saltwater System

Soft water systems are gentler on the skin than a hard water system that uses chlorine or other chemicals. Sometimes they are even cheaper and easier to maintain than chlorine hot tubs because salt is very cheap. Most hot tubs can be easily converted into a saltwater hot tub using a saltwater system.

After using a saltwater hot tub you need to rinse off to get the salt off you. The salt can be drying for the skin and hair. Choosing a high quality shower head will help you save additional money on your water bill. Low flow shower heads are more environmentally friendly and can still have great water pressure.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Heaters

The heater for the hot tub should be energy efficient, safe, and made out of durable materials. The heater will warm the water as it circulates through the jets. Hot tubs that heat through evenly distributed jets are preferable because they heat the water evenly so there won’t be any cold or hot spots.

  • Pumps

A high-quality inflatable hot tub will come with a pump that blows up the hot tub. The best air pumps will inflate the hot tub in less than an hour. It should also not require a lot of effort, the pump should do most of the work.

  • Temperature Restrictions

It is important that the hot tub have some temperature restrictions. It could be very dangerous to have no restrictions on the temperature of the hot tub. No temperature restrictions means that there is an increased risk of burns or hypothermia. This is especially important for children and the elderly who may be using the hot tub.

  • Shape

Blow up hot tubs are almost always either square, rectangle, or round/oval. Because they don’t have built-in seats, most people will lean against the sides of the hot tub, so that’s one way the shape can affect the hot tub. A round hot tub may be more comfortable but fit less people that a square one. It should also be the appropriate shape to fit where you want it.

  • Cover

The cover for the hot tub should be easy to lift and attach using clips or straps of some sort. A high-quality hot tub cover is also insulated to hold in the warmth. Additionally, the hot tub cover should be included in the set with the hot tub and not as an additional purchase.

  • Jets

The jets can serve a multipurpose, circulating the water as well as massaging sore muscles. Where the jets use air or water, they can offer powerful relief from chronic pain and fatigue. The jets should have enough power to soothe the body, without being too intense or harsh enough to hurt the skin at all. The more jets the better! They should be on the walls as well as the floor of the hot tub.

  • Hydro Jets

A hydro jet works by projecting the water out of the jet at a high speed which may produce bubbles. They often serve a dual purpose as they circulate the water through them, heating and cleaning the water as it goes. Water jets have a stronger massaging power than air jets so they are a better choice for those who are purchasing a hot tub solely for the health benefits of the massaging jets.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Air Jets

Air jets use high pressure air to create a powerful stream a bubbles. The bubbles are tingly on the skin and increase circulation as they surround the body. Air jets provide a different sensation than hydro jets. They are a less strong massage which can be more pleasant for some people who want to relax without any sort of deep tissue massage. Air jets are also easier to clean as they don’t use any water which could cause mildew.

  • Ground Cloth

Underneath the hot tub a tarp, ground cloth, or shower pan can be used to catch the run off water. The ground cloth may or may not be included in the kit, but a simple tarp can work just as well. You don’t want for run-off water to affect your yard or wooden patio.

If you have an outdoor sauna that uses water you may also need a shower pan or other system in place to catch run off water. An infrared sauna is a kind of dry sauna that doesn’t use any water. Infrared saunas are a great choice for those who can’t handle high temperatures or the moisture of a traditional sauna. They are also less expensive to operate as they don’t require any water, or a ton of energy to heat the water up.

  • Location and Setup

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

When you’re setting up your inflatable hot tub you want to take into consideration where you plan on installing it and what kind of set-up it needs. The hot tubs in this buying guide are some of the easiest to set up and use, but you should always check the requirements.

If the hot tub is in some sort of enclosed space such as a garage or outdoor spa, you may want to include a high-quality exhaust fan as well. A fan will circulate and clean the air to prevent mold and mildew which could occur due to moisture from the hot tub. There are popular bathroom exhaust fans currently on the market that work well for a spa/hot tub setting as well. A fogless shower mirror is a kind of mirror that isn’t affected at all by steam.

Inflatable hot tubs are not safe to use in the house and should only be set-up in the backyard or on a patio where the inflatable hot tub can be safely drained using the valve on the bottom of the tub. You may want to consider setting up an outside shower system to go along with the inflatable hot tub. That way you can easily rinse off after using the hot tub.

A shower panel system is a high-tech shower solution that is modern and minimalistic. A quality shower panel is made out of a premium metal such as chrome and stainless steel that will not corrode and is easy to clean. You won’t need any expensive shower cleaners to manage a stainless steel showel panel system as stainless steel is fingerprint proof.

Rain shower heads are most common for outside showers and spas because they are installed directly overhead and rain down soothing relaxing water. They are very beautiful and relaxing. Because they are low flow they are also better for the environment. It’s important to rinse off after the hot tub because the chemicals or salt that clean the water can dry out your skin.

If you prefer a high pressure shower head, try to find one that is also certified water efficient. There are lots of showerheads on the market that each have unique features such as multiple settings. To find the best shower head for your family, there are lots of best selling handheld shower heads reviewed online.

If the shower has a sliding shower door that closes completely, you can easily install a steam shower generator in your shower as well. A steam shower generator transforms a space into a wet sauna using an existing bathroom faucet. They’re super convenient and easy to use. Steam showers have lots of health benefits such as detoxification and weight loss.

In addition to new shower systems that are more energy efficient, modern acrylic bathtubs are also far superior to their older alternatives. They are insulated with acrylic, resin, and fiberglass and will not easily chip or stain. Freestanding bathtubs are the most versatile, and can even be installed outside.

  • Warranty

Most reputable manufacturers will include some sort of limited factory warranty that covers parts damages. You should never buy a hot tub system without some sort of warranty. Preferably it will have a free limited warranty between one and five years, as well as extended warranty options. Check with the customer service department when purchasing to find out more about your warranty options.

  • Accessories

  • Seat Cushions

If the floor and walls of the hot tub are properly padded, it should be comfortable without seat cushions. Inflatable hot tubs do not have built in seats so adding seat cushions is a great way to make the experience comfortable. Some hot tub sets also come with pre-installed seat cushions or even heated cushions.

  • Headrests
Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Having some headrests will help your neck relax and you’ll feel even better. Laying back comofrtably will be even easier with a quality ergonomic headrest. If the hot tub you choose doesn’t have a built in headrest, you can get inflatable headrests online or through pool and hot tub stores.

  • Drink Holders

Drink holders are a great extra feature for inflatable hot tubs. Most inflatable tubs do not have built in drink holders, so sets that come with them are especially nice. There are some inexpensive drink holders you can easily attach to the hot tub.

  • Speakers

If you want a speaker system to go along with the hot tub, opt for a waterproof bluetooth speaker system that comes with a remote control.

  • LED Lights

L.E.D. lights are the best option for hot tubs because they use a tiny amount of energy, are cheap, last for a long time, and are completely safe for water use. Having underwater L.E.D. lights can add a relaxing mood to nighttime hot tub sessions. You can also add L.E.D. light accessories as long as they are certified safe for use in pools and hot tubs. “Chromotherapy” lighting is color-changing lighting than can have a therapeutic effect on your mood. Look for L.E.D. light accessories with adjustable colors.

Things to Consider When Using an Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Utilizing Installation Manuals and Videos Resources

When your hot tub arrives you may be so excited to start using it that you try to set it up without reading the instructions. This can be a dangerous idea when dealing with water and electricity so be sure to properly read the manual. The manual should be written plainly in the language you speak. There are also videos on YouTube and other platforms that can visually walk you through the steps.

  • Ensure a Safe Socket

You should always practice proper safety when handling electrical outlets, but it is especially important when you’re talking about plugging in something that you will be soaking in water in. Test the socket before using to ensure that it is safe and up to code. It should also be the right electrical outlet according to the instruction manual.

  • Avoid Using In Weather Below 4ºC or 40ºF

Most hot tubs will not even cut on if the temperature senses it to be below 40 degrees fahrenheit, but even if it did, it would not function the same in the low of a temperature. Only use an inflatable hot tub in temperatures of 40 degrees or higher.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Place It On Flat Surface

The ground under the hot tub needs to be level for the hot tub to fill up and function properly. If your backyard or garden isn’t level you may need to make additional accommodations to use the hot tub.

  • How Often To Change the Water

The water should be changed at least every six to eight weeks. That could vary depending on the hot tub system, which will give you further instructions. Some may need more frequent changes or less frequently. This depends on how often you use the hot tub as well as how many people are using it. The filtration system is another aspect that affects how often the water needs to be changed.

Inflatable Hot Tub Comparison Chart

Inflatable Hot TubAir JetsCapacityDimensionRating
Coleman SaluSpa114 massaging air jets4 Person32.1 x 24.2 x 21.4 in9
Bestway 54155E Hawaii114 massaging bubble jets 4-6 people71 x 71 x 28 in8
Intex 77in PureSpa120 massaging bubble jets6 people77 x 77 x 28 in7
Goplus Outdoor SpaN/A 4-6 people73 x 73 x 26 in8
Coleman 1380460 air jets4 Person34.45 x 18.7 x 24.02 in8
Intex PureSpa PlusN/A4 Person34.25 x 23 x 20.25 in8
Coleman SaluSpaN/A4-6 Person77 x 77 x 28 in8


Inflatable hot tubs are a convenient and cost-effective hot tub solution that offers all the same benefits as a traditional hot tub. They are less expensive than traditional hot tubs, require no messy remodeling, and are portable so they will come with you through housing changes and even vacations. A quality inflatable hot tub will come with a cover, pump, and easy to use controls. Additional accessories may include headrests, lights, and cup holders. These portable hot tub reviews should give you a better idea of what to look for when ordering a high-quality blow up hot tub for your family.

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