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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Coleman 71" x 26" Inflatable Spa 4-Person Hot Tub is a compact, portable hot tub that is completely inflatable and easy to deflate, so you can take it anywhere with you. It’s super easy to use and inflates using the pump that is included. You won’t need any additional parts for this inflatable spa hot tub kit. It comes with everything you need to get started and enjoy relaxing spa treatments at home.

It has a powerful bubble massaging system that uses strategically placed air jets to massage your sore muscles. Those suffering from muscle pain and joint pain will find powerful relief from the bubble air-jet massagers. If you’re wondering “is an inflatable hot tub worth it?”, well it depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. This hot tub will help you manage stress and relieve pain/fatigue caused by chronic illnesses.

Coleman 71″ x 26″ Inflatable Spa 4-Person Hot Tub

Coleman 71″ x 26″

  • Digital control panel
  • Heats the water up to 104 degrees F
  • Puncture-resistant Tritech material
  • 73 pounds weight

Using the hot tub can also enhance your weight loss routine. After a long workout, the hot water and bubbles will soothe sore muscles so you can recover from workouts even faster. The increased circulation will help improve your metabolism so you’ll burn more calories without even trying. After a long day of work or at the gym, using a hot tub is a great way to help manage stress. This hot tub is also big enough to be used with a loved one.


  • Easy to Set Up

Everything needed is included in the package including an easy to read instruction manual. It is blown up using an air pump included as well, so you won’t need any extra tools. Almost anyone can handle setting this up, even the most beginners. It only takes about twenty minutes for it to inflate completely and it easily deflates for storage. It can be deflated and taken with you on vacations and through housing changes.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting

You can expect to get many years of use out of this hot tub even with heavy use. It is made out of high-quality materials that are made to last. It is made by a trusted manufacturer so you can be assured that all of the parts of certified safe to use and long-lasting. None of the components easily wear or tear even with hot temperatures and extended use.

  • Compact and Convenient

It is a great size to be placed in any sized garden or backyard. You don’t have to have a huge space to enjoy the benefits of inflatable hot tub system. Make sure to check the dimensions of your space before you pick a hot tub, as the size should be a factor of your decision as well. Because it is a smaller size it uses less hot water and energy, all while giving you the same healing properties.

  • Six Extra Filters

Proper filtration is necessary to keep the water clean. Without clean water, you will not be getting the full health benefits of the spa treatments. This kit comes with six extra filters so you can use this hot tub even longer without any additional purchases.

  • Digital Control Panel

Everything is controlled using an uncomplicated digital control panel. You can turn the heat up and down and control the bubbles using the simple touch-of-finger controls. The temperature reaches temperatures between 68 and 104 degrees in only moments.


  • No Extra Accessories

This is a great hot tub kit that comes with everything you need to get set up to enjoy the hot water treatments and massaging bubble jets, but some accessories such as lights and cup holders will need to be purchased separately.

  • Small Size

This hot tub is slightly more compact than other models and is best suited for two to four people. IF you need more space, for six or more people, there are some hot tubs available from the same trusted manufacturer. However, for small families this a great choice that doesn’t waste any energy or water.


Is an inflatable hot tub worth it? This one certainly is. It comes with six filters so you can keep the water super clean for longer with no additional purchases. The Coleman 71" x 26" Inflatable Spa 4-Person Hot Tub is super simple to use and can have many health benefits. This one is a slightly smaller size than average, so it is best for couples. When you’re sitting in the hot tub, the water reaches your chest on most people and reaches a comfortable temperature of up to 104 degrees.

The kit comes with everything you needed to get started enjoying your home spa, including an insulated cover, filters, and air pump. The materials are all safe and durable so you can be assured that they will last for a long time. Not only is it safe and high-power, but it is very comfortable. The padded and insulated walls and floor are very comfy. You and your loved ones will enjoy sharing this luxury experience.

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