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by Thomas Holmes

The great thing about LED shower heads is that you can significantly spice up your shower experience by adding some colors. By utilizing the newest technology, LED shower heads will use the water flow to generate colorful lights. There are so many colors to choose from, but in most cases, the color holds in hand with the temperature of the water.

That is to say, a LED shower head will generate red sparkle when the water is hot, usually green/yellow for warm and blue if the water is cold. Therefore, you can prepare yourself before you enter the shower as you will clearly see, by the color, if the shower is hot or cold. It is going to take some practice to find out the ideal tune of color for the perfect water temperature. However, rest assured that you will be thrilled once you master it.

LED Shower Head Reviews

It can be a very daunting task to find a high quality and durable LED shower head. The reason is that there are so many products on the market and many of them are bad quality units that won’t last for a long time. Below, I have compiled a list of the best LED shower heads on the market and also made a LED shower head comparison chart to help you to narrow down your list. It is extremely important that you end up with a shower head that fits your need. Therefore, this shower head buying guide will provide you with the all the resource that you need in order to end up with the perfect shower head that fits your needs and style.

#1 The Winner

Luminex LED shower head

Luminex LED shower head

  • 24 full and combined water flow patterns 
  • 7 vibrant LED colors
  • Both showers are angle-adjustable 
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

Next up is the Luminex Air-Turbo from the Power Spa stable. This is a unique LED shower head that gives a charming illumination once you take a shower. There are plenty of awesome features included in the Luminex and the LED function is extremely impressive.

One of the Luminex main selling point is the dual shower head feature, and flexibility to be able to use a handheld unit. This is extremely handy if you have pets or children in your household that need a quick and powerful shower. Both the shower head measure 4" in diameter and include a total of 7 colors that slowly change every 3-5 seconds and create a comfortable bathroom atmosphere

Apart from the 24 LED color settings, there are four different showering settings that you can choose from that include massage, rain with massage, pause mode, and gentle rain shower. The pause mode is a very convenient way to save water. With a push of a button, you can stop the water flow instantly. Moreover, this is unit was built to provide powerful and steady water flow at 2.5 GPM.

In summary, this is a multi-functional LED shower head that does not need any batteries to run. It is very water efficient and environmental friendly as the maximum water flow will always be below 2.5GPM. This is more than enough water flow, even for houses with low water flow plumbing system. The Luminex ensures first class water flow by using its supercharged Air-Turbo technology that delivers powerful and consistent water flow. Moreover, the installation is an easy process, and there is a 5foot durable hose included. You are also covered by a limited one-year warranty on all pieces or defects.

#2 Runner Up

DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled LED Shower-Head

DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled LED Shower-Head

  • Extra-large 5.25" Chrome Face
  • 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Chrome finish
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

Our sixth item on the list is the fantastic water temperature controlled showerhead from the DreamSpa team, and here we have a one of the sophisticated LED shower head in the market today. This chrome finish showerhead was built to deliver elegant look to your bathroom and provide you with first class showering experience.

Regardless of your DIY experience and skills, it is extremely easy to install this unit. All that you need to do, is to remove your old showerhead and screw the DreamSpa in its place. There are no tools to deal with, and you won’t have to call in a professional.

Now you will be able to customize your shower experience utilizing the 5 unique spray patterns. Moreover, you can customize the angle so that every user can tailor their shower experience to their specific needs. The settings that you can choose from include pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain & water-saving pause.

Apart from its unique settings, this unit includes three unique light colors as well, and the colors are water sensitive. That means that you will always know if it safe to enter the shower, without even touching the water.  The colors are blue for cold water, green or yellow for warm water, red for hot water and blinking red for hot water. The LED lights will provide 100.000 hours of illumination, and your purchase is covered by a 1 year limited warranty on all pieces.

#3 Blue Light

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP

  • Premium ABS + Brass + Stainless Steel material
  • 5-function 4" shower head
  • 60”/5 ft stainless steel shower hose
  • 2.75 pounds weight

Here is another fantastic solution for those who are looking for a dual shower head. Just like the Luminex, this unit is going to provide you with supreme usability and fantastic design. The benefits of a dual shower head is that you will be able to explore more functions as you will be able to enjoy a combination of a fixed shower head, along with a handheld unit as well.

Both shower heads have their own 5 unique spray pattern that you can enjoy. These spray patterns include a saturating flow, saturating spray and massage flow, saturating mode and bubbling flow, massage spray and bubbling spray pattern. Everyone in the household should be able to find a spray pattern that fits their need, and it is extremely easy to switch between spray patterns.

Apart from the versatility, consumers like how silent it is. Moreover, current owners are thrilled how the chrome finish that complements almost any bathroom design. Installation is a breeze and will only take seconds to mount. It comes with a 3 way mount, a sturdy stainless steel hose and can be easily installed without having to change pipework in your house.

On top of all the great features, this shower head was built to cut down on your utility bill. Therefore, this unit is among the most water efficient LED shower heads on the market today. Now you can enjoy a luxury LED coloring shower knowing that you are also saving water. Additionally, your purchase is covered by a lifetime warranty on all parts, but the LED light includes a 3 year warranty against defects.

#4 Best Value

LED Color Changing Showerhead

LED Color Changing Showerhead

  • Adjustable swivel connector
  • Chrome Finish
  • Easy & fast installation
  • 5.6 ounces weight

This is your ideal solution if you are looking for a budget friendly and efficient LED showerhead. The Shower Door Direct stable developed this fantastic LED shower head that kids are going to love. There are 12 illumination effects to choose from even though the product description states 4 LED bulbs. The reason is that when one color is fading, the next color will blend in and brighten. Therefore, the transition between two colors will produce different colors.

The lights are extremely quick to change colors, and therefore consumers state that this unit is extremely kids friendly. Children are prone to be drawn into colorful things, and this is exactly what this shower head does. It is very easy to install this model and after you unscrew your old showerhead and screw this one into its place, you will be ready to shower in a matter of seconds.

Overall, this is one of the cheapest LED showerhead solutions on the market today, and if you are looking for a hydro-powered LED lights shower head that is extremely easy to install and comes in a beautiful chrome finish, then I suggest you consider this unit. Additionally, you will be covered by the 1 year warranty against defects.

#5 Rainfall-LED Option

AquaFan 12 inch LED Shower Head

AquaFan 12 inch LED Shower Head

  • 12" LED Rain Shower Head
  • Chrome Plated Premium ABS
  • 123 rub-clean jets 
  • Elegant 12" curved

Here we have another DreamSpa shower head called the Aquafan. This is one of DreamSpa’s LED flagships and provides you with everything that you need in a LED showerhead. Apart from the LED illumination, this unit also features a built-in LCD display that indicates the temperature of the water.

This unit was developed to provide you with a rainfall experience, and the 12" disc will provide full body coverage to maximize the raindrop effect. The LED mechanism uses the pressure from the water to power the illumination. Therefore, it requires no batteries to function.

Just like any DreamSpa showerheads, the AquaFan is water temperature sensitive and will turn blue if the water is cold, green if the water is warm, red if the water is hot and red flashing to indicate extremely hot temperature. Additionally, for extra safety, there is a water temperature LCD display on the head.

Overall, this is a fantastic rain-drop showerhead that offers you plenty of coverage, and you can adjust the spray angle. Moreover, installation is dead simple, and the manufacturer guarantees10 years of LED life along with a 1-year warranty against defects. This unit has been receiving two thumbs all over the country, and consumers are extremely happy with its reliability and functionality.

Best LED Shower Head

What is a LED Shower Head?

With the newest technology, LED shower heads are equipped with turbines that generate energy for the LED lights once the water flows through the shower head. Therefore, once the LED light mechanism has enough power, it will deliver a blue or red light depending on the water temperature. 

The majority of LED showerheads feature a so-called micro-controller temperature sensor that automatically changes the color of the LED light. In other words, it changes to red if the water is hot and it changes to blue if the water is cold.

Most LED shower heads also include more colors, apart from blue and red. For example, green color for warm water temperature. Moreover, many units also come with a safety mechanism that delivers flashy red LED glow if the water temperature is extremely hot. Bear in mind that this is not a standard safety feature in all products, so you need to verify the color pattern thoroughly before you invest in a LED shower head. Also, there are many items on the market that do not include any temperature sensors and instead will glow different colors throughout your shower activity.

Basically, a shower head with a LED light will look just like any other shower head, apart from the light glow. Since it is built with a turbine mechanism to use the water flow to generate light, you will hear a little noise while the propeller is working. However, there are many different units on the market, with different qualities and features. Therefore, most of the top rated LED units that are sold today include a silent or barely audible turbine.

To sum it all up, LED shower heads are just showerheads that deliver colorful LED lights while you shower. There are two types of LED shower heads on the market today that you can choose from, a temperature sensitive unit and a shower head that generates random colors throughout the shower activity. Also, they come in all shapes and sizes and can be a rain showerhead or a LED dual shower heads. Once you understand the advantages of owning a LED shower head, you will look forward to every shower.

Best LED Shower Head

Benefits of a LED shower head

First of all, it will add a unique twist to your showering experience,and the fact that you will be able to shower in all the colors of the rainbow is simply a fun activity. It also provides a practical usage as you can see for yourself visually the temperature of the water flow. 

You won’t have to stand next to the shower with your hand in the cold water flow, wasting your time waiting for the hot water. With a LED shower head, all you have to do is wait for the right color to appear. One of the major safety benefits of showering with a LED unit is that it can save you from burning yourself when you enter into a dangerously hot shower.

Now you can also shower without having to waste electricity using the bathroom light. Just let your showerhead generate enough power to light up your shower. That way, you can significantly cut down on your utility bill. Take the green step even further and look for water-saving LED shower head and then you will both save electricity and water.

Drawbacks of a LED shower head

Now, it is important to also look deeper into the disadvantages of a LED shower heads. The major drawbacks of using a led shower head is the way how they are constructed because LED units are not as sophisticated and quality built as the standard shower heads on the market. Have in mind that they are not bad quality products, but they stand no comparison with first class shower heads that are sold today. The main reason for the lack of quality construction in this type of shower heads is probably the fact that there is no industry-leading LED shower head manufacturer on the market today. Therefore, you won’t find any LED shower heads from the reputable and established shower head manufacturers.

Is it Dangerous to Use a LED Shower Head?

Many people think that LED shower heads are dangerous because common sense tells us that water and electricity are not a good mix. However, that is not the case with LED shower heads because they are built to use water to generate power, and the chances of getting an electric shock are zero. The reason is that the power that the turbine generates is extremely low.

Best LED Shower Head

What to Look for?

Just like with everything you buy today, quality comes with a price and the same goes with shower heads. It goes without saying that a $200 shower head will deliver a lot more features than a $10 unit. However, the price is not necessary a quality stamp although it goes a long way to deciding the quality of the product.

Therefore, there are other elements that you need to think about before you fork out your hard earned money in a LED shower head. First of all, it is important to find out what current owners have to say about their product. It goes without saying that the more positive user experience, the better quality. Having said that, there are other important factors to consider.

For example, it is essential to investigate the power source of the model because some brands out there need a battery to operate while on the hand, other consists of a turbine that uses the water flow to generate light. It depends on your needs and if you are willing to change batteries every now and then, go ahead and invest in a battery powered unit. However, most of you would prefer the convenience of not having to change the batteries.

Another important factor is the color change. As I mentioned above, there are two types of LED shower heads, a color change triggered by a temperature change or random color change. You need to find out what fits your showering needs and the type is based on personal preference. However, most buyers tend to lean towards water temperature change because of safety.

Final Thoughts

It is extremely important that you thoroughly do your research to make sure that you end up with the best LED shower head that fits your needs and style. Quality is one of the most important buying factors when comes to shower heads. You should pay close attention to what current owners have to say about the product. As mentioned above, the general rule of thumb is that you usually get what you pay for.

Therefore, it is not wise to throw a dollar to save few cents. Even though you are on a tight budget, don't end up with the cheapest product because you are trying to save few bucks by sacrificing comfort for price. You need to think long term, and a quality built shower head will last you for many years to come. After reading through the LED shower head reviews, you should be well on your way to make an informed decision about what unit meets your demands.

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