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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Dryden 2-handle bathroom faucet by Delta is a great way to make a fashion statement in your bathroom. It’s got impactful lines that look decisive and modern. The two handles flare out to add grace to this widespread design.

Delta Faucet Dryden Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Delta Faucet Dryden Widespread Bathroom Faucet

  • Spout Height 6.25 Inches
  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute
  • Wide-spread Lever Handles
  • 6 pounds weight

This faucet comes with a drain assembly and fits a widespread configuration of three holes that can be anywhere from 6 to 16 inches wide. It’s labeled as WaterSense and backed by Delta. The fixture comes with installation direction so that you can even install it yourself.

Upgrade Your Whole Bathroom

You likely visit your bathroom several times each day, but arguably the most important of those visits is when you are getting ready in the morning. Many people use their bathroom to prepare to face a day at work or school. Starting your day off in a beautiful room that makes you happy only makes sense.

Delta makes it easy to coordinate your entire design by making a whole line of Dryden fixtures and accessories:

  • If you just have a shower, consider the shower trim kit
  • If your shower also includes a bath, the tub and shower trim kit is a great addition
  • Delta’s Dryden line includes these accessories, too:
    • Towel ring
    • Towel bar
    • Robe hook
    • Tissue holder

The Dryden design makes a bold statement, but Delta makes it easy to match. By pairing these fixtures and accessories together, you can have a well-put-together bathroom without having to hire a designer. Every morning, you’ll have the joy of preparing for your day in a room that’s as stylish as you are.

Installation Information

Delta designed the Dryden 2-handle widespread bathroom faucet to fit over any three-hole configuration. The faucet can spread from 6 to 16 inches wide, so there’s no need to worry about the fit. It includes the drain assembly right there in the box, too.

To install your new faucet, begin by removing your old one. Be sure that your water is turned off. If the faucet is the only part you are replacing, simply disconnect the old fixture. Pull the hoses out through the sink's countertop.

You’ll need to connect the new hoses before fully securing your new faucet in place. Delta provides clear, step-by-step directions in the installation manual, for you. Be sure that all of your hoses are connected and water-tight, then tighten up the faucet.

After you’ve connected the new fixture, turn the water back on to do a quick test for leaks. Once everything is tight, take a moment to seal around the edges with a touch of caulk. Delta’s design ensures that you won’t need to worry about leaks once your faucet is correctly installed.

Popular for a Reason

The Dryden collection is very popular for some very good reasons. Delta started with the Art Deco period for inspiration. They kept the design simple and clean but added some sophisticated details where it matters most. This Dryden fixture is finished with chrome, so it matches some of the most popular decorative bathroom items available.

Ultimately, it’s one of the best bathroom faucets available because of the flexibility of its design. It can really add to a vintage design but has enough of a modern touch to blend well with contemporary designs, too. No matter what kind of look you are going for, including the Dryden 2-handle sink faucet, by Delta, is sure to add some pizzazz to your décor.


  • This faucet includes WaterSense labeling, so it lets you enjoy the same comfort using at least 20% less water.
  • The widespread design makes it easy to work with any 3-holed sink or counter.
  • Delta provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty, so you know that this sink will last.
  • The chrome finish matches most current accessories and fixtures on the market today, making it easy to make your bathroom match.
  • The crisp lines and bold design of this faucet ensure that your bathroom will make a statement without being overwhelming.


  • If you are specifically looking for a single-hole fixture, this may not be the right design for you. This faucet does require three holes to install.


Make your bathroom over into something fashionable and worthy of the time you spend in there. Start small by just updating your bathroom sink faucet or go big and replace every accessory. No matter how small or large your changes are, Delta has everything you need. It has a full line of Dryden fixtures to make it easy.

You won’t regret adding the contemporary elegance of Delta’s Dryden 2-handle widespread bathroom faucet to your bathroom. Clean keep it contemporary, while details give it a unique and stylish flair all it’s own.

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