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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

When you want the flexibility of a handheld shower nozzle, but you aren’t willing to give up the joy of rainfall showerhead, this system is the solution. The Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower Rain Massage System Thermostatic Faucet with Jets and Hand Shower is the perfect balance of a rainfall that can be held in your hand.

The showerhead can be left in the cradle to allow you to enjoy a rainfall spray of water, or you can reach up and remove the showerhead to move that rainfall around to where you want the water to flow. One of the best parts of this showerhead is the multiple massage settings that allow you to choose the water flow and stream configuration that you desire on any particular day.

63" Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower

63" Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower

  • 4 stage shower function
  • 50 total rainfall nozzles
  • 100 total horizontal spray massage nozzles
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

With this showerhead, there’s no need to commit to just one shower experience. You can stand under a rainfall, get a pulsating back massage, or hold the showerhead in your hand to send the water exactly where you want it to go. Whatever you want, on any given day, this showerhead will deliver.

Best Features

This Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower will shine during any shower panel comparisons and reviews. It’s got all the features you want, in a design that makes sense and is easy to use.

The Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower includes:

  • Stainless steel hose that will never rust
  • Handle made of polished chrome finish
  • 2.5 gallon per minute flow regulator to keep your water use efficient
  • 47 medical grade, self-cleaning nozzles for everyday use you don’t need to worry about
  • 19 nozzles designed with power in mind; for the days when your muscles want to feel massaged
  • Easy-to-adjust spray controller that can adjust to 5 different sprays of water
  • Thermostatic control will relieve concerns about accidental scalding
  • Manufacturer’s warranty lasts for two years to give you peace of mind
  • Shower function can work as a waterfall, a rainfall, a hand shower, or a horizontal massage sprayer for a total of different stages
  • 70-inch long hose to the shower made of stainless steel chrome

Showering under this unit is like stepping into your own personal dream shower, no matter what that dream may look like on any given day.

Designed with Multiple Functions in Mind

This shower panel tower is made to adjust to your mood and desires. Just imagine, after a great workout or a stressful day, you may find that your back and shoulders are tight and sore. Nothing will feel better at that moment than a good, hot shower to help you relax. A light and gentle spray won't' do that trick, though.

  • Massage

When you’re stressed or sore, you will want a tougher, massage-style spray of water that can hit the muscles that need it the most. With this shower, you only need to twist the adjuster with one hand, and you can move from a gentle rainfall spray to the intense massage your muscles need. Just a few minutes later, you'll find your muscles loose and relaxed.

You won’t need to contort yourself to get the water to hit the right spot, either. The handheld showerhead makes it easy to grab and aim the water where you want to it. The 70-inch hose will make certain you can reach anywhere you may need, too.

  • Rainfall

Most days you’ll likely want a relaxing shower to get you ready to start your day. The rainfall setting on this shower is perfect for that. It keeps the flow of water strong enough to ensure that you can get clean, but the streams will come down in a steady and comfortable flow.

  • Waterfall

The Waterfall setting is ideal for the days when you want to experience the relaxation of gentle mist without being pelted by an intense stream of water. This setting sprays a thick cloud of mist. This will leave you feeling surrounded by a warm misty cloud of water that will clear away your worries.


  • Long hose
  • Multi-function water spray
  • Solid construction with stainless steel
  • Beautiful polished chrome finish
  • Restrictors ensure it doesn't waste any water
  • Installation instructions are included
  • Handheld showerhead to aim the water where you want it


  • If you aren’t a fan of having the hose exposed, you may want to look at other options.


This Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower is the perfect balance of a wide range of functions that you may want in your shower. It has a showerhead that can be held in your hand. The water can be adjusted to four different kinds of spray to meet all of your needs. It’s well-constructed and efficient with its use of water.

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