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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa is a premium inflatable hot tub that can hold a maximum of six people. The walls are insulated for maximum heat retention and are outfitted with 114 air jets. Both the jets provide both heat and massaging bubbles evenly throughout the hot tub. It has a super touch-sensitive digital control panel that is easy to use. The control can be used to adjust the temperature, timer, and settings.

It uses Tri-Tech three-ply technology to line the hot tub in the most durable, high-quality material yet. It’s a portable hot tub that is made to be used outdoors. This inflatable hot tub for your garden is easy to set-up, and it requires absolutely no tools! Everything you need is included in the package. It comes with an easy to read instruction manual and if you need additional help their friendly staff is around to assist you over the phone.

Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet

Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet

  • 114 airjets Massage
  • The digital control panel
  • Spa up to 72 hours in advance
  • Made for on-the-go usage

It fits four to six people comfortably so you can bring the whole family together. It is a fun, bonding activity to enjoy with your family and friends. It also can have powerful benefits for your health. Those suffering from chronic pain from arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain will find some relief with regular use of the hot tub. You can even pack the hot tub up and tote it with you on vacation!


  • Heats Up Fast and Stays Hot

The hot tub heats up to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees in only moments. The walls use Tri-Tech three-ply material to insulate the hot tub. It uses very little energy as it maintains the temperature naturally through insulation. Most people will not even use this hot tub to its maximum heating capacity because of how powerful the warmth can be.

  • Massaging Jets

It has 114 strategically placed jets that pump warm, bubbly water evenly throughout the hot tub. The massaging jets in combination with the hot water can provide powerful therapeutic relief for those suffering from joint pain or muscle pain. When using regularly hot tubs can even reduce chronic fatigue symptoms. The warm, massaging water also increases circulation so you’ll burn more calories and recover from workouts faster.

  • Trusted Manufacturer

Bestway is a trusted manufacturer of hot tubs and other appliances with a reputation for creating durable, long-lasting products. It comes with a limited factory warranty (contact customer services for more information about warranty options) that protects against parts defects. All of Bestway's inflatable hot tubs are very high-rated for the premium make and performance.

  • Portable

The Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub is extremely light-weight and portable despite its high capacity. You can easily move this hot tub with you when you switch housing, or pack it up and take it on vacation with you. It’s an inflatable hot tub for your garden, but also your porch, your vacation home, your backyard, etc. You can set it up anywhere outside you want.


  • Large

This is a hot tub that fits up to six people so it is ideal for families and couples who plan on using it with friends or just want the extra space. If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub for individual use and having a ton of extra space isn’t incredibly important to you then you may want to consider a slightly smaller model of the same hot tub so that you won’t waste water and energy.

  • Uses Replaceable Filters

You will need to upkeep inflatable hot tub my replacing the filter regularly. It comes with a couple to get you started but additional filters will need to be purchased in the future to keep the hot tub running properly. It is still far more cost-efficient than a traditional hot tub.


The Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa is an inflatable hot tub for your garden that can be set up almost anywhere and enjoyed by up to six people. It’s a wonderful activity for families and couples to enjoy together. It even has several health benefits like stress management and pain relief. This package comes with everything you need to get set up, and you won’t require a single tool.

inflatable hot tub is manufactured by Bestway, who only uses top of the line materials in the construction of their products. The body of the hot tub is engineered for stability, safety, and heat insulation. It’s made out of durable Tri-Tech three-ply material that will not easily wear, tear, or damage even with extended use. You can use this hot tub for years with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

This hot tub has 114 powerful air jets that pump hot, bubbly water evenly throughout the hot tub. The air jets are strategically placed for your maximum comfort. The material that the hot tub is made out of is not only insulated and strong but very comfortable as well. It cozily seats everyone in the family.

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