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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a hot steam shower right in the comfort of your bathroom it is important to choose a top-rated steam shower generator for bathrooms that is high-quality, safe, and durable. The Happybuy 9 KW Steam Generator Sauna Bath Steamer for Home Shower is a powerful steam generator that is great for home spas and professional saunas.

Happybuy Steam Generator Kit

Happybuy Steam Generator Kit

  • 9KW Steam Showers 220V-240V
  • KS-100 Controller
  • Humanized Design
  • Built-in Water Tank
  • High-quality materials for maximum safety and durability.
  • High water capacity is ideal for moderate to large spaces.
  • It provides a luxury spa steam shower experience anywhere.
  • Heats steam to between 95 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

High Capacity Safety

This steam generator for saunas and baths has a high capacity, meaning that it can fill a large space with steam at just the right temperature. For up to an hour you can enjoy a hot steam sauna. The safety features prevent the device from overheating or from pressure gathering within, and it’s simple to manually drain.

It is made out of the top of the line materials to prevent corrosion and other damage, extending the steam generator's lifetime. It is safe to use for extended periods up to an hour and will not overheat or leak.

  • Steam heats up fast.
  • It can generate enough steam for a moderate to large space.
  • High-quality materials will not overheat or corrode.
  • Digital Controls

It comes with an easy to use digital computer controller that allows you to turn it off and on, adjust the settings, and more. The device can receive transmissions of the controller from up to 50 meters away.

  • Simple to use.
  • Runs on batteries.
  • It has a wide signal range.
  • Simple to Operate

You will not believe how simple it is to operate this generator and enjoy the benefits. There is no time-consuming set-up or installation, simply hook up the generator using the easy to follow instructions and wait for the generator to heat the steam (this will only take a minute or two) and voila! You have a steam shower experience in your very own home without the trip to the sauna.

  • Perfect for beginners and pros alike.
  • Easy to use controller.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.

Benefits of Steam Treatments

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, steam showers and spa treatments will improve every aspect of your health. Of course, we all know that taking a hot shower can relieve stress and boost your mood, but did you know that it can also help you lose weight? Not only that but it can help fight off disease and clear out your respiratory system.

  • Boosts metabolism and circulation.
  • Reduces joint and muscle pain.
  • Opens pores for beautiful skin.
  • Detoxifies and purifies the body.
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces stress.

There are lots of benefits to having a top-rated steam generator for your bathroom, both physically and mentally. Use the generator to turn your bathroom into your haven. After a long day of work, kids, and responsibilities, you deserve to enjoy the hot, relaxing sensation of a sauna in your bathroom. For those with chronic health issues like arthritis and respiratory infections, this steam generator will also prove invaluable.


  • Convenient

This is an easy to operate device that anyone can use to transform their bathroom into an in-home spa. It has never been easier to enjoy hot steam showers at home with the Happybuy 9 KW Steam Generator Sauna Bath Steamer for Home Shower.

  • High-Capacity

Unlike other steam generators, this sauna steamer can last for up to an hour without overheating or leaking. It’s perfect for large bathrooms and professional spas.

  • Safe to Use

It has the added safety feature of a self-diagnosing display function that keeps the device from overheating, protects against voltage surges, low water supply, and more.

  • Versatile

It is a good generator for a variety of spaces including spas, rooms, bathrooms, saunas, and more because of it’s high-capacity features and safety functions.

  • Improves Health

There are many health benefits to enjoying a steam shower or sauna, including increased energy and decreased stress.


  • Battery Not Included

The controller requires a battery that will need to be purchased separately.
Maximum Use of One Hour

After one hour of use, this generator will need a break to cool-down and power back up.


Choosing a top-rated steam generator for the bathroom can be difficult. It is important to keep in mind which features are important to you. If you’re looking for a powerful steam generator that is ideal for moderate to large spaces including bathrooms and spas, this is a great choice.

It has the quality of design and materials to withstand time and use. The Happybuy 9 KW Steam Generator Sauna Bath Steamer for Home Shower can improve your shower experience by adding the healing power of hot, invigorating steam. It’s like having a sauna in your bathroom!

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