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by Thomas Holmes

When you’re renovating your bathroom and decide to install a new tub or standalone shower, one of the most important aspects is getting the right shower door. This is how you’ll be getting in and out of the shower after all. But shopping for a new shower door can be challenging. It’s not like you’re able to just hold them in your hands like if you want handheld shower heads compared.

Sliding Shower Door Reviews

Our buying guide and reviews will get you started on the right foot. After our series of sliding shower door reviews, you’ll delve into our buying guide. The guide will walk you through the benefits of a sliding shower door over other types and then give you nine things you should look at when purchasing your shower door.

#1 The Winner

Vigo VG6041CHCL6074 Framless Sliding Shower Door

Vigo Elan VG6041CHCL6074

  • Remove stability roller
  • Adjustable hardware technology
  • Perfect alignment
  • Alcove Installation

This elegant sliding shower door can accommodate any standalone shower, no matter the size of your curb. The assembly is 74 inches tall and is a frameless model. The unmoving pane is held in place by the guide rail which also provides the guide for the opening door panel. The kit is adjustable from 60 to 56 inches wide by trimming the metal guide rod.

If your walls are not completely vertical, then you can adjust your doors with a moveable hardware adjustment on either side that allows you to shift the rod up to 3/8 inch in either direction. The glass is 3/8 inch tempered glass that adheres to ANSI Z97.1 which sets standards for safety-glazed glass. The door can be mounted to accommodate either a right or left opening.


  • Height: 74 inches
  • Width: 56 to 60 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 3/8 inches
  • Glass Transparency: transparent
  • Opening Width: 21-1/2 to 251/2 inches
  • Frame Type: Frameless
  • Finish: Polished Chrome

#2 Runner Up

Woodbridge MBSDC4876-BG Sliding Shower Door

Woodbridge MBSDC6076-C

  • 3/8"(10mm) thick tempered safety glass
  • Stainless steel construction hardware
  • Door walk-in: 22 - 26 in.
  • 1 year waranty 

This sliding shower door review covers the Woodbridge C-series frameless shower door. It has a total height of 76 inches and can be adjusted to accommodate an opening from 56 to 60 inches. You just trim the metal guide rail at the top to fit. If your walls are out of parallel, you can adjust either side up to 3/8 inch to ensure the doors hang perfectly vertical.

The glass is 3/8 inch safety tempered glass that is completely transparent to give the illusion of space. The shower door rolls on the top rail using large stainless steel rollers. The entire assembly is made of stainless steel to ensure that no finishes will rust, chip, or scratch. The door can be installed to open either right to left or left to right.


  • Height: 76 inches
  • Width: 56 to 60 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 3/8 inch
  • Glass Transparency: transparent
  • Door Width: 32-3/4 inches
  • Opening Width: 27-1/4 to 31-1/4 inches
  • Frame Type: Frameless
  • Finish: Polished Chrome

#3 Best Semi-Frameless

DreamLine Infinity Sliding Shower Door SHDR-0948720-04

DreamLine Infinity-Z SHDR-0948720-04

  • High-gloss acrylic
  • Therapeutic water jets 
  • Innovative and compact design seat
  • Alcove installation

The first of our sliding shower door reviews comes from DreamLine, one of the best known manufacturers for standalone showers. This shower door has a 72 inch installation height in a semi-frameless style. This means that there is a frame around the entire door, but not around each panel.

The frame can be adjusted on either side up to 1 inch if your walls aren’t perfectly straight, and you can adjust the width from 48 to 44 inches by trimming the horizontal rails. The frame is finished in an elegant brushed nickel, and the tempered glass is 1/4 inch thick. The door can be adjusted to either open right to left or left to right.

There is one fixed glass panel and one moveable panel that acts as the door. Additional features include a towel bar on the fixed panel, high polished edges on the glass panels,


  • Height: 72 inches
  • Width: 44 to 48 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Glass Transparency: Transparent
  • Door Width: 24-7/8 inch
  • Opening Width: 15 to 19 inches
  • Frame Type: Semi-Frameless
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel

#4 Runner Up For Semi-Frameless

Delta Shower Doors SD3172323

Delta Windemere SD3172323

  • Beautiful, in-use images for inspiration
  • Contemporary Track Design
  • Delta Spot Guard
  • Traditional shower door track

This semi-frameless shower door is designed to fit a finished opening that ranges from 50-1/8 inches to 59-3/8 inches. The total door height is 70 inches with a 67-1/8 inch clearance to the bottom of the top shower frame bar. The frame extends around the entire perimeter, but there is no framing around the individual door panels

The door panels are each made of 1/4 inch safety tempered glass that has been treated with Spot Guard. This coating is a hydrophobic glass treatment that helps reduce soap scum, lime scale, and hard water stains. The door panels are completely transparent, but are available with partially frosted to fully frosted coatings for privacy.


  • Height: 70 inches
  • Width: 50-1/8 to 59-3/8 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Glass Transparency: transparent
  • Frame Type: semi-frameless
  • Finish: bronze

#5 Best For The Money

Woodbridge MSDE6072-B Sliding Shower Door

Woodbridge MSDC4876-B

  • Door walk-in: 28 1/8 in.
  • Stainless steel, Glass material
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • 168 pounds weight

This frameless sliding shower door is designed so that there are no metal edges anywhere on these door panels. Instead, the 76 inch tall glass panels are mounted on a metal guide rod that stretches from side to side. The width of the shower doors is adjustable from 48 inches down to 44 inches by trimming the rod.

The tempered safety glass is 3/8 inch (10 mm) thick and designed for easy cleaning and to resist water spotting. The sliding door hangs using solid stainless steel rollers to make opening and closing the doors effortless. The doors have an anti-splash design but it does require a minimum threshold depth of 2-3/4 inches to be effective. The doors are reversible and can be installed with either a right or left hand opening.


  • Height: 76 inches
  • Width: 44 to 48 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 3/8 inch
  • Glass Transparency: transparent
  • Door Width: 25-5/8 inch
  • Opening Width: 20-3/8 to 24-3/8 inches
  • Frame Type: frameless
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel and Stainless Steel

#6 Best For Tub

DreamLine Encore Semi-Framless Sliding Door SHDR-1660580-01

DreamLine Encore SHDR-1660580-01

  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Stain resistant glass coating; 5/16 in. (8mm) thick
  • Frameless glass design 
  • Double sliding (bypass) design

This semi-frameless shower door is meant to be installed on an existing built-in bathtub. The door height is 58 inches and can accommodate an opening from 56 to 60 inches wide. Semi-frameless means that the shower door panels are not individually framed, but rather that the perimeter of the whole assembly is. The shower doors are also designed to be bypass doors which means that each can open independently of the other, allowing you to get out in the front or in the back.

The glass of the door is completely transparent and is 5/16 inch thick. It is ANSI-certified safety tempered glass, and is also coated with an exclusive coating. This ClearMax coating is water and stain resistant and protects the glass door panels from hard water scaling, soap scum, and water spots. It has a chrome finish on all of the metalwork as well.


  • Height: 58 inches
  • Width: 56 to 60 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 5/16 inch
  • Glass Transparency: transparent
  • Door Width: 30-5/8 inch
  • Opening Width: 23-1/2 to 27-1/2 inches
  • Frame Type: Semi-Frameless
  • Finish: Chrome

Sliding Shower Door Buying Guide

Best Sliding Shower Door

Now that you’ve ready reviews of some of the best sliding shower doors that the market has to offer, it's time to start looking at how you should best shop for a sliding shower door. First we'll go over the benefits of a sliding shower door over a hinged or even just a curtain. Then we'll talk about some things you should be looking at when you purchase your next sliding shower door.

Benefits of a Sliding Shower Door

When you look at a sliding shower door, you may wonder why a sliding shower door. Well a sliding shower door has many benefits over the other types of shower doors. The other types of shower barriers that you might see are hinged shower doors, pivoting shower doors, or just shower curtains.

When it comes to hinged or pivoting shower doors, there is one major drawback that you have to consider. When the door is open they need space to open. If you're dealing with a bathroom that doesn't have a lot of room, a hinged shower door will eat into what little space you already have. On the other hand, a sliding shower door is self-contained, and it will allow you to have the water tight seal and the elegance of a door without needing the extra room.

Of course, a sliding shower door has multiple benefits over a standard shower curtain. The primary benefit of course is the water tightness. A shower curtain maybe really inexpensive, but it's also not going to keep the water in your shower as well as a shower door well. Additionally shower curtains are also extremely difficult to keep clean and are notorious for getting mildew build-ups along the bottom edge.

While you do have a choice in what type of shower door or shower barrier you get, really for the value, and the design aesthetic, a sliding shower door is your best bet.

9 Things to Consider When Buying a Sliding Shower Door

Best Sliding Shower Door

There are a few things that you should be keeping in mind when you go shop for your sliding shower door. It goes beyond just grabbing the first one that comes up in your search results. You need to consider things like size, frame type, and even the type of glass finish that you're going to get. Here are nine things that you should really be looking at when buying a sliding shower door.


When you go shopping for a shower door at the first thing you want to do is measure your openings. Then measure them again. While most shower doors have adjustable widths, they can only go smaller. So by making sure that you have both the width and the height properly measured, you can be sure that you are starting on the right foot when it comes to getting your sliding shower door.

Adjustable Width

When looking at the different widths, you have to keep in mind if your wall is finished or not. In general, most shower doors are measured for unfinished walls. That is, if the shower door says it's for a 60 inch width, it means 60 inches unfinished which can translate to roughly 58 inches finished. This usually won't be an issue, especially if you've taken our first bit of advice and measured correctly, but it is still something to keep in mind.

When it comes time to make the cut for your shower doors header and footer bars, measure twice, cut once. The last thing you want to do is cut your bars too short and not realize it until it's time to install.

Frame Type

Sliding shower doors come in three types according to how they are framed out. The different types of frames determine how they are mounted, and also influence their aesthetic.

o Full-framed – These types of shower doors have aluminum or other metal surrounding the entire frame as well as framing the individual door panes. This type of structure makes it easy to hang, and add stability. However, if your walls are not exactly parallel or your house is older and has settled, this type of door may be more difficult to hang out of the box without a build-out from your existing wall. That's because this type of full frame requires a rectangular opening to ensure smooth operation.

Best Sliding Shower Door Reviews

One common drawback to a full framed shower door is that it requires a sealant and gaskets. Those gaskets are an area where mold, mildew and dirt can hide very easily. Always look at the type of gaskets that are in place around the frame so that you get an idea of how easy or how difficult it will be to clean.

o Semi-framed – A semi-framed sliding glass shower door is one that has metal surround around the perimeter of the assembly but does not have the individual panes framed out. This type of shower door has a header structure as well as some sort of gasketed metal surround that helps ensure water tightness. As with a full frame sliding shower door, you need to be careful that your walls are reasonably parallel to avoid having to build out from them.

As with a full framed sliding shower door, the semi framed shower door also has its challenges when it comes to cleaning. That is because the frame still runs around the entire perimeter of the shower opening. And between that frame and the opening is a gasket where mildew can hide. As with the full framed shower door, look at the gaskets, and how that area sealed so you get an idea of the cleaning challenges in store for you.

o Frameless – This type of shower door is open and usually only has a header bar that installs across the entire width. This is the easiest type of shower door to make accommodate a pair of walls that are out of parallel. The header bar can be adjusted up or down, sometimes as much as 3/8 of an inch, to make the door hang completely vertical. This type of shower door is the easiest to clean because there is no gasket that can hide mildew or other types of fungus.

One of the biggest challenges for a frameless shower door is making sure that the doors hang completely vertical. If the doors are not perfectly level then they will tend to slide open or closed depending on the direction of the tilt.

Glass Thickness

Glass for your sliding shower door should always be safety tempered glass. That is because tempered glass is much safer. Tempered glass can also be called safety class. Essentially, when tempered glass is broken it will break into much smaller pieces that have fewer sharp also tends to break evenly throughout the entire sheet so that it can help prevent injury. 

Best Sliding Shower Door

When a regular glass panel brakes, it will form large sharp pieces some of which will remain in the frame and can lead to very serious cuts. Tempered glass is also stronger and less likely to shatter if it is struck. That means that if you inadvertently ram your elbow into the shower door, it's not going to shatter into a hundred pieces and cut you to the bone.

Another type of glass that you may find in shower doors is laminated glass. Laminated glass is another type of safety glass that is essentially a glass sandwich. Essentially there are two panes of glass with a plastic material between them. When the laminated glass is struck, instead of shattering and falling to the floor, the laminate, or plastic material, holds the glass in place. So where tempered glass will shatter and fall to the floor, laminated glass will spider web and stay in the framing. The type of glass that you should pick is really up to you. Both are safety glass, and both will make sure that you don't injure yourself in the event that your shower door should be struck unexpectedly. Laminated glass will tend to be a little more expensive however.


The transparency your shower door is a matter of taste. It is less expensive to get completely transparent shower doors and they helped to give the illusion of extra space while you are in the shower. However, some people don't like the feeling of being exposed like that and will choose frosted or pattern glass.

Frosted glass is just glass that has been treated so that it is translucent rather than transparent. This prevents people looking in or out of the shower door. Another option that people like is pattern glassware a specific design is etched into the glass and treated so that portions of the design become frosted and other parts remain transparent. This is a design choice, and one that is up to you.

There are multiple different types of class finishes available, many which provide different degrees of privacy. The different types of frosting can be anywhere from partially clear to etched, to different custom finishes that emulate rainfall, or even tinted glass.

Glass Coatings

Looking at the type of glass coating is also equally important. If you are getting a transparent shower door, you will want a coating that helps keep it clean. Most coatings are hydrophobic in nature which means that they prevent water from beading up and adhering. This helps prevent things like hard water scale, water spots, and soap scum from forming. While it’s important that you know the most effective shower cleaners, preemptive measures that mean you don’t have to scrub as much are nice too.


When you get your shower door, knowing how it is going to open is important. You may prefer to get out of the shower from the front near the shower head, or you may prefer to get out of it from the back.

o Left to Right – Depending on the type of sliding shower door that you get, it may open from left to right or right to left. However, most shower doors are able to be reversed. Make sure that you look at this because if you prefer it to open one way and it is not reversible, then you are out the time and expense that it cost you to shop and purchase the item.

o Bypass Doors – This type of sliding glass shower door enables both sides of the door to open. That means you can open it from the front, or open it from the back. Usually with these, the inner door will have a rubber gasket to prevent water from leaking and that door should always be on the inside with the gasket facing towards the shower head. Make sure that you install it correctly, or you may run into a situation where the watertight integrity is compromised.

Installation Woes

Are your walls perfectly parallel? How do you know? The easiest way is to measure the opening at the top and at the bottom. If the walls are parallels in the measurements will be the same. If they are not the same, then one of your walls is out of plumb. This means that when you install a framed sliding shower door, you need to accommodate for the amount that it is out of plumb. This can add a varying amount to your installation cost, depending on the severity of the difference. Usually, depending on the severity of the difference, you may need to reframe your opening. If the difference is not that much, you can create a small build-out to account for the difference.


The hardware of your shower door needs to be looked at. You want to make sure that it is made of a corrosion resistant material, but also one that matches your existing decor. Look for stainless steel at the least so that you know that the fittings and hardware will not corrode from exposure to the constant damp. It’s also nice when your hardware and finish match the rest of your bathroom including the shower tower. It might be just a question of aesthetic and décor, but you’re the one who will have to look at it.

Bathtub Shower Doors vs Standalone Shower Doors

Best Sliding Shower Door

Your new sliding shower door can be installed in multiple different places. You may have it installed on a shower tray, on an existing alcove built-in bathtub, or you may install it directly onto a floor. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind to make sure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Bathtub Shower Doors

You can get these in multiple styles. When doing the measurements for your new shower door, make sure that you take into account the height of the bathtub as well. The shower door will be installed on top of that, so make sure that you take both heights into consideration. Additionally, the width of the shower door should also be the same as the width of your tub. Remember that most sliding shower doors are adjustable from a maximum width down, but they cannot go up. Also look at the width of the frame if you choose a framed model. Make sure that the width of the alcove on your tub can accommodate that with some breathing room on either side.

Standalone Shower Doors

These types of doors are usually single threshold but can also be double or even triple threshold showers. The number of thresholds that your shower pan has will need to match the number of glass walls that you install. Not all of the glass walls need to be sliding doors, but at least one should be. Additionally if you have a multiple threshold shower pan, then installing a frameless shower door will be extremely challenging unless you have a corner pillar installed.

If you get a shower pan that has no curb, then make sure that your shower door is going to be tall enough. That is because most shower door heights are built to accommodate a 4 to 6 inch curb height. Without the curb, a 72 inch shower door may not be tall enough for all users.

Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Installation Tips

Best Sliding Shower Door

While most bathroom sliding glass doors for your shower should be professionally installed, there is nothing that prevents you from installing them yourself. If you do decide to go the self-installation route, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • First, as we said at the beginning of the features portion of this guide, measure the space for your shower door. Then measure it again.
  • Next read the instructions that come with your shower door. The instructions should be read at least twice, so that you are aware of every installation step so that there are no surprises. Take a look at all of the hardware that comes with your shower door and know where it goes. There should never be a point when you're installing your shower door that you don't know how to put it together.
  • When placing your lower track, measure twice, mark once. Do not be afraid of putting down too much sealant either. You can always clean up excess sealant, but you can't go back and put more down.
  • When drilling screw holes into the acrylic, place tape over the areas where you will be drilling to prevent cracking. This holds true if you plan on drilling through tile as well. If you do plan to drill through tile, it may be worth your while to use a wet drill.
  • When it comes time to install the glass, do not remove the protective covers until after the glass has been installed. The protective covers will help cushion your glass in case of any hard bumps or knocks. Also, this is a time to have an assistant in place. You will need to ensure that the glasses friendly on track and that you can slide the door along the runner before installing the rollers. Having someone else there who can hold the glass steady while you and salt of rollers can save you a lot of frustration.
  • Remember, that if at any point you stop feeling comfortable about the installation of your shower sliding door, consult a professional.

Sliding Shower Door Comparison Chart

Sliding Shower DoorGlass ThicknessDoor WidthFinishRating
DreamLine Infinity-Z SHDR-0948720-041/4 inch24-7/8 inchBrushed Nickel9
DreamLine Enigma-X SHDR-61607610-073/8 inch32 inchesBrushed stainless steel8
Mecor Shower Door1/4 inches39 inchesPolished chrome8
Vigo Elan VG6041CHCL60741/4 inchesN/APolished chrome9
Sunny Shower B080-6072CB1/4 inch30-2/5 inchesBrushed Nickel9
Woodbridge MSDC4876-B3/8 inch25-5/8 inchBrushed Nickel and Stainless Steel9
Delta Windemere SD31727221/4 inchN/ANickel9
Elegant Showers1/4 inch24-2/5 inchesBrushed Nickel and Stainless steel9
Delta Windemere SD3172323 1/4 inchN/ABronze8


Now that you have read the reviews and read the bank guy, you should have a good starting point from where to look for your next sliding shower door. If you have any questions about renovating your existing shower or choosing a low flow shower head, we are here to help. We have shower head reviews and buying guides as well as help on nearly every aspect of renovating your existing bathroom.

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