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by Thomas Holmes

Are you looking for a shower head combo with two different heads to fit in your bathroom, but don’t want to spend the earth? This is one of the cheapest combo shower heads that we’ve come across, but does that mean it is lacking in features, or will break after a few weeks of use? We explore the quality and durability of the HotelSpa in this guide.

HotelSpa 1830

HotelSpa On Off Ultra-Luxury Showerhead

  • 6-setting 4 inch Hand Shower
  • 6-setting 6 inch Rainfall Shower Head
  • Stunning Exclusive 2-tone Design
  • 30 full and combined water flow patterns

As you may have guessed from the title, the HotelSpa has an impressive 30 different settings for you to choose from, this is when you consider all the different combinations. Each of the heads has six different settings. One is handheld though can be kept in its holder, the other is stationary all the time. Both can be used simultaneously which is a big plus point, and something most people are hoping for when they buy a combo shower head.


  • Both heads can be used at the same time, or you can choose to use either head individually.
  • Handheld shower head has a 5-foot hose to allow you to reach all the way down to your toes!
  • Tool-free installation. Everything you need to get this up and running ships in the box with your shower head.
  • Extremely affordable. Not many shower heads are available at this price which offer so much flexibility and so many features and settings.


  • Mainly made of plastic with a chrome finish.
  • Build quality is not quite as good as some of the more expensive shower heads on the market, which is to be expected at this price point.

Key Features

Flow Patterns

For such an affordable shower head, this offers such a huge range of patterns. This product has a choice of 30 different flow patterns when you take into account the two heads, so you may choose to have one with a massaging setting and one with a more gentle, rain-style setting. This also has a pause switch which has been included to give more control and also to save water, you may wish to pause the shower when lathering or when shampooing for instance, and then turn it back on when you are ready to rinse. The pause switch enables you to do so without wasting water. The names of the actual spray settings include Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist.

The larger of the two heads, the stationary head at the bottom of the two, is designed to be used as a ‘rainfall’ shower head. The six inches of coverage is pretty generous and can provide the rain effect so many people are looking for with modern shower heads. This is very gentle, and is preferred by a lot of people. Having the choice between this, and the more powerful handheld head means you have the choice.

A three-way diverter lets you choose between the settings and tell the shower where to direct the water. This is patented technology from HotelSpa and it does a very good job. Something that can sometimes be an issue with dual heads is that they can lose power if used both at the same time, but this shower head is pretty good at keeping the same level of pressure.

Tool Free and Simple Installation

If you’re spending a relatively small amount on a shower head such as this, you probably don’t want to dig around your toolbox or spend hours on the process of getting it ready for use. Fortunately, as long as you have a standard connector (½ inch pipes) then the setup should be a breeze, even if you don’t know DIY.


The build quality of the actual shower heads may not be amazing, but for the price you are paying this is to be expected. The hose is made of steel, and the hose nuts are made of brass, so the quality isn’t bad, but the actual shower head itself is made mainly from plastic with a chrome finish.

The materials can’t really be faulted too much when the price is taken into consideration. If you are looking for an all-metal model, you may have to spend more than the price of the HotelSpa shower combo. In terms of looks, this is not a shower head which appears cheap.

A chrome and white finish are pretty standard looks for bathrooms, so it is likely to fit in with the vast majority of designs. There are no brushed metallic finishes which are popular at the moment, but the HotelSpa has more of a ‘basic’ feel and finish to it.

Rub-Clean Nozzles

The nozzles are an important, but often overlooked aspect of a shower head. Many employ anti-clog technology to avoid issues with limescale. The HotelSpa doesn’t exactly offer this, but the rubber nozzles are described by the manufacturer as rub-clean.

They are very simple to periodically clean and clear to ensure you have no blockages, and this will go a long way towards extending the life of your shower head or heads.

Adjustable Brackets

The shower heads themselves are held within adjustable brackets. This means control over how the heads are tilted and angled. The design is actually pretty sturdy, and you can adjust the angles to your own preference. Let’s say you’re having a quick shower and don’t want to get your hair wet, just adjust the shower head to face your neck downwards. The brackets are intuitive, and it is very clear how to use them to adjust your shower even on the first use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the Flow Regulator Be Removed?

Answer: There are many people who have chosen to remove the flow rate regulators in the HotelSpa, but it isn’t advisable. The regulator is there to keep it at 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). This is best for the environment as well as being best for your bank balance. On top of that, many states have guidelines on shower heads to ensure they’re not wasting water. The warranty of this product will also be voided if you start to make alterations.

Question: What is this product made out of?

Answer: Plastic, mainly and specifically a high grade ABS. There is a chrome finish and some steel parts such as the hose, but for the price tag, you can’t really expect it not to be made mainly out of plastic, this is standard for most shower heads under the $50 mark.

Question: Can Both Heads be Used Together?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. This is one of the charms of having a product like this. Some people assume that it is an either/or situation, but this is not the case, and both shower heads can be running at the same time. This is completely up to you, and you can switch between both or either one of the heads depending on what you want or need at any particular time.

Question: Do I Need a Plumber to Install?

Answer: As with most shower heads, the answer is no. You can install these types of products yourself. In most scenarios, the shower head just needs to be attached to the pipe which will be sticking out of the side of your wall when you remove the old shower head. As long as your home has the standard ½ inch pipe then this will be a breeze, and even different sizes can be adjusted to with an adapter.

What Does the Customer Say?

The HotelSpa has sold thousands of units due to the fact that it is such great value, so what are the central themes in customer reviews? What are the features people love, and what areas have people found lacking after purchasing this shower head?

Value for Money

This may be an affordable product, but there’s no doubt about it, you get plenty for your cash. Many of the people who have purchased this product remark about the fact that it has quite a lot going for it considering the cost. A lot of people are just looking for something to get the job done rather than a shower head to show off to your guests. In this case, the HotelSpa has plenty to offer.

As well as a lot of features for the price tag, it also has a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong that isn’t your fault, you’re protected. Numerous people have commented on the great value, and also the customer service that the HotelSpa brand provides.

Gentle Rainfall

As already briefly mentioned above, the rainfall setting is one that many people are looking for in a shower head these days. It is a gentle and relaxing flow which a lot of us at least want the option to experience. This is usually provided alongside a larger shower head. The six-inch head has been reported by many users as being perfect for this feeling, and it even has two different settings to choose to have it exactly how you like it.


To truly know if a product is simple and easy to install, you just have to look at the reviews. Let’s face it, most shower heads aren’t going to advertise it if they’re hard work to put together or install in your bathroom, and will claim to be simple. The reviews tell you firsthandhow customers found the installation process, and in most cases,  this is totally painless. No need for extra tools, though some reviewers said that a pair of pliers was useful, and that plumbing tape could be used to help secure it at the pipe.

Plastic Fantastic?

In the interest of giving a balanced view of the product, it is worth mentioning that some reviewers have spoken of their dissatisfaction with the product being made of plastic. Some have even said it is on the ‘flimsy’ side. Though you wouldn’t know from looking, it certainly isn’t the most sturdy and rigid product there is, but in order to provide a good shower experience, perhaps it doesn’t need to be.

There are shower heads made out of all metal, treated and cleverly finished to avoid rust and limescale build ups, but this is not going to be available at the same price as the HotelSpa anytime soon. The reviews are split between people saying it is great for the money and others saying it is a little flimsy for their bathroom. If you’re okay with plastic (with a neat chrome finish) then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Easy-to-Use Settings

We’ve already mentioned the exceptional selling point of this having 30 different settings in total, and this is a theme that crops up time and time again in reviews. This is one of the areas the HotelSpa excels. To be able to give all these different options in terms of spray patterns, and also angles, is something incredibly rare to find for such a low price.

Final Words

To say that this is the greatest shower head out there wouldn’t be true, purely because it is made to be part of a budget range. There is an element of “you get what you pay for” when purchasing a shower head, but feature wise, the compromises for the HotelSpa shower combo are virtually non-existent. The only area it doesn’t quite match up is the build quality. It is a little more prone to breakage than some of the other products out there.

If you do wish to go that extra step up in quality, the AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo could be an option for a little extra money, or for a little extra still, the Ana Bath Anti-Clog is another viable option for shower combos.

For the best cheap shower combo, and an affordable way to equip your bathroom with two shower heads in one, the HotelSpa 30-setting 3 Way Rainfall Shower-Head/Handheld Shower Combo is worth considering. With plenty of functionality and a limited warranty, you’ll be hard pressed to get any more for your money.

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