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There are many benefits to choosing a high-quality, luxury shower panel system for your bathroom instead of a traditional shower. It has all of the same benefits as well as added versatility. Shower panels can even be more water-efficient than traditional showers, all while giving you an enhanced one of a kind luxury bathing experience. You can install a shower panel system in a bathroom alongside a freestanding tub, or as a stand-alone shower for a compact living space. So, there are many versatile options for installation with a shower panel system.

Shower Panel System Reviews

When you’re looking for the best shower panels, there’s lot’s a different factors to take into consideration, such as what extra features you’re looking to get out of the system. Do you want a rainfall showerhead,handheld shower heads with multiple settings, massaging jets, or how about lights and a speaker system? You can have all of these features and more with a high-quality shower panel system.

In this shower panel buying bathroom guide an overview of shower panel reviews is given. The best cheap shower wall panels with amazing luxury features and performance that are made by trusted manufacturers are on this list. At the end of this article, there are also included some tips for how you can decorate your bathroom to match your shower panel system.

# 1. Best Overall 

Blue Ocean 52" Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

Blue Ocean 52" Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

  • 8 Adjustable Nozzles for Water Massage
  • It qualifies under the ISO-9001 standard
  • Maximum pressure required 72 psi
  • Easy installation

This shower tower has eight massaging water jets that are adjustable from a light mist to a soothing water massage. It also has a simple square, but high-volume overhead shower that provides a steady stream of temperature-controlled water. All of the functions are powered separately so they all have maximum water pressure even when being used at the same time. The handheld showerhead has four settings as well that are controlled by a control valve on the shower panel.

The temperature of the water is displayed on a digital panel so you choose the best temperature for you. The panel itself is made out of lightweight aluminum that is a shiny light silver color. The only other accent colors are the soothing blue light of the digital thermostat. It has a unique, futuristic look. The shower is both more luxurious and multifunctional and more energy and water efficient than traditional showers.

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  • Lightweight, high-quality aluminum metal body.
  • Eight massaging jets with multiple settings.
  • Four setting high-pressure shower head for sore muscles.
  • Overhead shower.
  • Handheld shower.
  • Digital thermostat.

# 2. Runner Up

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

  • 4 Adjustable Jets nozzles 
  • Built-in LED temperature display
  • Multi-outlet Switches 
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty

This is a stainless steel shower panel system that has a great L.E.D. chromotherapy light system included for a cool look and feel. It is a super luxurious model with a high-tech minimalist appearance. It has a rainfall/waterfall overhead shower, as well as a powerful hand-held shower head. The temperature is displayed digitally so you can prevent burns and find the perfect temperature for you. The two-setting massaging jets will relax and help to soothe sore muscles, aches, and pains.

It is made by a trusted manufacturer who only uses top of the line materials. It even comes with a limited factory warranty that protects against any parts damage. All of the components are certified safe to use and long-lasting. You can expect this shower panel system to last for a long time.

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  • L.E.D. lights change depending on setting.
  • Waterfall overhead shower.
  • Rainfall overhead shower.
  • Handheld shower head with high water pressure.
  • Two-setting massaging water jets.

# 3. Best Shower Panel With Rainfall Showerhead

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

  • Rainfall waterfall shower head
  • 304 stainless steel brushed black finish
  • Faucet Body Material: Brass
  • Installation Method: Wall Mounted

This is a luxury shower panel system that has multiple different settings. It has a good rainfall showerhead that can also be adjusted to a waterfall showerhead. Also, the shower panel system is outfitted with massaging jets, which are adjustable! The handheld showerhead has three settings and you can combine multiple functions of the shower at once for maximum water pressure to relieve sore muscles.

It comes with all the necessary plumbing to get install the shower panel system. Installation is super easy, comes with easy to read instructions, and there is also a video guide available online to assist you with home installation. This is a great stainless steel shower panel tower system for DIY home improvers who want a luxury shower panel system that is easy to install in any bathroom.

There is a simple, high-tech digital panel that reads the temperature and time for the shower. You can set how many minutes you want to be in the shower, as well as the temperature all with a touch of a finger on the uncomplicated digital controls.

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  • Beautiful brushed black stainless steel and chrome.
  • Chromotherapy L.E.D. lights.
  • Six shower modes (rainfall, waterfall, two kinds of massage, hand-shower, and waterspout).
  • Two-year Factory Warranty.
  • Adjustable massaging water jets.
  • Mist function.
  • High-pressure showerhead.

# 4. Runner Up - Best Rainfall Showerhead

ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System

ROVOGO Multi-Function Shower Panel System

  • The 3-setting handheld shower
  • The Easy-to-Read digital display
  • 304 stainless steel shower panel 
  • 2 jets are included on this panel 

This is a beautiful black and chrome luxury shower panel system. It has a rainfall shower, a handheld showerhead, and two massaging jets. Rain Shower Heads have a beautiful, calming, and luxurious appearance. The handheld showerhead has three settings that you can easily adjust using the valve on the shower panel. The chord that connects the showerhead is very long too, so it can reach far. This is a simple design that is function, minimalistic, and futuristic. It also has a digital screen that displays the temperature of the water.

It’s easy to install as well and comes with all the necessary plumbing. It looks great in a modern bathroom paired alongside a freestanding tub or an acrylic tub. It could also be installed in a variety of other bathing settings, as its size and function make it extremely versatile.

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  • Gentle, rainfall shower.
  • Non-clogging and low maintenance.
  • Temperature displayed digitally (prevent burns).
  • Hand-held shower head with multiple settings.
  • Beautiful black and chrome appearance.
  • High-quality plumbing included in the package.

# 5. Shower Panel System With Multiple Jets

65 in. 6-Jet Shower Panel System

65 in. 6-Jet Shower Panel System

  • 8-Jet Shower Panel System
  • 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate
  • US and Canada cUPC Certified
  • Installation Type: Wall Mounted

This six jet Shower Panel System is made out of durable stainless steel. It has a luxurious overhead rainfall and waterfall shower head as well as a high water pressure handheld shower wand. This has multiple jets and you can use them in combination with the overhead shower for a super relaxing and therapeutic shower experience. The components all function separately so using one doesn’t affect the water pressure of another part of the panel.

This shower panel can be installed over a bathtub, or in a bathing area with a sliding glass door. It is certified safe and only the highest quality materials were used in manufacturing so it won’t easily break even with heavy use. It has so many amazing features combined into a small, convenient package. You won’t believe how much money you’ll save by choosing a shower panel instead of purchasing each component separately. The shower wand is a little different than a traditional showerhead but works similarly.

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  • Six adjustable jets.
  • Rainfall overhead shower.
  • Waterfall overhead shower.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Shower wand.

# 6. High End Shower Panel System

Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa Review

Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Spa

  • 6 Dual-function body jets
  • White tempered 8mm Tough Glass panel
  • Five-function hand shower 
  • 29 pounds weight

The Pulse Shower Spa is super beautiful with silver glass and chrome set up. It has several great luxury features that make it one of the best selling shower towers. It’s made for easy installation with no bathroom remodeling required. This is a great model for DIY home improvers who are beginners. It has an overhead shower as well as a handheld shower and massaging jets. The six massaging jets have multiple functions including massaging and mist. It has a tub spout built-in so it’s perfect for installing above a Freestanding Tub.

The showerhead has five functions. This is one of the shower panel systems that have the most features, and because of this the size of it is a little larger as well and has a slightly less minimalistic look. However, the extra settings are hard to beat. It has a built-in Fogless Shower Mirror so you can enjoy more of your self-care routine in the bathroom.

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  • Six strategically placed massaging/misting body jets.
  • Five setting handheld shower head.
  • Tub spout setting for filling up a tub.
  • Overhead rainfall shower.
  • Beautiful silver and chrome.
  • Glass shelf built-in.
  • Shower mirror built-in.

Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Panel System

Best Shower Panel System

When you’re looking to invest in a shower panel system for your family you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the purchase. You should explore your expectations beforehand and decide what kind of features you would like: lights, jets, mist, etc. There are also accessories you can add on to the shower panel system, or shower panel systems with everything included. Here are some of the following factors to take into consideration when looking at shower tower reviews.

  • Material

You want to pick a shower panel system that is made out of durable materials that will not easily break, wear, or tear even with daily use. Several metals are popular for the body of the system, such as aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. They all have unique looks and benefits to them.

  • Stainless steel is highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. It will not damage easily. It doesn’t corrode easily which is very important in a bathing setting. It’s very easy to clean which is why it’s often required in hospitals and the kitchen. Your shower system panel can stay spotless and hygienic with very little maintenance. It has a modern appearance as well. It can handle high-impacts without damaging so it’s a great metal for shipping long distances as it won’t damage in transit.
  • Aluminum is very lightweight and is a completely nontoxic material. It’s very reflective so it’s generally a shinier and lighter looking metal that has a lighter appearance than say a dark grey stainless steel. It’s less durable than stainless steel, but it’s lighter and is still highly resistant to damage. It’s a strong material that will not rust.
  • Chrome is less durable than stainless steel but is much shinier. This is why it’s usually used as a plating for stainless steel or alongside other metals. It scratches fairly easily and also can collect fingerprints, so it will need more cleaning than an aluminum or stainless steel model. Chrome is best reserved for an accent alongside other metals, but it does have a very beautiful luxury shiny metal look. You should also pick a metal that matches the other metal appliances in your bathroom for a cohesive look. The metal of your Bathroom Faucet is a good place to start for reference, and you might even want to consider switching up all your bathroom appliances to match for a fresh new look. A completely stainless steel bathroom set has a beautiful modern look, or aluminum and chrome can be used for a lighter, brighter look.
  • Décor

Shower panel systems are very modern looking and look best when paired with other modern appliances. Pairing it with an Acrylic Bathtub with a minimalistic design is a great idea. It can also be easily installed into a stand-up shower setting. Some of the shower panels on the list come with built-in L.E.D. lights, but it never hurts to add more mood lighting.

Because of the simplistic design of a modern shower panel, it allows other elements of your bathroom decor to shine through such as the walls and flooring. 

Best Shower Panel System

Paired with marble, tile, or stone, the simple, modern design of the shower will bring out the textures and colors of the backdrop.

Shower wall panels are a great chance to make your bathroom feel even bigger because they make the most of the space. The size of them makes it easy to install them almost anywhere. The versatility of a shower panel allows them to be utilized in a variety of bathroom designs. A Freestanding Tub pairs beautifully with a high-tech shower panel, especially when it’s combined with a backdrop of marble, wood, or tile. Less is more in a modern home, but some mood lighting and few plants can add a lot to the space.

If the shower panel is being installed in a space with a Sliding Shower Door, a steam generator can be used to turn the shower into a steam room! After a long day of work or at the gym you deserve to enjoy all of the soothing relaxing effects of a spa trip, in the comfort of your own home.

It’s never been easier with a luxury shower panel system and a Steam Shower Generator for showers to transform your home bathroom into a luxurious getaway. Steam Showers are similar to a sauna and help improve circulation, open your pores, and detoxify your body. For those who don’t like the high-temperatures of a traditional sauna, an Infrared Sauna is a great addition because it heats the body directly instead of heating the air.

  • Features

  • Shower panels are very versatile and come with all sorts of cool luxury features! There are L.E.D. chromotherapy lights, shower mirrors, misting jets, massaging jets, and more. One of the factors that you want to consider is what the Best Shower Head is for your family. Some shower panels only come with a small, efficient shower-wand which saves on water but doesn’t offer many settings. Some of the other shower panels have handheld showerheads built in that are high pressure and have multiple settings. Which one is best for you depends on your specific family.
  • If you are more concerned with saving water, the wand is a better choice, but if you want extra massaging power then go with a handheld showerhead that has multiple massage jet settings. There’s also no reason why you can’t switch out the shower wand on a particular panel with another shower head if you like the other features of that particular shower panel.
  • Your shower experience can be completely personalized. Not all shower panels come with built-in Bluetooth Speakers so that’s something you should consider as well. Some shower panel systems come with L.E.D. lighting, and some can even adjust the color. Another feature that some of the shower panels come with is a digital temperature thermostat. This is a great feature because it allows you to set the temperature perfect for your comfort so you can avoid burns or uncomfortable cold.
  • The shower jet panel in the shower could vary greatly from two to twelve jets, or even more. Some systems pull from the same source of water so the function could be affected by using the jets and the shower at the same time, so you want to pick one where each of the features functions separately if you want to get the most out of the therapeutic features. The overhead shower set-up can also vary greatly, from a simple rainfall overhead shower to ones with multiple settings such as a waterfall shower where the water pours down in a solid line.
  • Size

You should measure the size of your bathing size before you even start looking for showers because you don’t want to get the wrong size. If you have a lot of space you may want to take advantage of that extra space by choosing a high-volume set-up with super powerful jets that needs a lot of room. However, if you’re working with a more compact space there’s plenty of shower panel systems for small spaces. They work well for compact, modern homes because of their efficient design.

Best Shower Panel System
  • Water Pressure

Water pressure is the most important thing for most people when it comes to showers because it controls both the comfort and the efficiency of the shower. A high-pressure shower offers better cleaning and massaging power for the body, but could also use more water. Adding a Shower Filter to the showerhead can help to ensure that the water is always crystal clean and gentle on your skin.

Using the water-saving overhead shower in combination with the efficient shower wands is a great way to get clean while not using too much water, while the jets help to soothe your sore muscles. Some panels don’t allow simultaneous functions because it affects the water pressure, so look for a shower panel system where each feature runs separately for maximum water pressure no matter the function.

  • Installation

The difficulty of the installation process can vary greatly depending on the model and manufacturer, so it’s a factor to take into consideration. If you are inexperienced with bathroom installations or you don’t want a messy remodel situation, there’s plenty of shower systems that can be easily installed using your existing plumbing.

Even if you do need new plumbing for your new shower system, most of the kits come with everything you need included. It is very uncomplicated to install a shower panel system, so it’s a great choice for beginners versus other shower solutions. They can be installed over a bathtub or as a stand-alone shower in most cases. If placed over the tile you want to make sure to install the proper Shower Pan along with the shower to prevent water build-up.

When you’re looking at models it’s also important to take into consideration whether or not they will include an instruction manual that is written clearly in your language, or if they have any installation videos or other resources online. Some manufacturers also have hotlines you can call where their customer service representatives can walk you through installation.

  • Warranty

Most reputable manufacturers include a limited warranty with their products that protect against both parts' damages and shipping damages. If a company doesn’t have any sort of warranty options (free or paid) for their products, that may be a red flag that the products don’t function the way they are supposed to. Generally, there is between a six-month and a four-year free manufacturer's warranty with each product, but it can vary greatly so you should contact the customer service department of the manufacturer whenever you purchase your shower so you can find out more information about their extended warranty options.

How to Clean Your Shower Panel

To clean your shower panel you should first make sure that you are using the right kind of shower cleaner for the material. Shower Cleaners can be harsh on the surface of the metal so it’s important to find one that is gentle on the surface but also cleans it effectively. Pure bleach isn’t always the best solution for cleaning the shower.

Best Shower Panel System

Wiping down the surface of the shower panel regularly is a simple step that can extend the lifespan of your shower panel. Every once in awhile a deeper clean will need to be done to the valves and showerheads using a heavy-duty shower cleaner. You can use household things like vinegar to clean the shower too for an environmentally friendly solution that’s gentle on the hardware.

Adding a high-quality Exhaust Fan to the bathroom space will also help manage humidity and prevent mold build-up. Proper air ventilation is important to keeping the shower area clean as a stuffy, wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for scum and mildew to grow.

Benefits of Choosing a Shower Panel System Over a Standard Shower

The aesthetics of a shower panel system are what first draw people in, but once they find out about the powerful luxury water features that’s what makes them stay! Regular standard showers use a ton of water and offer nothing more than a disappointing stream of water in most cases. A shower panel system combines multiple functions into one efficient, aesthetically pleasing metal panel.

With a standard shower, it would take multiple purchases to transform it into a luxury spa experience, but with a shower panel system, you can have a multi-dimensional shower complete with waterfall overhead shower, massaging jets, mist, and handheld wand. There are cheap shower wall panels available that cost the same as a regular shower but have so many more features.

Shower Panel System Comparison Chart

Shower Panel SystemMaterialColorWeightRating
ELLO & ALLO Stainless SteelN/ABrushed Black14.86 pounds 8
Blue Ocean SPA392MAluminum AlloySilver31.2 pounds 9
ROVOGO Multi-Function304 stainless steel panel Chrome + Black 17.35 pounds8
ELLO&ALLO Stainless SteelBrushed Nickel Stainless SteelBrushed Nickel Stainless Steel 21.4 pounds 9
DULEES 63″Stainless SteelStainless Steel24.7 pounds 8
AKDY 6-JetStainless SteelSilver25.1 pounds 8
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″N/ASpace Gray 25.1 pounds 7
Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Tough GlassSilver/Chrome 22.5 pounds 9
AKDY 39"Stainless Steel Silver 12.5 pounds 8


Shower panel systems are the shower solution for the future and a top choice for modern homes. They are more efficient than a regular shower and offer more luxury features for an enhanced shower experience. After a long day, there is nothing better than relaxing in your home spa. With the easy installation of a shower panel in the bathroom, you can enjoy all of the luxury features you want tucked into one compact strip.

Tech lovers will enjoy this shower. Those suffering from back pain will find some relief from choosing a shower panel system with a high-pressure shower head for sore muscles. Using an Inflatable Hot Tub is also an addition to your routine that can help relieve fatigue and chronic pain from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy luxury hot tub soaks and luxury showers with an inflatable hot tub and shower panel set up.

Some of the most trusted manufacturers of bathroom appliances in the latest years have come out with some newly engineered shower panel systems that are even better than before. Choose a shower panel with luxury features, a free warranty, and high-quality materials to get the most out of your experience.

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