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by Thomas Holmes

Believe it or not, toilet plunger is not just a toilet plunger. Each manufacturer uses different technology in their design to make their toilet plunger efficient and durable. They come in all sizes and shapes, with different price tags. Toilet plungers are extremely important household objects that help us to deal with blocked sinks and toilets. There is nothing more annoying than having to deal with a clogged sink or toilet. The frustration will build-up even more, once you realize that there is no toilet plunger around. However, easy and convenient access to a toilet plunger is not the most important factor because if it's not a quality unit, it will be of no use.

You can rest assured that the products listed on this website are only first class plungers. However, there are no two bathrooms alike, and you need to find a toilet plunger that satisfies your needs. Toilet plungers range in quality and price, so you have to take into account that a $10 plunger is not developed in the same way as a $40 unit. However, once you have done your research, you will be able to make an informed buying decision without spending too much, and you will end up with a reliable toilet plunger that will last for many years to come.

Having said that, you should consider investing in a top rated toilet plunger that is both efficient and reliable. However, choosing the best toilet plunger can be a daunting task because there are so many units on the market. Therefore, it is essential to read over the toilet plunger reviews and also the toilet plunger comparison chart, for you to understand what could be your perfect match.

Toilet Plunger Reviews

# 1. The Winner

Neiko 60170A Toilet Plunger

Neiko 60170A Toilet Plunger

  • 4-step heavy duty graduated suction cup
  • Light weight, rustproof, and mold resistant
  • Smooth edge and bottom design
  • Special cup design never flips back

Our first pick is the excellent heavy duty Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger, and here we have an efficient and versatile product that includes a brilliant one-of-a-kind 4-step suction cup that will fit any toilet drain size. The suction cup is made out of durable rubber that was built to ensure an extremely tight seal around the drain opening. There are two packages that you can choose from, a 1-pack solution or you can opt for a package that includes two plungers.

Unlike many of the other brands on the market that come with a wooden stick, this unit features a sturdy and lightweight aluminum handle. This is a great advantage over the wooden handle because if you decide to go for a plunger with wooden or plastic handle, it will turn out to be very unsanitary, will break easily and molds. However, with an aluminum construction, you can rest assured that the stick is extremely durable, mold resistant and sanitary.

One of the most annoying elements with most of the today's plungers is when the cup flips back and gets stuck. However, the Neiko team has taken the step forward and developed a plunger with a suction cup that will never get stuck, or flip back. Furthermore, it was designed with smooth edges to ensure firm seal and ensures that the toilet water won’t remain inside the suction cup. All in all a well built and portable product that is made out of first class material to ensure first class performance every time you need to use this plunger.

# 2. Runner Up

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

  • Drip Free Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Stainless Steel Rod
  • 5 Year Warranty

Our next pick is the awesome Simple human toilet plunger, and here we have a beautiful design that will compliment any bathroom décor. You will be able to choose from two designs that include a white unit or a black unit. Apart from its contemporary style, it comes with an eye-catching drip tray as well. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with water dripping all over your bathroom floor.

The Simple human toilet plunger has been receiving excellent reviews from happy customers that are thrilled with its performance and quality. It features a durable and top rated stainless steel rod that works efficiently on any toilet drain opening, plus it is extremely easy to clean.

Current owners are thrilled with the drip tray that features a simple magnetic solution. This magnetic approach ensures that you will be able to carry the toilet plunger, inside the drip tray, by holding the plunger's handle. The magnet will secure the plunger in its place without water dripping on the bathroom floor.

You can easily access the plunger, thanks to its large, dome-shaped, drip tray opening that ensures easy detaching. The stainless steel handle ensures that this plunger is lightweight, durable and mold resistant.

Overall, this unit was built with top quality in mind and was also developed to stand out as a beautiful bathroom decoration when not in use. Having said that, if you are looking for a toilet plunger that features a classy look and delivers efficient plunging, then you should consider this toilet plunger.

# 3. Best Value

Rubber Toilet Plunger

Rubber Toilet Plunger

  • At 21" in height
  • Large Extended Cup
  • Quick Sealing Soft Rubber Cup
  • 15.2 ounces weight

Next up is a brilliant toilet plunger from the great Get Bats Out stable and here we have a very simple and practical solution to tackle clogged drains. This unit is as simple as it can get and if you are looking for a sophisticated plunger, I advise you to cross this one out of your list because this is a basic plunger. However, this is a standard unit that does exactly as advertised.

This product has been receiving two thumbs up from happy customers who are really impressed by its quality performance. This is a versatile tool that would be a useful addition to any bathroom and measures 21 inches, so it fits nicely under any sink or cabinets. The handle is made from a durable plastic material that dries quickly and won’t leave a mess.

Moreover, the suction cup is larger than most toilet plungers on the market to ensure premium pressure and powerful suction without effort.  Additionally, you will receive “How to Poop Like a Pro” eBook with your purchase. Overall, a very reasonably priced toilet plunger that delivers top quality results every time you need to use it.


# 4. Best Design

BAAM Drain Blaster Cleaner

BAAM Drain Blaster Cleaner

  • Reusable, and easy to use
  • Works on sinks, tubs, and toilets
  • No waiting for a plumber
  • Can hold up to 43 PSI 

Here is the awesome BAAM!Drain Blaster Cleaner and here we have a product that looks a lot different than any other toilet plunger in our countdown. It does not follow the basic toilet plunger design pattern that consists of a wood/plastic/aluminum stick with a rubber suction cup at the end.

However, it does a fantastic job as a toilet plunger and can be used for toilets, sink and tubs. Its functionality does not involve the tiring up and down movement to create enough suction to clear the clog. All that you need to do is to pump, and then pull the trigger like a pistol. You won’t need any effort at all to clear even the messiest clogs. Just pull the trigger and fire away.

Current owners are really happy with its performance and quality construction. It provide saultra-tightseal, and there will be no water collected under the suction cup. This is a perfect plunger for those who do not have the strength to generate the up and down movement with a standard plunger. This unit was built with quality in mind, and that is exactly what you will receive if you decide to invest in this tool. Due to its compact size, it fits easily inside a cabinet or bathroom closet.

# 5. T-Handle-Made in USA

Korky 99-4A Toilet Plunger

  • Heavy duty bathroom plunger
  • Shape seals better, requiring less effort
  • Made of non-marking rubber
  • The t-handle provides an optimum grip

If you are looking for an efficient toilet plunger for irregular bowl shapes, then you should seriously consider the mighty Korky99-4A and you will be pleasantly impressed with its performance. Thanks to its unique design, the Korky was built to ensure firm seal against the toilet opening drain, which makes this unit more efficient than other toilets in this price range. Its unique t-shaped grip design ensures effortless performance with top rated results.

Consumers are extremely happy with Korky’s overall performance, and this product will do its magic effortlessly, regardless of the design of your toilet. Unfortunately, the only downside of this package is that it does not come with a drip tray. However, there are many cheap drip trays that fit the Korky perfectly. Just like the majority of toilet plungers, the design features a bulb shape to maximize the results.

Overall, here we have a very lightweight product that measures 6 x 25 inches and fits all toilet shapes. The Korky is a quality built toilet plunger, made from a non-marking rubber, that will get the job done easily and in no time at all.  The Korky was developed to provide premier results and comes with a sturdy T-shaped handle that provides optimum pressure without having to use force.

# 6. Plunger by Plumbcraft

MAXClean Toilet Plunger

MAXClean Toilet Plunger

  • The innovative design of the plunger
  • Our plunger combo can be used on any toilet
  • With a sanitary storage holder 
  • 1.95 pounds weight

The Plumb Craft stable did a fantastic job to deliver a toilet plunger that could fit anyone's style and need. There are four different packages to choose from that include a plunger only, tray only, a plunger with a tray and an all-in-one solution that features a plunger, toilet brush, and a tray. Here we have one of the best-sold toilet plunger combos available on the market today. This unit delivers the highest possible plunging force that fits all toilet drain openings.

With the MaxClean, you will be able to clear even the messiest clogs, from any angle, using minimal effort. It was developed for efficient performance, and there is no need to worry about water collecting inside the cup as the quality rubber cup ensures mess-free plunging and powerful seal. Moreover, a stylish look and sturdy construction provide excellent bathroom decor and durability. Thanks to its simple design, this unit will compliment any bathroom decor.

Overall, the most popular package is the all-in-one combo set that includes everything you need to get the job done efficiently using the plunger, brush and the drip tray. Your bathroom floor will remain sanitary and clean as the water will drip into the tray. The MaxClean toilet plunger is definitely one of those products that you never knew you needed until you have it.

# 7. Plunger by Kleen Freak

Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger with Holder

Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger

  • High-grade rubber cup
  • The innovative design
  • Plastic, Rubber Material
  • 1.45 pounds weight

Here is one of the most popular toilet plungers on the market today called the Kleen Freak, and consumers are extremely happy with their purchase. The key to its high ratings lies in its sturdy and classy aluminum handle and its performance.

This toilet plunger features all the bells and whistles that you need in a sophisticated toilet plunger. That said, the aluminum construction ensures that you won’t be able to break the handle. Moreover, it features a unique antibacterial protection that kills upto 99.9% of harmful bacteria. No other toilet plunger offers this kind of antibacterial protection.

This unit was designed to provide the highest level of power without collecting unsanitary water inside the cup. Moreover, thanks to its quality built rubber suction cup, it offers extremely tight seal on any drain openings. Additionally, its contemporary design is going to compliment any bathroom decoration.

One of the Kleen Freak's advantages is that you will have in your hand an efficient toilet plunger that provides fantastic performance and will not only keep your floor sanitary but also clean and dry. There are few packages that you can pick from that range from a standalone toilet plunger all the way to a complete all-in-one package. However, regardless of your pick, the suction cup will perform the same in all the available versions.

The Kleen Freak Company provides a high quality and budget friendly toilet plunger that consists of a premium suction cup that provides a tight seal from all angles, regardless of the drain opening. Have a further look at this product if you are looking for an antibacterial plunger solution.

# 8. Plunger by OXO

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger

  • Covered Canister prevents Plunger from touching 
  • Canister springs open automatically
  • Plunger head works on all toilets
  • Canister drip tray features ventilation slots

Our next pick is the highly favored OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger that also includes a drip tray to store the plunger instead of dealing with dripping toilet water on the floor after use. The canister will keep the toilet plunger away from other objects if you prefer to store it inside your bathroom cabin or closet.

This is a top rated toilet plunger that was built with high-quality material to ensure durability and efficiency at the same time.  It will deliver maximum results on all types of toilet drain openings. Once you lift the plunger, the canister will spring wide open, and after use, you just gently store the plunger inside the drip tray.

Additionally, the handle was designed with a flat top surface to ensure comfortable and secure grip while you are using it. Canister drip tray features ventilation slots that allow water to evaporate quickly. Oxo is famous for their first class products, and this toilet plunger is no exception. It features a smart design with a canister that automatically opens up when you lift the plunger. It is extremely lightweight but sturdy unit that gets the job done very quickly and effectively.

# 9. Plunger by Everflow

Everflow C28812 Toilet Plunger

Everflow C28812 Toilet Plunger

  • Easy installation and easy handling
  • The product is manufactured in china
  • Force Cup Plunger
  • 1 Pounds weight

Here is another cheap solution for those who are looking for a sturdy but cheap solution for clogged drains. This is an excellent value for your buck that features a durable and efficient rubber cup. Now, if you are in the market for a stylish toilet plunger that will compliment a contemporary bathroom design, then I suggest you look somewhere else.

This unit is as basic as it can get and there are no fancy features attached to this tool and the toilet plunger is just a wooden stick with a suction cup on the other end. The handle measures 19 inches and weighs merely one pound.

Overall, when taking into account both efficiency and price, this unit is our number one budget friendly toilet plunger pick. That said, have a further look at the Everflow toilet plunger, and check if this tool can satisfy your demands.

Toilet Plunger Buying Guide

A toilet plunger is your top solution if you need a stress-free method to deal with your clogged toilet, sink or drain. With so many plungers on the market, it can be very time consuming to find a quality unit that does its job efficiently. Before we begin, we need to understand what is a toilet plunger and how can you maximize your results.

Best Toilet Plungers Buying Guide

What is Toilet Plunger?

In a nutshell, a toilet plunger is a solution that is commonly used to clear any blockage in your toilet, sink or drain. Their main functionality lies in the ability to use its suction-cup in an efficient way to remove any obstacles in the pipelines.

If you have a quality built and efficient toilet plunger, it will most likely save the hassle of calling in a professional plumber to solve your clogged drains. That way, you will save both time and money. It is extremely easy to use a toilet plunger, and it is a cheap and effective way to solve plumbing issues.

Different Types of Plungers

Having a clogged drain, sink or toilet can be extremely frustrating, and the same situation can even turn out more annoying if you have an inefficient plunger.  With so many products on the market, it is important to research what current owners have to say about their experience. It is also essential to investigate how they are designed and for what situations because toilet plungers can range both in price and quality.

Best Toilet Plungers Buying Guide

Therefore, if your solution is to invest in a plunger that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, then you need to know what type of plunger you need. These essential, but often overlooked household tools, can do magic if you are experiencing a clogged drain.

- Standard Plunger

This is the most common type of plunger on the market. It is as simple as it can get, only two elements that include a suction cup that is attached to a wooden/plastic/aluminum stick. Although the basic design is always the same, toilet plungers come in many different sizes.

Due to its flat surface structure, this type of plunger works best on clogged drains or sinks because the design allows complete coverage over the drain and therefore, the suction will be extremely powerful.

- Toilet Plunger

Just like the standard plunger, the toilet plunger includes a suction cup. However, the design is a bit different because it comes with a rubber gap at the bottom that forms a hole.

Once you place the rubber gap on the toilet drain, it will provide a complete coverage. Thanks to this rubber flap, a toilet plunger offers excellent versatility and will also work fine with other types of drains, such as sink and shower/bathtub.

-  Accordion Plunger

Because of its smaller suction cup, an accordion plunger is getting more and more popular. However, it is not as flexible as a standard toilet plunger because this type is not ideal for the sink and other types of drains. The suction cup is made out of very sturdy rubber, and therefore it can be tricky to generate a vacuum effect in the drain.

- Taze Plunger

A taze plunger was designed to work efficiently to clog larger pipelines. This is a combination of a standard plunger and a toilet plunger. The design includes the basic from both, a plastic tube with a suction cup and a pump. This is not the typical household plunger, and it is very unlikely that you have seen one in a bathroom. However, it may be a good idea to own one like this if you are looking for a complete plumber solution.


You might think that it is very easy to use a plunger. You are absolutely right, but even though using a plunger might seem like an easy task, it does not just involve the process of sticking it in the toilet and jam up the clogged drain. There are few things that you can do to make the process even simpler and easier.

Best Toilet Plungers Buying Guide

To start with, it is crucial that you make sure that the suction cups full of water before you start because it will generate more vacuum effect if you combine water pressure to the process. If you do not make sure that the inside of the suction cup is full of water, the vacuum impact will not be as powerful as the water pressure, and therefore the air pressure will blast through the sides of the rubber cup.

That said, your first thing you should do is to tip one side of the plunger first, and then the other side as you lower it into the water. If you do it that way, you will trap as much water as possible inside the suction cup.

After that, you can finalize the position by plunging it gently the last inches until you completely cover the drain. That way, you will push the air out from the plunger and suck in, even more water. Now that you have trapped as much water as possible under the suction cup, it is time to use the water pressure and create a vacuum to work on the blockage.

Last but not least, you should start slowly and add force gradually, only when you really need to. The basic rule of thumb during the process is to ensure gentle moves, rather than quick, powerful moves. The process involves smooth back and forth movements, or in other words, place the plunger to seal the drain, push the plunger down and pull it up using consistent moves.


This is an important factor that is overlooked by many users that involve cleaning the plunger. I know, it may sound crazy to clean a plunger, but the reality is that you need to keep it clean if you are cross-using it from the toilet to the sink. As with everything you buy, the way you treat your stuff determines its durability. Therefore, if you want your gear to last, keep it clean!

Best Toilet Plungers Buying Guide

It is very easy to clean a plunger, and you should begin by rinsing the suction cup, using water. Then, you move on to disinfect the whole plunger. All that you have to do is to put bleach in a bowl and place the plunger in it. There are other ways to disinfect a plunger, for example, you could wash the plunger with water and then spray it with a disinfectant. If you choose the spray method, you should let the plunger dry out first, after you rinse it water before you spray it with a disinfectant in order to maximize the results.

Final Thoughts

Once you have read over the toilet plunger reviews, I hope that you are now able to make your final buying decision. My number one aim for this toilet plunger buying guide was to help you narrow your selections down to the very best toilet plunger that will fit your home and satisfy your demands. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget, or in the market for a plunger that features all the bells and whistles that you can think of, you will be able to find something that matches your style.

Have in mind that a quality built toilet plunger may not feature the best-looking design, and the reality is that they are not built to look stylish. However, there are many plungers on the market that could compliment any bathroom decor but remember that a plunger is just a simple design that consists of a plastic/wood stick with rubber suction on one end. Therefore, that is all it takes to make an efficient plunger.

Having said that, in order to end up with a quality product, you need to set a budget, know what to look for and how to choose an effective toilet plunger. To achieve these goals, you need to read over the buying guide and browse through the toilet plunger comparison chart to see, hands on, what is the best unit for you.

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