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by Thomas Holmes

A modern, comfortable, stylish bathtub is essential to any bathroom’s décor. The FerdY 67” acrylic freestanding bathtub is perfect to add in those bathroom essentials to almost any bathroom’s style.

It’s simple, modern design out-glows it’s competition. It’s stylish yet packed full of robust, common-sense features. The bathtub is perfect for those who want a beautiful bathtub to add to their bathroom without losing any comfortability or reliability.

FerdY Bali Freestanding Bathtub Gracefully Shaped Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

FerdY Bali Freestanding Bathtub

  • 67-inch in length
  • 15-inch soaking depth
  • Water capacity: 68.9 gal
  • Water depth: 15.2"

Product Overview

This tub comes with a whopping 74-gallon water capacity. It’s deep and wide, allowing you to comfortably relax in almost any position you’d like when enjoying your bath.

The back of the bathtub is also reinforced with polyethylene resin and fiberglass, allowing you to recline back as much as you’d like with no restraint.

If you’re unhappy with your shallow, creaking and cracked old bathtub, you’ll find all your answers in this one. It’s also loaded with other features to enhance your bathing or soaking experience.

It has a durable design and is made with acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. This translates to a long-lasting, easy-to-clean bathtub. You’ll be enjoying your long soaks and envious looks of your guests for a long time.

Bathtub Information

This acrylic freestanding tub is ideal for comfort. It supports a massive 74 gallons of water capacity. Enjoy a deep soak in whatever position is most relaxing for you. It’s deep and it’s wide. The size also means it’s great for adding others into the tub as well.

Do you have kids? A significant other? It’s more than big enough to support the company. Plus, it’s back is reinforced to ensure added durability.

The tub is also double-wall reinforced. That means it’s using a two-wall system to retain heat for as long as possible. No more cold water after only a few minutes. This design allows you to relax comfortably for a longer period.

It has a modern design, suitable for almost any bathroom décor. It has a simplistic design in its shape, which means a sleek, clean look for your bathroom’s style. The curves are ergonomically designed for a more relaxed, leisurely experience. It can create a spa-like atmosphere when you’re enjoying it.

It’s, of course, freestanding. That means it fits into more spaces easier in your bathroom. Is your space uneven? Because it’s freestanding, it’ll slide into a large range of spaces. It also comes with two leveling legs to ensure that it can fit on uneven surfaces as well.


  • It’s freestanding. That means it is easier to install, more flexibility in the placement, and, with the leveling legs, can be put on uneven surfaces.
  • It’s acrylic. Acrylic is durable, reliable, and easy to clean. The tub will last longer, can withstand abuse and is easy to maintain to keep your bathroom looking like it should – clean.
  • The tub is wide and has a huge water capacity. 75 gallons is more than enough water to comfortably soak away your troubles. It’ll even fit additional people if you’d like company while you relax.
  • Two kinds of drain pipes are included (plastic or brass.) The plastic drain connector can scale too. This allows you to fix water leakage or adjust to different floor drain requirements easier.
  • It has a modern, yet simple, design. This means you’ll have a classy, luxurious looking tub, that can fit in with most modern-styled bathroom decors.
  • The curved design on the inside of this tub makes it ergonomic and comfortable. The tub will adjust to your body’s shape as you can fully recline to your comfort level in this tub.
  • The large width of the tub means you can stretch your arms out or even relax with a table spread across the edges.


  • It is a wider bathtub. If you have limited space, it may be hard to squeeze the bathtub comfortably.


This FerdY 67” acrylic freestanding bathtub can go head to head with some of the other best-looking acrylic bathtubs. It delivers a modern-styled presentation without losing any of the best parts of a large soaking tub – comfortability and relaxation.

If you’re looking to live luxuriously through a beautiful addition to your bathroom, this is the bathtub for you.

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