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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

If you have read steam shower generator reviews before, by now you’ve probably got a good idea of what you’re looking for. You want a steam generator system for your home spa (aka the bathroom) that is made with durable materials, is safe to use and does what it’s supposed to: generate steam, lots of it. The EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System is a top-quality generator that is perfect for homeowners and spa owners who are looking for a simple to use generator with powerful results.

EliteSteam ES-10 Steam Generator Kit

EliteSteam ES-10 Steam Generator Kit

  • Reliable Quality Steam
  • Fits into almost any space 
  • Simple to purchase and install
  • 240V - requires less amps!

Steam Shower Benefits

Why would you want to take a steam generator in the first place?

  • They Have Amazing Health Benefits

You’ve probably experienced the relaxing power of a hot shower after a long day of work, but did you know that the benefits of hot, steamy showers are not only mental but physical?

  • Increase Circulation

By increasing circulation in the cardiovascular system, steam showers can help to boost your metabolism, recover faster from workouts, and invigorate your body. Increased heart rate in the body also means that you will be burning more calories after your workout, all while relaxing in your bathroom.

  • Maximize Weight loss

By sweating out your extra water weight and boosting your metabolism through increased circulation and heart rate, you can maximize your weight loss with a hot steam shower.

  • Reduce and Prevent Chronic Pain

Steam showers for people with chronic pain are beneficial because they help to loosen up the muscles. This can be a powerful relief for those who are suffering from arthritis, back pain, and joint pain. In combination with physical therapy, using a steam generator is a great way to help manage chronic muscle and joint pain.

  • Open Pores and Detoxify

The hot steam will open the pores on your face and body, allowing for maximum moisture retention. Your cleansing and skincare products will also be more effective when used in combination with the steam system. The steam will naturally detoxify your whole body by penetrating deep and bringing toxins to the surface to be washed away.

Why choose the EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System?

  • It has added safety features.

The home shower steam system is made with high-quality materials to guard against corrosion, pressure build-up, leaks, and more. It can withstand high temperatures without overheating.

  • It is simple to install.

It comes with everything you need to install the system yourself, including an easy to read instruction manual. There is no heavy labor involved in setting up your steam generator, so you can spend less time worrying about installation, and more time soaking up the steam in your new home sauna.

  • It comes with a hose, steam head, and controller.
  • Total package included for easy installation.
  • Simple to follow instructions.

They even have people standing by to take your call if you need help with the installation progress.

  • It is made by a respected manufacturer.

Streamist, the manufacturer, is one of the most trusted sources in the industry. They use stainless steel materials and they never cut corners on quality.

  • Amazing versatility.

It is incredibly easy to get started setting up a sauna in your own home today. Simply add the generator to your existing bathroom setup by integrating it’s small body seamlessly into the room. It is small enough to comfortably fit into a variety of spaces. You can use this steam generator to transform any room or space into a sauna. It can even be installed in a small vanity or closet.


  • Easy to set up and use.

It comes with everything you need to install it yourself, including easy to read instructions.

  • Small, versatile size for use in any space.

Adding a steam generator to any bathroom can transform the space into a luxurious home spa. The economic size of the system allows it to be installed almost anywhere.

  • High-quality Manufacturing.

The manufacturer is a trusted provider of steam generator systems, they use the best quality materials, and have a proven track record of many years.

  • Comes with a limited warranty.

Enjoy added peace of mind; the manufacturer provides a limited warranty so you don’t have to worry about parts damage.


Steam generators may increase heart-rate which isn’t good for certain heart conditions.


The EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System is a perfect choice for homeowners and spa owners who are looking to transform a space into a sauna. It has a versatile and highly functional design that is simple enough for anyone to operate. It is important to choose a steam shower system that you can trust, and Streamist makes products with the highest level of safety and durability in mind. You don’t have to read steam shower generator reviews ever again, you’ve found a top of the line choice right here.

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