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by Thomas Holmes

In every household, the likelihood of having a low-quality shower-head is very possible. These kinds of shower-heads can leak, get clogged, wastewater and rust. Using these substandard shower-heads is not worth it. Moreover, it will not only waste your money but also waste water and therefore, results in more expensive utility bill.

Delta 75152 Single-Function Shower Head

Delta 75152

  • PowerDrench Spray provides 3X more coverage
  • Adjustable H2OKinetic spray
  • Dual flow settings operate at 2.5 or 1.85 gallons per minute
  • Spray holes won't clog

If you wish to avoid these problems, then you should seriously consider the top-quality Delta 75152 shower head. This is the best choice for a showerhead when it comes to saving water and providing you with the best shower experience. Apart from that, this shower head is extremely budget friendly, same as the Delta Ashlyn T14264-SS.

The well-known company called Delta Faucet Company or for short Delta produces this quality faucet along with other bathroom accessories. Delta is recognized for their consistency in making only high-quality products and they have received several awards from the bathroom industry.

Awards like

  • Stevie Award - sponsored by the American Business Awards.
  • MVP awards - Building products magazine.
  • Adex Design Gold Award (Temp20Technology)


  • It saves money
  • It will improve the water pressure
  • The design is beautiful along with the sound of water rushing out of it
  • Easy to install
  • Very cheap
  • You get to switch between 2.5gpm (gallons per minute) to 1.8gpm
  • There are four clog proof water jets


  • Its material used is plastic
  • The spray pattern can be too wide

Very Easy to Install

This is one of the best features possessed by the Delta 75152 shower head. It shows that Delta pays attention to the customer's wants. The 75152 shower head is very easy to install. So easy that you could use your hand or even a wrench (if you don't have a pair of strong hands). Also, with some plumber tape, you can ensure a tight fix.

Simple Steps to Install

  • Remove the old shower head from shower hose by turning it counter-clockwise.
  • Remove the leftover dirt from the threads and wrap it up with the plumber tape.
  • Lastly, tighten the new Delta 75152 shower head with your hands or a wrench by turning it in a clockwise direction(tight enough to prevent leaks).

Key Features

With the Delta 75152, you can ensure that waking up to a bad showering experience comes to an end and you will be able to start your days refreshed and renewed.Below you can read about the Delta 75152 key features.

It is Affordable

One of the best features of this shower head is the fact that it saves you money over the long run by minimizing water usage and therefore, bringing down the cost of your water bill. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable shower heads in today's market. Having said that, buying this item is a steal and it will, eventually, end up pay for itself as you save money using less water.

Great design

The Delta 75152 is beautifully designed and with its sleek simple design, along with its polished chrome body, it will be a great addition to your bathroom. It does not matter if your bathroom style is traditional style or the modern style, this shower head is sure to fit in just right.

Anti-Clog Free Jets

The Delta 75152 shower head stands out due to this feature in particular. Unlike the common shower heads that have 50 or 100 tiny water jets which get easily clogged up, the Delta has only four large nozzles that shoot outbursts of water. The water then expands wide enough to drench your entire body with the use of an energizing spray. That way, you don't have to worry about clogs due to mineral deposits or build-up from scales.

Improved Water Pressure

Thanks to the brilliant H20kinetics technology, you will be able to enjoy improved water pressure. Therefore, if you are unhappy with the water pressure from your current shower head, consider investing in the Delta 75152 because you will be pliantly surprised with the H20kinetics feature.

What is H20kinetics Technology?

This involves the engineering within the shower head. And it works like this, as the water comes out from the shower hose, it channels through several chambers, and will then cause the water to spin so it forms a mini-whirlpool. As it exits the shower head, the water will fall in form of a wave-like pattern which provides a very comfortable spray with the use of less water. Yet, it still feels like you are showering at full pressure.

Save Money on Your Water Bill

When using a regular shower head, you will end up using lots of water in a very little time. This will cost you a lot on your water bill. On top of that, you still have to deal with its low-quality. However, with the Delta 75152 shower head, you can save money and still get to enjoy great quality showers.

It offers you the option to switch between a full-force high-pressure spray with a standard flow-rate of 2.5GPM or the water-saving flow-rate of 1.85GPM. This 1.85 GPM flow rate option uses the H20kinetics technology and uses 36% less water than a regular shower head. Therefore, you will save a lot of water and lower your utility bill every month.

Additionally, the Delta 75152 showerhead meets the Water Sense requirements which means that when you use the shower head, it allows you to help the environment and still keep you comfortable. The Water Sense is a program sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and its aim is to save the country’s water supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I make use of a well and the water pressure is not satisfying, will this product improve the water pressure?

A: No two house holds feature the same plumping system and what may work for your house may not work for your neighbor, even though you both make use of the same well. However, customers that constantly experienced low water pressure with their old shower head and bought the Delta 75152 noticed improved water pressure.

Q: What is the difference between the Delta 52657 and the Delta 75152?

A: The difference between these two quality shower heads is the PSI (pound-force per square inch) and the GPM (gallon per minute).

The Delta 75152comes with the options of 2.5 and 1.85GPM. They have different PSI (80PSI and 45PSI) but the delta 52657 maintains a higher PSI on both flow rates.

Other difference is the presence of a lower setting which is lower than that of the 75152 shower head (1.85gpm for 75152 vs 1.5gpm for 52657). With lower flow rate comes greater efficiency. Lastly, there is also the cost factor and the 52657 is more expensive than the Delta 75152.

Q: How do you clean the Delta 75152? I have old rusty pipes which clog my shower heads and I usually clean it by removing the screen but there is no screen in this one.

A: It is recommended to regularly clean the shower head and you can easily clean it without having to unscrew the shower head. Instead, you should fill up a plastic bag with vinegar half-way.Then you pace the bag over the shower head, so it will submerge in liquid. Make sure you secure the top of the plastic bag with a rubber band or anything that can tighten it. Let it sit overnight so it can soak.

Q: When I'm dirty, will I be able to feel the water pressure washing my skin?

A: It provides excellent water pressure with less water. Yet, it is sure to get your hair wet enough to be shampoo ready. Its water pressure with less water is like that of a garden hose covered at half of its hole with your thumb. Then you will notice that the water comes out harder and faster. This is due to the same pressure over a thinner area.

What Does the Customer Say?

In this section, we will look at what the customer think about the Delta 75152 and see a balanced view between of what's good and what's bad about this shower head.

Showers are Much Easier

Customers agree that using the delta 75152 shower head feels like a whole new showering experience. They also suggest its water pressure is excellent and the shower head is very easy to clean. Moreover, customers are thrilled with the two option pressure settings and especially the low setting.

Affordable and Efficient Shower Head

Although this unit is priced well below the $100 mark, customers agree that this is one of the top-quality shower head on the market. Additionally, this unit is excellent for homes that are used to low water pressure. If your plumbing pipe is old and it causes low water pressure, the Delta 75152 shower head will increase the pressure of your water.

Some reviewers share their experience on Amazon saying the water leaving their former shower head could not even reach the middle of the tub, but the new head shower is can reach the back wall.

Excellent Pressure and Awesome Upgrade

Many reviewers stated that they are extremely happy with the H20kinectics feature and say that the pressure increased dramatically. Moreover, they are surprised of the quality of the Delta 75152 and its performance.


Another user on Amazon shared his experience and stated that even though he has great water pressure in his location, he is still fed up with most shower heads due to the poor streams coming out of them.

He finds the Delta 75152 head shower very delightful and simple unlike his hard-to -please friend, who found it quite appalling to have the shower head. As time goes by he began to grow on it and appreciate it more. This is a scenario that depicts the quality of the Delta 75152 Shower-head.

High-Quality Needle-Like Water Spray

It goes without saying that not everyone shares the same experience and some users are not happy with this unit. For example, one customer shared his experience and stated that as he installed the shower-head, those individual droplets of water coming out of the 4 nozzles are thin. In fact, so thin that with its high pressure it felt like mild needles to my skin. This was quite uncomfortable for him since he has a very sensitive skin.

Final Words

With its features, description, and reviews I conclude that the Delta 75152 is a great shower head. It is not only perfect for you but also fantastic for the community as you waste less water when showering. For your gain, it has everything that a customer requires. For example, cheap price, easy to install, efficiency, anti-clogging and water-saving ability. On top of that, the community benefits as well because this shower head is designed to use less water.

The Delta 75152 shower head may share some features with other shower heads but there is a particular feature that makes it quite unique among its pairs. Like the 4 nozzles in which the water emanates which ensures that the 75152 never gets clogged.

The shower head is also known to amplify your water pressure in case you have a poor water system. This was the theme of many reviewers who purchased this shower head.Some even claim that this shower head is a life-changing product for them because the Delta 75152 Shower-head is consistently delivers fantastic water flow, perfect for rejuvenating and refreshing shower that will improve your mood.

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