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by Thomas Holmes

This showerhead is a unique product from Hansgrohe that can be used to remodel your bathroom. Hansgrohe has been producing quality and high-performance products for over 100 years, so they know what it takes to manufacture high-quality shower heads. One of their major innovations is the AirPower technology which enables the water jets to mix with air and give you powerful massage jet or a gentle rain shower.The Raindance showerhead features modern styling that builds on the strong sense of Hansgrohe tradition. This offers a lifetime satisfaction in terms of design, quality, and performance.

Hansgrohe 27474001

Hansgrohe 27474001

  • RainAir spray mode
  • Generous 10” diameter
  • 1/2” standard pipe connection
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate

This showerhead gives you an opportunity to enjoy your moments in the shower and better overall experience. Although it comes with a high price tag, the features contained in it gives you the value for every penny spent. From an amazing look to its wide diameter spray, this the perfect choice for anyone needing to boost their bathroom décor. On top of all the great features, installing and maintaining it has been made easy to eliminate the headaches of dealing with devices that are difficult to use.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The German engineering adds unmatched qualities and luxury to this showerhead. German companies like Hugo Boss, Mercedes, BMW, and Hansgroheare always dedicated to producing high-quality products that pass rigorous testing procedures.The Raindance Downpour Air has been designed using the Airpower Technology to give you a stimulating heavy rain experience. It uses an array of jets that help in infusing the water outflow with air to result in an invigorating and forceful showering experience. The air-infusing technology used in the showerhead allows for water savings and gives you a feeling of a much stronger water pressure. It also speeds up the shower water by adding more volume to it. This gives you a more pleasurable showering experience and uses less water at the same time.

Special Features

The showerhead has amazing abilities that make it possible to use in a home with low water pressures. It comes with a single spray mode known as the RainAir. The RainAir mode enables you to enjoy a rain-like relaxation shower and a luxurious coverage to wash away your daily stresses. Its ability to deliver a strong water pressure makes you feel like standing in a downpour, only that it is happening in the comfort of your bathroom. The flow rate for this showerhead stands at 2.5 GPM.

The head of the Raindance Downpour Showerhead is aesthetically pleasing and comes with 180 clog-free complete spray channels. This head represents a perfect synergy of both style and functionality. The 180 channels make it possible for this showerhead to remain free from mineral clogs and give you a consistent and strong spray. An innovative cleaning system and an air injection technology support this massive nozzle. The Airpower technology helps in enriching the water with air for a soft and pleasant feel on your skin.


The design of the Raindance Downpour showerhead is great, beautiful, and well-made. Its sleek design consists of a high-quality chrome-plated construction for its spray disc. The showerhead itself has been made from a solid brass design. This design adds a feel of elegance to this device and gives it long-lasting properties. This showerhead, therefore, gives you the benefit of having a sturdy device that is quite durable. You are guaranteed to enjoy optimal performance and the sweetness of this shower for an extended period of time.

You can choose between the two gorgeous finishes for this showerhead. These are brushed nickel and chrome plated finishes. Both finishes are beautiful to behold and perfectly fits within the different bathroom styles. The chrome finish looks great in a contemporary or modern style bathroom whereas the brushed nickel finish blends well with a more traditional and classic style bathroom.


The showerhead's spray disc measures 9.375 inches across making it just the same size as that of a basketball. This giant disc supplies water to the whole body to give you an intense showering experience. The wide spray face means that the Raindance showerhead gives you a wide spray area that is able to cover the entire body. It also increases the efficiency of the shower to rinse off such components like soap and shampoo. The big size makes you feel like being trapped in a flood of rain. The wide spray will soak you thoroughly and give you a feeling of being in a rainforest. The showerhead uses air to enrich the water droplets and make them softer and plumper.


The installation process for this showerhead is quite easy and doesn't require the advanced plumping skills. All you need is a plumbers tape, 2 mm Allen key, and an adjustable wrench. With some patience, the device will be up and running in a matter of minutes. Depending on your showering preferences, you can fit it overhead or at a slight angle. Whichever the direction of water delivery, this luxury showerhead will definitely hit the spot and give you a dream-like shower experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The use of silicon to make these nozzles makes the cleaning process quite easy. All you need to do is to rub them using your hand and allow the lime and calcium deposits to flake off. This ensures a perfect and balanced shower is obtained from all the 180 spray nozzles. The use of the QuickClean function ensures instant clearance of residues and dirt. By ensuring that these products are well-maintained and limescale-free, they will serve you for a long period of time.


The Hansgrohe 27474001 stands head and shoulder high above most showerheads in the market. It has a beautiful design which offers versatile mounting options for any user. Its crowning feature is the massive size that provides you great downpour and high water pressure. This is a great device for giving you a relaxing and refreshing bathroom experience.

The use of unique technologies by Hansgrohe on this shower makes it stand out in the pack. Some of these technologies include the AirPower technology and the Quick Clean technology. The AirPower technology, for instance, makes the flow rate feel more intense than that of any other typical 2.5 GPM unit. The Quick Clean technology on its part ensures nozzles are free of any residues to prevent issues of uneven spray. To wrap it all, the showerhead has been made from high quality and durable materials.

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