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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The EliteSteam 12 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System is a durable stainless steel steam shower system in a compact size that is powerful enough to turn almost any bathroom into a home sauna. It comes with everything that you need to get started including and easy to follow instruction manual. All of the parts that you will need to set up your at steam shower are included in the package along with the steam shower generator.

EliteSteam Luxury Steam Generator

EliteSteam Luxury Steam Generator

  • Reliable Quality Steam 
  • Simple to purchase and install
  • 240V - requires less amps!
  • Made by industry leader - Steamist

It has a compact economic size so the device can fit easily into your bathing space in a closet or under a cabinet. It comes from one of the most respected manufacturers in the steam appliance industry. Steamist only uses the highest quality components in their steam shower generators. For stress-free operation, it comes with an easy to read digital controller that adjusts the temperature. It only takes a few moments for the steam to heat up and it has a preinstalled function to prevent overheating.

The Many Health Benefits of Steam Showers

Steam showers have been a popular remedy for thousands of years because of their therapeutic health benefits.

  • Treats Chronic Pain Symptoms

People who suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis joint pain or muscle pain can find relief by using the steam shower in combination with physical therapy. A steam shower treatment from a home steam shower generator will increase circulation all over the body for maximized healing. The relaxing effects of the shower will also help to loosen up tight intense muscles.

  • Improves Skincare Routine

Hot steam treatments will detoxify your body. The detoxification of your skin and organs will help you a glow from the inside out. Hot steam will open up the pores of your skin which will allow toxins to rise to the surface and for your skincare products to penetrate deep. You can stop wasting expensive skincare products by using them in combination with a hot steam treatment. A steam shower generator can help treat acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.

  • Lose Weight Faster

If you’re looking to lose weight the steam shower can also be a beneficial therapy. You will burn calories faster without even trying when the steam shower invigorates your whole body. Increasing circulation will also help to boost your metabolism. It will be easier to recover from your workouts as well because the steam shower will soothe muscle pain.


  • Made by Trusted Manufacturers

Steamist creates top-of-the-line certified steam shower generators for bathroom and home use that are certified strong and safe. They only use the best quality materials for their devices for increased durability. Their team of designers have carefully put together this generator system with the latest technology and superior components.

  • Compact and Versatile Size

The size of the steam shower generator is economic and compact so you can put it in many different spaces. It will not get in the way of the regular function of your bathing space or home spa, in fact, you won’t even notice that it’s there (besides the consistent stream of hot steam). It can be tucked away in a cabinet or a closet in the bathroom.

  • Simple and Convenient Installation Process

The process of installing the steam home shower generator is hassle-free and it’s easy to follow along with the instructions included. It comes with the wires and valves that you will need to get everything hooked up all in one kit. There will be no hidden costs as all components are included for ultimate convenience. You can simply add the steam shower generator to any existing bathroom for a luxury spa experience at home.

  • Comes with a Limited Warranty

For added ease of mind in the buying process, there’s also a limited warranty offered by the manufacturer. This manufacturer's warranty will protect against parts defects and damages.


  • Not Suitable for Certain Heart Conditions

Those with certain serious heart conditions should check with their doctor before using a steam generator or steam room. Hot steam treatments will increase the heart rate which may exacerbate certain chronic heart ailments. If you are not pre-diagnosed with a heart condition this does not apply to you.


The EliteSteam 12 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System is a good choice for those looking to install a steam shower in their bathroom or home spa with the least amount of hassle possible. The best feature of this particular system is that it is extremely easy to install and comes with everything included.

You will love the simplicity and the many health benefits of having a steam shower in your bathroom. Steamist manufacturer is a trusted industry expert in steam shower systems that create durable long-lasting products. This is a steam shower system that you can trust to be durable and long-lasting.

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