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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Dynamic "Venice" 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna is a beautiful Hemlock wood infrared sauna with built-in lighting and sound. It is a relaxing, luxury sauna experience all in the comfort of your home. It comes from a trusted manufacturer with a reputation for making high-quality saunas and bathroom appliances. This sauna is meant to last.

Infrared technology uses less energy and operates at a lower temperate than other saunas. This means you can enjoy relaxing infrared sauna treatments at home without running up your power bill or hurting the environment. It’s also safer to use because it doesn’t operate at dangerously hot temperatures the way a stone and water sauna would.

Dynamic Venice 2-person Low EMF

Dynamic Venice 2-person Low EMF

  • Full 2 person capacity
  • 6 Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heating panels
  • 6mm Interior and Exterior wood planks
  • Clear Tempered glass door

The outside of the sauna is stunning, with smooth, warm colored wood paired with tempered glass. On the outside of the door is an easy to use electric panel that you can use to adjust the temperature and timer. It’s roomy enough for two, or for an individual who wants the extra space. It uses carbon heating panels to evenly warm the whole space.

Is Infrared Better?

Yes, infrared saunas have many benefits over others! Of course, there are many different factors to take into consideration, such as the size of the sauna, how many people you want to fit in it, and what luxury features you might want. Infrared saunas use less energy than a traditional sauna system, which is incredible for your power bill.

Infrared technology uses electromagnetic waves to heat the body directly, so none of the energy is wasted. Other saunas can only heat the air around you and wait for the air to warm you. Because of this factor and the lower temperature used, infrared saunas can heat up to the desired temperature at an incredible 100% times faster than other saunas.

Health Benefits of Saunas

Saunas have been used for thousands of years because of their many healing and therapeutic effects. However, this is not your grandpa’s sauna. It comes outfitted with L.E.D. lighting, comfortable seating, and a digital sound system complete with easy to use controls. It is a more high-tech and customizable version of a traditional sauna, that happens to be energy-efficient and healthy as well.

People who suffer from chronic pain from health conditions like arthritis or joint pain will find relief in using regular sauna treatments. The warm air stimulates circulation so you will heal faster. Even the healthiest person can benefit from using sauna treatments, it helps you lose weight, detoxifies your body, and opens your pores for better skin.

In addition to treating chronic pain, studies have shown that infrared saunas can improve symptoms in those suffering from chronic fatigue. After a long day of work or at the gym, a relaxing infrared sauna will soothe your muscles and release tension built-up from stress.


  • Easy-to-Install

If you have a screwdriver you are ready to get started with installation! Yes, it is easy to have a home spa. Dynamic Saunas includes everything you need in the kit, including an easy to follow instruction manual. If you need help with installation, a friendly customer service representative will help you! It is a compact size so it easily fits into many bathrooms or home-spas.

  • Carbon Heaters

Unlike other varieties of infrared saunas, this one uses carbon fiber heaters which do not need to be replaced. They will offer powerful heating for years to come with no maintenance. The sauna heats up in only a few minutes, way faster than a traditional sauna. The heat is evenly distributed in the chamber.

  • Luxury Features

It comes with several interesting additional features such as the mp3 plugin, Bluetooth compatibility, L.E.D. lighting, and soft-touch control panel. The controls are easy to understand, and the screen is extremely sensitive to touch. The music feature is especially nice because you can enjoy your favorite audio or music all while relaxing in your sauna.


  • Big Enough For Two

Individuals and couples will love this spacious sauna, but for three or more people to fit in at the same time, you’ll need a bigger one. There are four-person saunas available as well. However, if you don’t need a larger sauna, don’t get one. You would just be wasting energy.


The Dynamic "Venice" 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna has all of the luxury features and design that we expect from Dynamic Saunas, but with several new features such as the soft-touch screen. It is a luxury sauna that is great for home improvement DIYers because it is so easy to install.

Visually, the sauna is very lovely. It has a modern, simple and clean look that will not distract from your decor but add to it. Enjoying relaxing infrared sauna treatments is a great way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. This is a nice choice for those looking for a combination of high-quality craftsmanship, superior heating, safety, and durability wrapped up in a beautiful, Hemlock wood package.

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