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by Thomas Holmes

For many decades GROHE has launched various innovative and stylish bathroom and kitchen fitting products. GROHE 27816000 is one of the considerable options when it comes to selecting a rain shower head. It is a 10 by 10-inch ceiling shower head with minimalistic design. It can be easily used by the whole family from kids to adult even elders can easily use it if they want to take a shower. This showerhead lies in a bit expensive side when comes to its price but it’s worth the price due to its features and experience if your budget allows it.

GROHE 27816000 F-Series Rain Shower

GROHE 27816000 F-Series

  • Spray Pattern: Rain
  • 120 luxurious spray nozzles
  • SpeedClean anti-lime system
  • GROHE DreamSpray features advanced shower engines 

There are many similar products available in the market such as Rainshower F-Series 1-Spray 20 inches-ceiling showerhead. However, the main difference lies in the diameter. It is a 20 by 20-inch vast shower head which adds up in the price as well.


  • The minimalistic design saves space and gives an elegant look to your bathroom.
  • Gives you rain like experience due to its overhead feature and a big size.
  • No hassle of pipes or faucets as all will be concealed behind the wall.


  • It can be expensive for you if you are on a tight budget.
  • You will need to buy some additional parts for installation.

Key features

Consistent water distribution:

Showers can’t be classified according to their head size, the distribution of water is also an important thing to consider. Many shower heads provide a good and continuous shower experience but it comes with a price, a lot of water is wasted to achieve it. GROHE introduced a unique feature of Dream spray. By fully utilizing the big size of this showerhead, more than 100 nozzles simultaneously spray water. This uniform and consistent flow of water make your showering experience like a soothing Rain. While the wide pattern of nozzles will give you a full-body relaxation.

Based on advanced shower engines that deliver very precise and consistent water distribution. This undisturbed flow of water gives you an experience like a summer rain in your bathroom.

Flush mount

Many shower heads are equipped with multiple features but they lack a proper mounting system. Usually, showers take a lot of space on the wall. It gets difficult while cleaning and doesn’t give an appealing look to your bathroom. GROHE 27816000 has a flush mounted design that is attached to the ceiling. This 10 by 10-inch shower head looks like infused with the ceiling. It looks clean, simple and gives an elegant look to the bathroom. Due to a bit more height, the shower experience is enhanced and feels more like a real rain experience.

GROHE StarLight chrome

Being in contact with water, shower heads lose their shine after some time and starts looking dull. It could be more prominent in a big shower head of size like 10 by 10 inch but this is not a problem in GROHE 27816000. To overcome this problem GROHE introduced star light Chrome. It’s a special type of chrome that is scratch- resistant. It has a non-tarnishing finish which protects the shower head from dullness and maintains its mirror-like shine for a very long period of time.

Spray Pattern Rain

Spray patterns are usually not mentioned in conventional shower features. This is because all traditional shower heads spray the water in the same way. There are no mechanisms involved to improve the spray system. In other words, there is usually no spray system. In this shower head, a proper Rain spray pattern is designed so the water leaves the nozzle imitating rain droplets. The consistency and timing of every droplet are just like a rain droplet falling from the sky.

SpeedClean anti-lime system

Limescale is a long time enemy of every water-related appliance. It is present in our water supplies and deposits in the inner sides of pipes, faucets and shower heads. It gradually limits the water flow and disturbs the inner mechanisms as well as effects on the quality of a showerhead. GROHE took the matter in their hands and came up with a proper solution. It features a SpeedClean anti-lime system which prevents limescale from depositing in the shower head, ultimately with flow of water limescale ends up outside the shower and you can easily remove it with a simple wipe of a cloth or even a finger to maintain a new like performance of this shower.

2.0 gpm (gallons per minute) and Air Infusion

The flow rate is usually kept higher in many brands up to 2.5 to 3.5 to give a higher flow of water for a better experience. However, in some states, municipal authorities disallowbecause it is one of the main causes of water wastage. GROHE 27816000has a flow rate of 2.0 gpm which is the lowest gpm in shower heads and it is appreciated by authorities. To fulfill this lack of flow, GROHE uses air infusion. Air is mixed with water which gives you a wider and full spray of water.By air infusion, a proper flow will be provided to you that will improve the quality of your shower. It provides an unparalleled showering experience and also saves a lot of water as compared to other conventional showerheads.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

GROHE provides Limited Lifetime Warranty to its customers on all mechanical parts of the shower under normal use. GROHE ensures the durability of their products by providing a lifetime warranty. It clearly answers all the doubts about the build quality and life of this shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this shower as the only shower head in a tub? Is the water pressure sufficient enough?

I am personally using it as the only showerhead right now and the pressure is very suitable.

Is all the piping be must be under the ceiling, does any part of piping needs to be exposed?

Yes, all the piping the piping goes under the ceiling. No part of piping is needed to be exposed. Only the regulator will be exposed which you need to use to set water temperature and pressure.

Is there any variant in brushed nickel?

No, it only comes in chrome but it stays shining and new for a very long time. I have been using it since 1 and a half year and still, its condition is very good.

Can I mount directly into the ceiling? Do I need a mounting arm? And is the ceiling supposed to be tiled or painted?

It can be easily mounted without an arm. I have a painted ceiling but according to my experience, it can be easily mounted in a tiled ceiling as well. I installed it 6 months ago and so far I have no issues. It is looking great and its performance is excellent.

How is the water pressure from this shower? Is it strong enough for the main shower?

Pressure is quite good. I am using it for everyday use even though I have a regular shower head also installed right adjacent to it.

Can anyone please help me what other parts I need to buy along with this 10-inch flush mount showerhead?

You will be needing a 3/4 inch iBox with service stop and a Hansgrohe 01850181. These part are used for water distribution. My plumbers told me that this shower head was very neatly configured.

Does this showerhead come with a hand shower?

No. following parts will be required for a separate shower head which is not included:

Hand shower: Hose not included.

Hand shower: not included.

Shower Flange: not included.

Escutcheon: not included.

Can I attach a filtration system to this shower head and what is the flow rate of this shower?

This shower head comes with a built-in filter in the connection which will be connected to your water supply, and it has a maximum flow rate of 2.0 GPM at 80 PSI

How does this anti-line system work?

It is a great shower. I installed it with another shower head so I have two separate showers. My plumber installed it with a two-way valve.If you are installing it yourself and you don’t know how to install the shower head you can buy the installation service with your order.

What does the customer say?


One of the features that make GROHE 27816000 stands out is the longevity of this shower head. One of the most noticeable thing in public reviews was repeated comments on the durability of this showerhead, many people comment on how smoothly it operates even after 1 to 2 years of regular use. They did not feel any difference in the flow of water, any changes in regulation neither the faucet starts to loosen up or anything like that despite using it multiple times a day. One specific person mentioned that due to his big household it has been used 8 to 10 times per day by his whole family for 8 months but still shower is functioning like new.

Low Maintenance Cleaning

SpeedClean anti-lime system featured in GROHE 27816000 is widely appreciated. Many people expressed that they were surprised when the shower can be literally cleaned by a wipe of a cloth. Various past experiences of very good and well-known brands were shared by people, where the showerhead they previously used were badly affected by limescale and eventually were not able to be used due to blockage in nozzles. There was no other problem in them but they were just not capable of handling limescale. Whereas GROHE 27816000 quite easily eliminated this problem with just a wipe of a cloth.

Easy Assembling and Fitting

Usually, plumbers are hired for installation of this shower but due to unavailability or some other reason some people took the matter in their own head and were surprised with how easy it is to fit this shower head. Some people even mentioned that you do not need to pay a dime to a plumber you can easily install it by yourself with the help of the instruction manual. One person mentioned that even his plumber appreciated the configuration and said to him that this shower head is configured very well as compared to many other shower heads he has installed.

Only spray patterns are not enough

One criticism was also noticed in the reviews. People show concern about only one spray pattern available. Despite 120 nozzles, only one spray pattern did not please some people. They said that many competitors even some GROHE shower are equipped with multiple shower patterns whereas this shower head has only one. Some people also give a reasonable answer to their own question that due to a more complex mechanism for multiple patterns those shower heads are not so thin, they are a little bit bigger and were not flush mount.

Consistent Water Pressure

Many people liked the water pressure, they said the pressure was perfect for a relaxing shower. The wider spray was also mentioned in some places and people enjoyed it as well. Some of the technical users who were aware of low gpm highly appreciated it and indicated despite low gpm they along with others find the water pressure good enough.

Final Words

After analyzing all the available information I can conclude that GROHE 27816000 would be a considerable option for a shower head if your budget allows it or if you can stretch it a little by considering all these amazing features. You do have limited very options in the material section, (available in only chrome) and color section (only silver color is available). This is a great shower head, especially for those who really want to upgrade their shower experience. You will be investing in a very durable, minimalist, water saving and easy to clean showerhead. If it is going out of your budget or believes that a singlespray pattern is not enough then you can select from various other shower heads by Grohe. You might get similar shower within your budget or one equipped with multiple spray patterns but you might have to give up simple yet elegant looking flush mount.

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