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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

If you’re looking for the best infrared sauna for home, make sure you’re getting it from a trusted manufacturer. JNH has been making high-quality certified safe saunas and appliances for many years and offers a factory warranty on all of their products. Their engineers have created a new luxury home sauna experience in the lifestyles. It uses infrared technology to heat the body directly with electromagnetic waves to relieve pain, increase circulation, and help you lose weight.

JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB Far Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB Far Infrared Sauna

  • Premium Sound System
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Number of Heaters: 8
  • Tempered Glass 

The JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB Far Infrared Sauna has eight carbon fiber heating fixtures that evenly warm the space. They use less energy than traditional saunas so you’ll save money on your power bill without sacrificing the heating power or therapeutic properties. The temperature is controlled with an easy to use digital control panel that comes with a remote controller.

The sauna is truly a luxury experience, with lighting and Bluetooth built right in. You can play your favorite music, the news, or an audiobook while you relax. The construction is that of solid, beautiful California Hemlock wood, which has a lovely warm tone. It is completely untreated wood so it is chemical-free and non-toxic.


  • Double-Wall Insulation

The walls of the structure have been doubled for maximum insulation. The heat will not escape, and you will not waste any money on your power bill.

  • Powerful Heating Technology

The sauna is made with eight built-in carbon infrared heaters that provide powerful heating to the sauna all while using less energy. It evenly warms the air throughout the entire space to prevent cold or hot spots.

  • Beautiful Untreated Hemlock

The body of the sauna is made out of chemical-free Canadian hemlock wood that is both sturdy and solid. It is a durable long-lasting material that is safe to use in bathroom appliances and has a lovely warm, wooden grain. It will not interrupt the design of your bathroom but add to the ambiance of the space.

  • Premium Bluetooth Speaker System

There is a built-in speaker system so you can enjoy your favorite radio shows, podcasts, and music while in the sauna. This makes it a very enjoyable experience. Playing therapeutic music while using the sauna will maximize the soothing effect. It’s also great to help you multitask by listening to the news or an audiobook. The speakers are made with superior technology for clear sound quality.

  • Easy to Install

This is the best infrared sauna for home DIYers that are inexperienced with home renovations. It comes with everything you need to get started including an easy to read instruction manual. The sauna itself is a compact design that is roomy enough for two people but small enough for versatile installation options. All you need is a screwdriver!


  • May Cause Dehydration

Although the sauna operates at a lower temperature than other saunas, there is still a risk of dehydration because it makes you sweat out the toxins in your body. To avoid this you should be sure to drink plenty of fluids before using the sauna. If you have a pre-existing heart condition you should consult a doctor before using a sauna as it could raise your heart rate and make you lightheaded.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to using a sauna regularly such as increased circulation. Increasing circulation will naturally boost your metabolism for better weight loss results without even trying. It also will help your body to heal faster and recover from workouts faster.

You will sweat out toxins and improve your skin. It can also help you lose weight because you’ll naturally burn more calories. Also, those will chronic pain from arthritis, joint pain, or muscle pain can find some relief by using this product regularly in combination with a healthy lifestyle.


The JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB Far Infrared Sauna is a luxury home sauna experience that comes with built-in lights and speakers for a total package. Everything is controlled by a simple digital controller and remote control. The body of the sauna is compact and made out of beautiful Hemlock wood that is untreated, chemical-free, and safe for use in the sauna. It has a clean, cohesive appearance that will add another layer of elegance to your home spa or bathroom.

It is made by a trusted manufacturer out of high-quality materials that will not easily damage even with heavy use. It comes with a factory warranty as well for added peace of mind. It’s the best infrared sauna for home for people who are inexperienced with home renovations because it is easy to install and comes with everything included (besides the screwdriver!); if you need additional help with installation or warranty options they also have a friendly customer service line you can contact for more information.

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