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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

This faucet is the ideal choice for people who like to think outside the box. The Delta Trinsic Single Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet is also a great option for those whole love a vessel sink, or just want their bathroom to impress their guests. While the wall mount design is the most unique part of this design, the handle is impressive, too.

Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic Bathroom Faucet

Delta Faucet T3559LF-WL Trinsic Bathroom Faucet

  • 2-Hole 4-8-in center wall-mount
  • Spout Height 4.69 Inches
  • Spout Reach 7.5 Inches
  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute

This faucet is specifically designed to pair with a vessel sink. You won’t need to drill any holes in your countertop, either. It requires two holes in your wall that can be anywhere from 4 to 8 inches apart and works with any wall thickness between 1/8 of an inch and 1 1/8 of an inch.

Delta makes it easy to match this faucet with your other fixtures and accessories by offering a full line of Trinsic designs, though the simplicity of this design allows it to blend with almost any accessories.

A Simple Design

This faucet has a simple plate that sits against the wall. From there, the spout passes through just one transition before curving out and over your vessel sink. The end of the spigot features just one narrowing, so your water will flow straight down in a beautiful stream.

The handle is equally elegant. It has a matching wall plate with a single cylinder stemming out from there. The handle itself then extends at a 90-degree angle and twists to adjust the water flow and temperature.

Best Choice for Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are a great option when you want to make a unique choice for your bathroom. They show a special style and attention to detail than traditional sinks can sometimes lack. When you install a vessel sink, you are saying that style is a conscious choice for you and that you value it.

There are many reasons to choose a vessel sink and wall-mounted faucet:

  • A vessel sink becomes a spark for conversation. Any guests who see it will inevitably comment on it.
  • Vessel sinks offer a wider range of choices than traditional sinks. They come in a wide range of shapes and styles including the following:
    • Bowls
    • Rectangles
    • Boxy edges
    • Flared edges
    • Sculptures that swoop
    • Gently curved designed inspired by nature
  • If you pride yourself on your creativity or eco-friendly choices, a vessel sink may be a great opportunity to flex those muscles. Many materials can be repurposed to function as vessel sinks.
  • Since they sit on top of the counter, vessel sinks are often much easier to install than a traditional basin sink.
  • Vessel sinks also offer you more versatility to change up your style, because they are much easier to change out than a traditional sink or basin.
  • People of differing heights find comfort using sinks of different heights. A Vessel sink can make it easier to adjust the height of your sink to work for you.

Pairing the Delta Trinsic Single Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet with a vessel sink is a stylish choice that can also bring additional comfort to people of differing heights.

The Flexibility of Wall-Mounted Faucets

One of the biggest benefits of a wall-mounted sink the flexibility it provides. You can mount the faucet higher up to allow taller individuals to easily wash up without having to bend over the whole time. Of course, this will still work for the shorter members of your family, just be sure to keep the vessel sink low enough to allow their hands easily reach over it.

By keeping the sink low, but mounting the faucet high, you create a long stream of water that a wider range of people will be comfortable with. Just be sure that everyone can still reach the handle to turn the water on and off.


  • The stylish design makes it one of the top-rated bathroom faucets and is something that everyone will talk about.
  • Its sleek elegance allows this faucet to match any existing design scheme in your bathroom.
  • Comfort is easier to achieve when you can extend the length of the water stream by adjusting the mounting height of this faucet.


  • Installation of a wall-mounted faucet can be more challenging and may require a professional. Your plumbing will be inside the wall instead of just tucking it under or behind the sink.


For those who want their bathroom to become a point of conversation, a vessel sink paired with the Trinsic single handle wall mount faucet by Delta is the way to go. This faucet is a sleek and clean design that will match any design scheme. It’s the perfect faucet to pair with any vessel sink, but especially one made of repurposed materials that can be hard to match. Delta offers a sturdy design that you’ll love having in your home for many years.

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