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The HotelSpa Shower Head brand is manufactured by Interlink Products International Incorporated, a reputable shower head brand that has been manufacturing high-quality shower heads for two decades. The company has several shower head brands but their HotelSpa brand is the best brand offered by the company. Interlink Products International Incorporated specializes in the production of luxury and highly efficient products and the HotelSpa brand is a top-notch brand attached to its name.

HotelSpa showerheads come with all the materials needed for their installation. Moreover, their shower heads come with easy to clean rub free jets that result in a clean and consistent flow of water. Moreover, HotelSpa shower heads are optimized to produce water at a high pressure which ensures that the products are highly efficient.

HotelSpa Showerhead Reviews

#1 The Winner

HotelSpa 1830

HotelSpa On Off Ultra-Luxury Showerhead

  • 6-setting 4 inch Hand Shower
  • 6-setting 6 inch Rainfall Shower Head
  • Stunning Exclusive 2-tone Design
  • 30 full and combined water flow patterns

Here we have a quality constructed shower head that consists of stainless steel and high-grade ABS. This model is designed with a 2-tone white and chrome finish. It combines a shower-head and handheld shower that can be used separately or together. They are operated using a reliable on/off switch. This model provides up to 30 different waterflow patterns for added comfort.

This 2-tone design shower combo features a pause switch on the handle for more convenience and water efficiency. This makes it more convenient and saves a lot of water. This rain-fall shower head is 6 inches long and provides 6 different settings and the hand-held shower unit measures 4 inches and comes with 6 different settings. Both feature a spiral flow dial design and other settings include rain/massage,power rain, pulsating massage, rain/mist and water-saving economy rain. Adjustments are done using a 3-way click lever and the end features rubber spray jets for water delivery. Additionally, water is diverted by a 3-way unit which is secured using an immovable lock nut.

The unit also features an adjustable overhead bracket and water is delivered using a seamless stainless steel hose. A 5 feet length provides sufficient reach and the hose is connected using dual conical solid brass nuts that can be tightened easily using hands. Connection and installation are done without any tools and within a few minutes. Moreover, any standard overhead arm can be used for the connection. On top of that, this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty and there is also an instruction manual included to ease-up the installation process.

#2 Runner Up

AquaStorm by HotelSpa Shower-Head Handheld Shower Comb

AquaStorm by HotelSpa Shower-Head Handheld Shower Comb

  • 5-ft. Super Flexible  shower hose
  • Conical Brass Hose Nuts for easy hand tightening
  • 3-zone Click Lever Dial with Rub-clean Jets
  • 30 full and combined water flow patterns

This is a combination of a handheld and overhead shower unit that can be used separately or both together. The unit consists of a six-setting, four-inch handheld shower and six-setting, four-inch face shower-head. This high-pressure shower unit combo comes with multiple settings that include hydrating mist, power rain, pulsating massage, rain/mist, rain/message and water-saving economy rain.

Additionally, this model allows users to choose from 30 different waterflow patterns in a 3-way design. In order to achieve its unique spiral flow, this showerhead features the brilliant High-power Precision technology where water jets are directed down towards the target more effectively for a fast and conservative shower. Furthermore, the flow is initiated by a 3-way diverter which forms a spiral pattern and this diverter is fitted with an immovable lock nut which secures it to the shower-head unit. The overhead bracket can be adjusted at different angles to suit different heights of users.

Additionally, there is a 5-feet shower hose is long enough for convenient use. This hose is made of stainless steel which guarantees durability and it has conical brass hose nuts which can be easy tightened. The hose can be installed without any tools and it also fits any standard shower arm. There is also a 3-way click-lever that allows the user to adjust the position of the showering unit. Water escapes through easy to clean jets with uniform nozzles. To make this a fair deal, this model comes with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer.

#3 Best Value

Aquadance by HotelSpaSlimline Shower-head Handheld Shower Combo

Aquadance by HotelSpaSlimline Shower-head Handheld Shower Combo

  • 3-zone Click Lever Dial
  • Oversize 4 inch Chrome Face
  • Rub-clean Jets
  • 5 ft Super Flexible chrome-finish Hose

Aquadance is also a 3-way multi-function shower-head/handheld showering unit from HotelSpa and this unit can be used separately or together. It provides a 30 different waterflow patterns. The multi-combo shower head system consists of a six-setting, six-inch shower-head and a six-inch setting four-inch handheld shower combo. Another brilliant feature is the water diverter that comes with an anti-swivel lock that provides a soothing consistent water flow. The overhead bracket offers a wide range of adjustments and this combo unit can be used by people of different heights. Water is delivered through a five-foot steel shower hose and attachments to the main pipe can be done using a plumber's tape.

This showerhead comes with multiple shower settings that include pulsating massage, hydrating mist, power rain, rain/massage, water-saving economy rain and rain/mist. This provides a choice among relaxing, fast and water-saving shower. Water flow pattern follows the high-power precision spiral-flow design. The lever can be adjusted 3-ways for added convince. The position is marked by a clicking sound upon adjustment. Water escapes through rubber jets and the shower head fittings come with a couple of shower head restriction parts.

Material design is mostly chromed plastic but with sturdy construction. It is a wall mounted unit and weighs only 1.8 pounds. The hose and its fittings are made of stainless steel to ensure durability and the whole unit can be installed without tools. Its hose and other units can be connected within a few minutes. This combo shower can fit any standard overhead shower for easy replacements and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

#4 Shower Head Combo

HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Combo

HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Combo

  • 30 full and combined water flow patterns
  • 6-setting 4 inch Hand Shower
  • 6-setting 6 inch Rainfall Shower Head
  • 3-zone Click Lever Dial with Rub-clean Jets

Next up is a 3-way multi-function rainfall head with a hand-held unit. It ensures effective water distribution and can be used by anyone, regardless of height. Just like every quality HotelSpa combo shower head, this unit can be used separately or both together. Additionally, it provides a range of flow patterns that includes 30 different flows. The dual shower-head system comes with a six-setting and a four-inch hand-held shower and a six-setting and a six-inch shower with plated ABS and a chrome finishing.

Each unit comes with six settings that are hydrating mist, power rain, pulsating massage, rain/mist, rain/massage and water-saving economy rain. The spray system features a high-power precision spiral-flow design that offers a flow rate and water consumption of 2.5GPM. The click lever dial can be adjusted in three ways for added convenience for the user. Water is finally delivered using quality spray jets and an immovable lock nut is used to secure the patented 3-way water diverter that ensures water is directed consistently and evenly.

A moveable over-head bracket is also included and the package comes with a 5-feet stainless steel shower hose which is constructed from scratch-free materials to ensure durability. A plumbers tape is provided for making attachments and fixing minor leakages. The unit can be installed and dissembled without using any tools and installation is done using a wall-mounted method. You can use any standard shower arm for the connection and this unit also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

#5 8-Inch Rainfall

HotelSpa Large Slimline Square Rainfall Showerhead

HotelSpa Large Slimline

  • Height and Angle Adjustable
  • 2-foot Vertical Movement Range
  • 180-degree Adjustable Solid Brass Ball Joints
  • 100% Solid Brass Construction

This particular shower head comes in a beautiful ergonomic slim line design which plays an important role in enhancing the ambiance and style of any bath decor. It has an eight inches by eight inches square face which allows water to be distributed evenly. The shower head comes with an eleven inches, angle adjustable solid brass extension arm. It also has a two-foot adjustable range and it is also endowed with 180degree adjustable ball joints. This gives the users freedom to adjust the shower head to the positions they feel most comfortable.

Another important feature of this particular shower head is that it has rub clean jets that are easy to clean. The shower head is also designed in a way that it is compatible with any regular shower components. This shower head does not require to be installed by a plumber. Instead, almost anyone who acquires it can conveniently and easily assemble it for it comes with simple instructions. This is further complemented by the fact that it comes with reliable and wing nuts that are easily tighten using just hands.

This shower head comes with a quality chrome texture which makes it look more elegant. It has also been tested independently to make sure that all its features have met the set standards. To confirm that it is of the highest quality it comes with a warranty.

#6 10-Inch Rainfall

HotelSpa Giant 10 Inch Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead

HotelSpa Giant 10 Inch

  • Easy to Clean Rub-Clean Jets
  • Fashionable Slimline Square Design
  • High-polish Chrome Plated Finish
  • Solid Brass Ball Joint Nut 

One of the features that make this particular shower head stand out is that it has a giant ten inches face that has 100 nozzles. This provides users with fantastic waterflow coverage, therefore, making showering more enjoyable. This showerhead has a slim-lined square design and a heavy duty metal construction that makes it both durable and fashionable. It comes with rub spray jets that make it easier to clean at all times.

For more convenient use of this giant face shower head, it comes with an eleven-inch angle/height adjustable arm that can be extended. This means that the angel and the height of this showerhead can be adjusted in a convenient manner. This is complimented further by a durable ball joint nut which provides more reliable connection. Installing this stylish shower head is simple and can be done by almost anyone because it comes already assembled and as a result, no tools or assembly are required. Moreover, the package comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions so you will be ready in no time at all.

The shower head is compatible with almost any standard shower component and as a result, it can be used almost anywhere. This showerhead has been tested properly by US authorities to make sure that it has met all the necessary standards. It also comes with a warranty which proves that the makers have confidence in its performance.

#7 Round Shape Rainfall

HotelSpa Emerald Ultra-Luxury Shower Head

HotelSpa Emerald Ultra-Luxury

  • 120 Easy To Clean Jets
  • 2.5 GPM for Extraordinary High-power
  • Extra-Large 8 Inch Chrome Face
  • Angle Adjustable with Solid Brass swivel ball joint

Just like most modern shower heads this particular shower head is designed in a way that it does not require any tools to be installed because it comes with all the components needed. It also comes with simple installation instructions for an easy and hassle-free installation. This showerhead has a big eight-inch face that has 120 jets that help in making showering more enjoyable and easier to clean the entire shower head.

Another important quality of this particular shower head is that it has a maximum water pressure of 2.5 gallons per minute, therefore, allowing it to provide users with a spa experience without wasting a lot of water. Additionally, it comes with a removable flow regulator which gives the user total control over the water flow while at the same time making it easier to maintain consistent water flow. The shower head is also angle adjustable and has asolid brass swivel ball joint. This allows the users to adjust the shower head into the positions they feel most comfortable.

The round shape of this showerhead and the chrome finish provide a stylish and elegant look. It is also designed in a way that the water falls like rain droplets instead of sharp water jets. This is helpful in making the shower experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Overall, this is a fantastic luxury shower head that you can find in many of the most prestigious hotels around the world. Therefore, this unit is a fantastic addition to any bathroom décor.

#8 Glass Square Head

HotelSpa Square Stainless Steel Eight Inch Shower Head

HotelSpa Square Stainless Steel

  • 2-foot Vertical Movement Range
  • 100% Solid Brass Construction
  • 8-inch Rainfall Shower Head
  • 180-degree Adjustable Solid Brass Ball Joints

This showerhead comes with a sleek design and eight-inch square face that ensures the entire body is covered while showering. To enhance its elegance this particular shower head has a clear acrylic rim and a stainless steel construction that enhances its durability. Additionally, it can be mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall because it is compatible with standard shower components. This is further facilitated by the fact that it is angle adjustable and as a result, the users can position it in the ways they feel most comfortable.

As a way of enhancing convenience while using this showerhead, it comes with an eleven-inch height/angle adjustable solid brass extension arm. It is also designed in with 81 rubber jets that are easy to clean. This plays an integral role in making it easier to clean and maintain the entire shower head.

Another main feature of this modern shower head is that it has been tested independently to make sure that it has met all the necessary standards. It also does not require any tools for it to be installed. This means that you won't have to hire a plumber to install the shower head because it even comes with simple installation instructions.


There are several benefits of acquiring HotelSpa shower head. One of them is that they are luxury and high-end shower heads capable of transforming an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like bathroom. Moreover, HotelSpa brand is durably constructed which ensures that their product lasts long enough to offer the value sought. Additionally, HotelSpa shower heads are also optimized to deliver water at a high pressure even in instances of low water pressure installations.

There are more reasons why you should acquire HotelSpa shower head. For example, if you decide to invest in one, you can rest assure that you will end up with large shower faces that ensure a full body coverage during shower. Moreover, their products come with different spray settings so that every user can customize their bathing experience. Furthermore, their shower heads are easy to install, in most cases requiring no tools at all and each of their products come with an easy to understand installation guide.

HotelSpa shower heads also come with easy to remove flow restrictors that ensure, once removed, increased water pressure. The HotelSpa shower head brand has several shower head and handshower combos that ensure two products for the price of one. These special shower head and handshower combination offer more options in terms of multiple spray settings. Aside from this, HotelSpa shower head replacement parts are easily accessible and readily available which ensures that a person can use their products for a long period of time, moreover, these replacement parts can be obtained for free under their robust warranty policies.

HotelSpa shower heads are highly recommended for use because their shower heads are manufactured with water efficiency and water conservation in mind without compromising efficiency. Therefore, their products are also suitable for hotels, spas and high-end commercial installations. HotelSpa shower heads are fashionable, durable, highly efficient and among the best units that money can buy.


HotelSpa shower heads are products of advanced engineering which ensures a sophisticated design suitable for top-rated hotel bathrooms. HotelSpa shower heads come with several innovative features which makes their product stand out from their competition. Moreover, HotelSpa shower heads are durably constructed so that they can be used for a long period of time without breaking, corroding or fading.

Furthermore, the company manufactures all its shower head in accordance with American best standards and industry practices. HotelSpa shower heads are water efficient ensuring that a person can do more with less water at the same time without compromising its efficiency and performance. Therefore, a HotelSpa showerhead is a fantastic addition to any bathroom décor if you are looking for a reasonably priced quality showerhead that is built to last.

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