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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The ECO LLC 220V 9KW Steam Generator is a high-powered steam bath system with a self-diagnosis feature to prevent leaks and overheating. It is made out of top of the line stainless steel parts for extended use with minimum upkeep. It is easy to use and install and the size is suitable for most spaces up to 10 meters. The steam can heat up to any temperature between 35 °C-55 °C.

ECO LLC ST-90 Steam Generator with ST-135 Controller

ECO LLC ST-90 Steam Generator

  • Mini size makes it assemble very convenient
  • Power: 9KW, 50-60HZ
  • Voltage :220-240V
  • Maximum Heating Space(m³) :8.5M³

You can use your bathroom steam generator for a better shower experience that is relaxing and boosts your health. At-home steam treatments can help to relieve your stress and tension, as well as detoxifying your body and opening your airways. By using a steam generator you can turn any bathroom into a luxurious at-home spa.

Key Features

  • Suitable for spaces up to 10 meters.
  • Transforms any bathroom into a sauna.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Multiple health benefits.
  • Certified safety features.

Health Benefits of Steam Showers and Saunas

Steam showers and baths have been used for thousands of years as a beauty and health treatment. There are many health benefits to using a bathroom steam generator. For those who struggle with body pains and aches, steam treatments can provide some relief.

  • Treat arthritis aches and pains.
  • Relieve joint pain.
  • Loosen tight muscles.

Use the steam generator when you’re feeling stuffy to open your airways and prevent respiratory infections. The steam will also penetrate your skin's surface, opening your pores to bring toxins to the surface and allowing your skincare products to work to their full potential.

  • Open your pores for improved skincare.
  • Prevent cold and allergy symptoms.
  • Clear blocked airways for improved respiration.

A hot bath or shower can be soothing for the body and the soul. There are many ways you can use a bathroom steam generator for a better shower experience, including relieving your stress and clearing your mind by pampering yourself in your bathroom at home. Combined with aromatherapy you will feel like you’re at the spa.

  • Relaxing experience.
  • Luxury in the comfort of your home.
  • Healthily relieve stress.

Hot steam treatments are also a great way to lose weight. It improves circulation, boosting your metabolism and speeding up weight loss. Sweating out the toxins in your body helps to shed off extra water weight. The heat and moisture also helps you to recover from your workouts faster, for maximum results helping you look and feel great.

  • Lose weight faster
  • Recover quickly from workouts.
  • Boost circulation and metabolism.
  • Certified Safety Features

Safety is a key concern for those in the market for a high-rated steam generator for showers. The body of the ECO LLC 220V 9KW Steam Generator is made out of stainless steel for long use without cracks, leaks, or overheating.

The best feature is the self-diagnosis adaptation that prevents all kinds of damage and safety concerns by diagnosing the problem before it happens. A powerful ventilation fan is included so that the device can run for long periods without overheating.

Everything is controlled by a digital controller which is easy to use and runs on batteries.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Trusted manufacturer.
  • ISO9001 quality certification and CE approved.
  • Overpressure protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • First-TIme Installation

The package will come with everything you need to install the system in your bathroom including tubes, hoses, and a remote controller. The instruction manual that comes with it is easy to read and follow, but if you need any additional assistance customer service representatives are standing by to assist you with the installation.

  • It comes with the total package.
  • It comes with an easy to read manual.
  • Hotline for installation assistance.


  • Easy to Use

If you want to use a bathroom steam generator for a better shower experience, and you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, this a good choice for you. The instructions for installation are easy to follow and the steam temperature settings are easily adjusted using the digital controller.

  • Trusted Manufacturer

The manufacturer is respected for its durable and safe products. They only use high-quality materials so the devices last for a long time.

  • Many Health Benefits

You can enjoy improved circulation, increased weight loss, and improved mood with the use of the steam generator in your bathroom shower.


  • Only Suitable for 10 Meters

For bathrooms and spaces larger than 10 meters, this generator simply will not work.


The ECO LLC 220V 9KW Steam Generator is a powerful and durable steam generator that will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom experience. For those struggling with chronic health issues, the steam generator can have countless benefits and provide relief from pain. It will beautify the skin and help you lose weight while also detoxifying the body. This shower steam generator is made with high-quality certified materials that are both safe and durable.

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