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by Thomas Holmes

The Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head is a high-quality product with quality features to make your shower interesting. The unit will cost you a pretty penny but in the end, the experience you receive will make it worth it. There are smaller shower heads that may serve you well such as the Hansgrohe 26465001 Chroma 220 Showerhead. The Hansgrohe 26465001 is friendlier to your pocket but the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head looks fancier. For some, having 12-inches of shower coverage would make us giddy because it is like playing in the rain. However, we cannot all be the same, can we? There are many top products which have been reviewed, you can decide what works best for you depending on your spending power.

Hansgrohe 27474001

Hansgrohe 27474001

  • RainAir spray mode
  • Generous 10” diameter
  • 1/2” standard pipe connection
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate

The Hansgrohe brand prides itself of making products that are innovative and bear brilliant designs. They have satisfied customers all over the world and continue to produce products that change how people interact with water.

If you are interested in the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head here is what to expect:


  • Provides wide coverage.
  • Imitates rain perfectly.
  • Very sturdy design.
  • Easy to clean nozzles.
  • Adds style to the shower space.
  • Straightforward installation.


  • Costs a pretty penny.
  • Lacks adjustable settings.

Key features

Let us get more insight as to what the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head delivers to your bathroom. Whether you are considering this product for your house or a gift for someone, here is some valuable information:

12-inch face

When you first get a shower head that is around 8-inches you feel like you are on top of the world. This joy is completely overshadowed by the sheer excitement when you first try a 12-inch unit. When you purchase the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome model, you get 12-inches of coverage which is wide enough to let you feel like you are dancing in the rain. The unit is made of steel which is a durable material and given a chrome finish to ward of rust. The water pressure is even producing light raindrops to help you relax and unwind.

No-clog nozzles

Life has advanced technologically and the industry standard has displayed that easy to clean nozzles are the in thing. This showerhead model comes with 215 nozzles that would take time to clean each nozzle individually. The silicon nozzles can be cleaned by just wiping the surface or rubbing to dislodge piled up dirt. In a matter of minutes, the surface is clean and you are good to go. Even for those who are dealing with hard water cleaning the showerhead will be simply because of the design used.

Air technology

Because it is a rain shower head and not a jet stream model, the waterfalls softer on the skin. Products such as the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head use air technology to infuse air into the water. Because of this infusion, the water drops that fall are large and consistent as you shower. This, in turn, mimics rainfall with a bit of air massage infused in.

Flow rate

The flow rate of the shower head is 2.5 gallons per minute which seems to be a standard in the industry. This standard has been set to help in the conservation of water and prevent high utility bills. Many people assume that since it is a 12-inch shower it will consume more water but this is untrue. The issue may come in if the shower head is left running for too long or there are leaks in the plumbing. For those wondering if there is a flow restrictor present, yes there is but there is no need to remove it.

Shower Arm

This is where you may flinch but don’t worry because it is not that bad. To have the maximum experience you will need to install a shower arm and flange. This may worry you price wise but the good news is that the additional features are not expensive. You can access both the Hansgrohe 9-inch Raindance Showerarm and the 6-inch Standard Showerarm from Amazon. However, you are not limited to these lengths; the shower arm will also work with a 16-inch shower arm comfortably. As always we trust that you will find the best deal to suit your purpose.

Easy install

The Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head is easy to install. There is no disputing this fact that many DIY enthusiasts have taken the task and succeeded. Unless you are distracted with other things, this shower takes a minimum of 20 minutes to install. There is no need to need to call the plumber, use the 1/2-Inch female connector to install the device to your plumbing. If you have old pipes, consider using Teflon tape to avoid leaks that could happen overtime.


Warranties equal some form of secure purchase because if there are any flaws in the product it can get switched with a better product. This shower head comes with a limited lifetime warranty which means that there are specific stipulations to be adhered to. It is better to read through the warranty and find out what the stipulations are. There are certain limitations when it comes for the use of this shower head for commercial purposes.

Frequently asked questions

The Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head raises curiosity the minute you set your eyes on it. You may be scrolling through Amazon pages or a catalog and you want to know more about the products. Below are questions your fellow shoppers have asked:

Does it swivel?

Many are accustomed to having some form of flexibility when it comes to their shower heads. They feel like they should be able to alter the water pressure or the angle that the water hits them. This is all normal because everyone is specific about some things. This showerhead is built to function in small or large households consistently. This means that it has to please the tastes of different people. To do this, the shower is designed with a swivel function so that you can select the best angle for you. With 26 degrees movement in every direction, we are sure that shower time will be an exciting thought every time it draws near.

Do the nozzles clog often?

This question came up from customers concerned with how the shower head interacted with hard water. Hard water tends to leave mineral deposits that if left unchecked may block the pores completely. This was a problem for older models whose design was a bit limited. For the Hansgrohe Raindance 300, AIR chrome Shower Head the silicon nozzles are designed in such a way that cleaning is possible. The 225 silicon nozzles could do with a wipe once in a while to remove dirt and maintain its appearance. If you have been away for some time, some hot water and a bit of soap will remove accumulated dust.

Does it work with shower arms of different lengths?

For the unit to work properly, the plumbing has to be right. The shower head weighs 4.73 pounds so whichever shower arm you choose, it should be able to support the weight of the unit. If the shower arm is created from durable materials then whichever length you choose should not matter. There are recommended shower arms recommended by the manufacturer that are trustworthy. You can select these recommended products if it is your time shopping and you are unsure of what to get.

Can it be attached to the ceiling?

If in the case, you do not want to use the shower arm, you can use a ceiling attachment in place. The ceiling position allows the water to gain momentum before hitting you and therefore creating a replenishing feeling. The ceiling attachment is not supplied and therefore will be sourced independently. Find the Hansgrohe 27479000 4-InchExtension Pipe for Ceiling Mount at a reasonable price and set up your shower head as you see fit. If you already have a ceiling attachment, then you have nothing to worry about.

What customers think of the showerhead

People from all over the world are satisfied with the Hansgrohe products and they leave honest reviews. When it came to the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head here is what was said:

Feels like rain

There is nothing as disappointing as buying a shower head for a specific reason and then it fails miserably. Well, the good news is the shower head performs as advertised. Some described the feeling as standing below a waterfall or standing in the summer rain. The water drops are light and airy making you wish that it was actually raining.

Wide coverage

The round shower head has a 12- inch surface meaning that most of your body will be covered in water. People with small body frames feel hugged with the immense coverage of the water. By the time someone says it is like standing under the waterfall you can be sure that water coverage was adequate.  You might enjoy it so much that you have to convince yourself to turn the knob.


As stated before the unit weighs 4.73 pounds which cannot be exactly categorized as light. The reason for the showers solid construct is the quality of the materials used. The parts that are made of ABS and silicon carry a small percentage of the weight while the steel frame claims the rest. The individual parts are well connected and therefore no parts of the shower head are expected to come loose. This, in the end, reassured the users of the shower head’s construction.

Setting options

As great as the showerhead is some people needed more from it. People were left desiring that the shower head had more settings to work. This is because it would allow the customers to adjust their water pressure to higher levels. However, this did not act as a deal breaker because the shower already performed so well. In the instance that you are avoiding a fussy shower head, this is the unit for you.

White Glove

When the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head is delivered to your doorstep, you will find a single white glove included. The glove’s purpose is to assist you as you install the shower head to keep the surface clean. While one hand is working on the fixture, the other one is protecting the surface against hand marks. Customers appreciated this gesture from the manufacture mentioning how good of an idea it was.


Nothing good comes easily; therefore, you need to make sacrifices. People loved the quality of the shower but the price of the shower made them flinch. It is bad to spend a lot of money on a product whose quality is compromised. With the Hansgrohe Raindance 300, AIR chrome Shower Head you can be sure that it is worth every penny.

Final Conclusion

All is well that ends well and we have come to the conclusion that the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Head is a worthy product. From the design to the materials used, you can see some innovative ideas were used. One of its key elements is its constant wide coverage. You could be having a hot or cold shower and it wouldn’t change how refreshing the water is. The 225 nozzles make maintenance a breeze so you will not have to spend too much time on it.

Do you feel like the Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR is not fancy enough? Well, you would be surprised in the options that you find in the market. For example, the KunMai Luxurious LED Rectangle Ceiling Rain Shower will leave you speechless. Experience different colors and glorious rain showers that will leave you invigorated.  You will definitely spend more compared to the Hansgrohe model but if it is what you have been looking for, why not?

The Hansgrohe Raindance 300 AIR chrome Shower Headmight have already won you over, and if you are not sure, then there is no harm in trying. Find your favorite supplier and turn your shower time into something worth bragging to your friends.

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