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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set is a luxury inflatable spa kit that can fit up to four people. It has a powerful massaging bubble air jet system that provides soothing comfort for sore muscles. Inflatable spa kits are great because you can use them almost anywhere! They also are less expensive to maintain than a regular hot tub as they use less water and less energy.

It can easily heat up to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees, which is too warm for most people at the maximum (102 degrees), but not hot enough to burn anyone. It only takes moments to reach its maximum temperature so you can spend longer enjoying your relaxing spa treatment. The heat and powerful bubble jets are all controlled with a very easy to use control panel.

Intex is a trusted manufacturer of inflatable spa sets and hot tub. They only use top of the line materials that will not easily wear or tear even with extended use over many years. You can expect this inflatable bathtub to outlast many of your other household appliances.

It is a convenient size to set up almost anywhere, and the kit comes with everything necessary included. You will not need any extra tools to set this home spa set up, and it comes with easy to understand instructions.

Health Benefits

For thousands of years, humans have been enjoying the soothing, therapeutic effects of hot springs, hot tubs, saunas, and bathhouses. For those that suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, soaking in hot water can improve circulation and offer powerful pain relief. Studies have found that those suffering from chronic fatigue also found relief from their symptoms by using regular spa treatments.

If you’re looking to lose weight, using a hot tub can help. The hot water and circulating bubbles boost your blood flow so you will metabolize faster, losing weight without even trying. It can also help you recover faster from your workouts as it will heal sore muscles.


  • Powerful Jets

The jets on this inflatable spa kit are very powerful and circulate bubbles throughout the water evenly and consistently. Sore muscles will thank you for choosing an inflatable tub with built-in jets. It is very relaxing and can help you manage stress. After a long day at work or in the gym, there’s nothing better than relaxing in your personal home spa.

  • Easy to Set-Up

The spa set is so easy to set up that you don't need a single additional tool. Everything you need is included in the inflatable spa kit, including an easy to read instruction manual. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it. It can be collapsed and stored away for travel or through housing moves. On the sides, there are easy-lift handles so it can be easily moved from spot to spot.

  • Safe and Durable

The materials used are high-quality and will not easily break. The structure of the hot tub itself is very durable and strong. It can comfortably and safely hold four people at one time. It is protected against leaks and overheating. All of the parts are 100% certified safe to use. Other inflatable spa easily tear and break, but not this one. It is made of strong, quality materials that are meant to last.

  • Built-In Hard Water Treatment

For maximum relaxation, the built-in hard water treatment system keeps the water gentle on the skin. It is very easy to keep your inflatable hot tub clean and the water high-quality. It takes very little maintenance as well.


  • Only Fits Four People

This is a great hot tub for families up to four people, but it would be unwise and unsafe to try to fit more than four people. There are several inflatable hot tubs that are available from the same trusted manufacturer that fit five to six people. However, if you don’t need the extra space, you’re better off getting one that is the appropriate size so you’ll save on energy and water consumption.


The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set comes with everything you need to enjoy relaxing, massaging soaks in your own personal hot tub. It is made out of high-quality 3-ply material that is as comfortable as it is durable. It has a padded floor and walls for maximum comfort and support. It is also very insulated so it retains the same temperature, saving energy.

For families and couples, this is a great bonding experience. The soothing bubbles offer powerful stress management and pain relief. After a stressful day in the office or a long workout at the gym, you deserve the comfort of relaxing in your own personal inflatable spa. This kit is very easy to set up and start enjoying luxury spa treatments in your home.

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