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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

This shower panel has all of the features that you see in your dreams. It has a shower head that will spray water down from above along with two jets to spray water horizontally toward you. It even has a shower head that you can hold in your hand.

The Ello & Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System includes LED lights to add some extra luxury to your rainfall or waterfall shower. It includes a digital display to show the exact water temperature and includes a tub spout. You won’t need to compromise with this shower panel.

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

  • 4 Adjustable Jets nozzles 
  • Built-in LED temperature display
  • Multi-outlet Switches 
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty

Luxury at Your Fingertips

The Ello & Allow shower panel tower offers a wide range of luxury features to ensure that your shower is more than just comfortable. This panel turns your shower into your own personal spa. Just look at this list of luxury:

  • Light up your shower with LED lights built into the top showerhead
  • Adjust your shower to be exactly what you want with two controls so that you can have two shower functions at the same time
  • Massage jets with two settings
  • Handheld shower head
  • Digital temperature display

Since this panel comes with multiple switches, you can easily adjust a wide range of settings to meet your needs at the time. There are four jet nozzles that are all adjustable. Those have a power mist massage setting. There is also a handheld fixture that has three settings of its own, too.

Add in the LED lighting and the bathtub fixture and you have a shower panel that won’t ask you to compromise anything. It’s beautiful to look at, too. It’s got a brushed nickel finish that will shine right alongside whatever existing décor your bathroom may already include.

Versatility and Beauty

This shower panel will allow you to use two different features at the same time, so you can really customize your shower experience. It’s designed to ensure you keep excellent water pressure, even when two of the features are running at the same time.

This means that you can stand under a rainfall while enjoying a jet massaging your back and shoulders. Of course, if you prefer, you can turn on the shower fixture with the convenient hose. Just hold it in your hand and aim it wherever you want. The benefit of this option is the ability to be sprayed with water on your front and back at the same time.

That handheld shower fixture is also smartly designed for your comfort, too. It includes three different settings. You can adjust the water streams to be strong and pointy when you want to target sore muscles or you can set it to a more relaxing flow that is comforting, instead.

Impressive Opulence

This shower panel will impress your friends and guests as it adds a beautiful touch to your bathroom. The brushed nickel finish looks great with any existing features, so there’s no need to completely renovate that entire bathroom.

Should you choose to do a complete renovation, this shower panel has clean lines that create a modern look that pairs well with anything from a river rock shower to a traditional tile and ceramic bathtub. Whatever décor you choose for your bathroom, this shower panel will fit your style.

Everyone who steps under this fixture will feel pampered by the impressive options it offers. When you turn on the LED lights, the mood becomes even more peaceful and relaxing. This Ello & Allo shower panel is certainly a high-quality shower panel that will suit every bathroom.


  • Opulent lighting with LED installed in the upper-most shower fixtures
  • Great construction for reliable operation
  • 2 switches allow you to control multiple features at once
  • A handheld shower fixture adds flexibility to meet your needs
  • Two jets will help you relax, even while you stand under a rainfall shower
  • Uppermost shower fixture includes a range of setting with a waterfall and rainfall option
  • An included tub spout ensures that you won’t need to compromise with this shower panel
  • The digital temperature display makes it easy to set the temperature exactly where you want it.


  • The temperature display comes set to Celsius


Our bathrooms are one of the key places we spend part of every day. Having a luxurious shower to start or end your day with can make your entire life feel more worthwhile.

The Ello & Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System provides you flexibility and opulence that is unmatched by other shower panels. With LED light, adjustable settings, and a wide range of spouts, this shower panel will turn your shower into your own personal spa.

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