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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Delta Electronics SLM70 Breez Slim Ventilation Fan is a bathroom fan that comes with the tested promise that it will run for eight years, or 70,000 hours, without issue. How can you beat that performance?

Delta Electronics SLM70 Breez Slim Ventilation Fan Review

Delta Breez SLM70 Slim

  • Galvanized steel body
  • 70 CFM
  • Noise level of 2.0 sones
  • Air up to 70 sq. ft.

This is a good size fan for the average-sized bathroom and will provide powerful ventilation for the space. When comparing bathroom exhaust fans there are several aspects you should take into consideration, such as the size of your bathroom.

This fan will outlive many of your other household appliances. It comes from a trusted manufacturer that only uses the best quality materials. Every part is up to code and certified safe for bathroom use.

Having a properly ventilated shower will help to minimize mold and mildew that can linger in the air and gather on the walls. Bacteria, germs, and mold in the air can be invisible killers that many people forget about until it’s too late.

For people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses, proper ventilation is essential for healthy breathing, but even if you have no pre-existing illnesses you are well-advised to stay ahead of your respiratory health by having a proper ventilation system set up in your shower.

Best Features

  • High-Performance and Low-Noise

This ventilator provides powerful air circulation with none of the obnoxious noise pollution of other lower-quality ceiling fans. The quiet performance will allow you to enjoy your shower experience to its maximum potential.

For a fan of this powerful performance, you will be amazed by how quiet it is. When comparing bathroom exhaust fans, you will be glad that you took the noise factor into account. Nobody likes a clunky, buzzing ceiling fan while they’re trying to relax in the shower.

  • Amazingly quiet and yet high-performance.
  • Will not make obnoxious buzzing noises.
  • Enjoy your shower in peace.
  • From a Trusted Manufacturer

Delta is a trusted manufacturer of bathroom appliances and electronics with years of experience generating high-quality products. All of their products come with a free limited factory warranty, and you should contact customer service after purchasing to find out more about your warranty options. Factory warranties protect against parts defects and shipping damages so you can purchase worry-free.

  • A FREE factory warranty is included.
  • High-quality materials are used in construction.
  • Trusted and respected manufacturers.
  • Clean the Air

As the air is circulated through the system, the fan is working to clean the air, filtering out toxins that can hurt your health. The ventilation system will also keep the air from getting too hot as your shower and will control the humidity in the space.

  • Protect your lungs from mold and mildew.
  • Control the humidity in the space.
  • A model with a humidity sensor feature is available for purchase.

Clean air is essential to healthy breathing, and families with children should be advised to get ahead of mold and mildew by investing in a quality ventilation system for bathing areas. There is also an option to order to same fan with the added feature of a humidity sensor, which has many benefits.

  • Easy Installation

This fan can be mounted almost anywhere, including the ceiling or the wall. It has a simple white face that you won’t even notice in your bathroom. It will not interrupt any other design aspects in the bathroom or be an eyesore like other systems. It comes with the additional added feature of a light that indicates when the fan is running (because it’s so quiet you wouldn’t even know if it was on or not).

  • Easy to read the instruction manual.
  • It can be mounted on any surface such as a wall or the ceiling.
  • It is safe to be mounted above the bath and shower.
  • It comes with a small indicator light that shows if it’s on or off.
  • Health Benefits

Humid environments breed disease of all sorts, and you can protect against health problems by investing in proper ventilation for your bathroom. This is a good choice for ventilating spaces up to 70 sq. ft. It provides consistent air circulation that works to clean the air for better air quality. Controlling the humidity in your bathing area will help you ensure that the moisture is not negatively affecting the health of you and your loved ones.

Worst Features

  • Some May Not Like The Indicator Light (Which is Always On)

The indicator light lets you know that the fan is running, as it is so quiet that you probably won’t even be able to tell. This is a good thing for most people, but some may find the tiny green light distracting or unsightly.


When comparing bathroom exhaust fans I think that the Delta Electronics SLM70 Breez Slim Ventilation Fan is a good choice for those who need a high-performance fan and aren’t looking for any additional features: just a high-quality, functional fan that cleans the air. It comes with a limited factory warranty so you can be assured that you are being a smart consumer when you purchase.

One of the best things about this product is how it can save energy, which is good for the environment and your paycheck. It offers simply effective performance, with a promise of over eight years of flawless function, that’s hard to beat. It is one of the best bathroom exhaust fans on the market at the moment.

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