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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

This KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub is perfect for those who are wanting a classic, simplistic, and reliable bathtub. It offers a deep depth for soaking and bathing, with a durable design. It’s the best acrylic tub for a smart consumer.

The design is simple, but with good amenities and features at such an affordable price. The product is priced moderately and is robust in sensible features. It even comes with an attached apron to hide the underside of the tub and create a better presentation within your bathroom.

Kingston VTDE603122R Built-In Alcove Style Bathtub

Kingston VTDE603122R Built-In Alcove Style Bathtub

  • Acrylic Tubs material
  • Tub capacity – 58.2 gallon
  • Water depth – 14” to overflow
  • Tub weight: 95 lbs.

You want a bathtub that can place a modern-day designed bathroom. It should have an elegance to it, efforts showing off your bathroom to any visitors and providing a comforting atmosphere for relaxation.

The real benefit here is the acrylic alcove. The acrylic allows for a sleek look, with durability and strength in mind. It also provides easy maneuverability with this lightweight material.

Why an Acrylic Alcove Bathtub?

We’ve talked about its durability, its strength, and the lightweight material. But, what else is there? A lot.

The cost is something that must be talked about. Using acrylic compared to porcelain makes the product cost much less to produce. Thus, it cost much less to bring to the consumer. It’s reinforced with fiberglass and resin material for warmth retention as well as strength.

Alcove tubs are popular. Many people install them into a three-wall recess, or perhaps a window. You can transform it into a shower combo. All you need is to install a shower faucet on a wall next to your tub and you’re good to go. Of Course, you also need a shower rod and curtain. Can’t make up your mind with a tub or tub/shower combo? Problem solved.

A big benefit of having an acrylic alcove bathtub is that they’re extremely easy to fit in a bathroom where space may be limited. Tubs can simply fit where an older bathtub resided, or in an already-cluttered bathroom. You can also choose between right or left-handed drains to come with your order.

Choosing What is Best for You

Is your bathroom oddly designed? Are you looking for an affordable, reliable new bathtub? Can’t decide between a bathtub or bathtub/shower combo? This acrylic alcove bathtub is probably the right answer to your problem. This product excels in solving those questions.

Are you looking for a flashy bathtub to add to your ritzy bathroom? Are you looking to purchase a larger or freestanding tub? Or perhaps you’re in the market to spend more for less? If so, this bathtub might not be the best buy for you. This is a reliable and sensible bathtub. You know what you’re getting when you buy this product.


  • The acrylic alcove allows for a better presentation of this bathtub in your bathroom. It looks clean, sleek, and stylish
  • The tub holds a whopping 58.2 gallons of water. This large amount of water allows for maximum relaxation.
  • The acrylic is reinforced with fiberglass and resin material. This allows warm water to be warm for a longer period.
  • Kingston Brass allows for the option of a left or right-handed drain. No matter which hand is your dominant, accessibility isn’t an issue.
  • The alcove allows for your tub to be placed in oddly shaped or designed areas. Wherever you envision your new bathtub being placed, this alcove bathtub can be a perfect solution.
  • Bathtub or bathtub/shower combo? You can have either with this design.
  • Acrylic is a great solution to stains. The material is highly resistant to stains.


  • Acrylic scratches easier than porcelain does. However, it’s easy to repair scratches on acrylic.
  • The design is simplistic and may not fit into an over-the-top bathroom. But it does offer a presentation that would look marvelous in most bathroom designs.


KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub delivers another beautiful product with this acrylic alcove bathtub. It’s durability, reliability, and modest presentation is crafted for a smart consumer in this day and age. Its affordable pricing makes this bathtub stand out among its competitors (HGTV says that a standard acrylic alcove tub can go for almost double! and is worth at least a look for anyone interested in a new bathtub.

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