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by Thomas Holmes

The Kohler K-13688-BN 8-inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead is one of the most artistic, efficient, effective, and affordable showerheads on the market. Kohler’s quality has long been recognized as the gold standard of bathroom fixtures, and this showerhead lives up to its brand expectations. Its contemporary design and low profile add a luxurious look and feel to any shower.

KOHLER 13688-BN K-13688-BN, Brushed Nickel


  • Low profile design
  • Catalyst Spray Technology(TM) 
  • Master Clean(TM) spray face 
  • 2. 5-Gallons per minute flow rate

The larger water drops provided by the showerhead’s Katalyst air induction technology provide more overall coverage and warmer water, giving the user a more enjoyable shower experience. This doesn’t mean that water is wasted, however, as each drop is optimized for ultimate water conservation.


  • This Kohler Rain Showerhead comes with the trademarked MasterClean spray face. This means that the showerhead’s nozzles are resistant to mineral buildup, guaranteeing that its performance will remain reliable for many years.
  • Racetrack technology means the showerhead delivers a more densely packed, uniform water spray pattern, providing the user with warmer, more consistent water coverage.


  • Although this Kohler Rain Showerhead promises a powerful, consistent spray of water regardless of water pressure, users with poorer water pressure in their area have noticed a weakness in coverage. This isn’t exactly a drawback of the product, just a fact of life for users with poor water pressure.
  • This showerhead is larger and heavier than many other showerheads. Therefore, it requires a stronger shower arm than what is usually found in most bathrooms to support it.

Key Features

Let’s start with an examination of what you can expect from this Kohler Rain Showerhead. Kohler has a reputation for designing some of the most comprehensive, innovative, and efficient rain showerheads on the market and this model does not disappoint.

Katalyst Air Induction Spray

Kohler’s patented Katalyst air induction spray is a pioneering technology in shower heads. Air induction — which allows 2.2 liters of air to flow through the showerhead into 2.5 gallons of water per minute — creates larger, warmer drops of water. Each drop of water is about half a degree warmer than the water droplets from other showerheads. This unique technology gives you a luxurious shower spray experience that envelops the entire body.

Racetrack Technology

Kohler’s inventive Racetrack technology has resulted in a showerhead that is able to deliver the perfect amount of force, the right volume of distribution, and the ideal expanse of coverage. This technology means the shower spray works more effectively and makes cleansing and rinsing a breeze.

Water Conservation

Even though this showerhead is known for being a low-flow showerhead and, therefore, exemplifying superb water conservation, nothing is spared in its ability to provide a full rain shower experience. Every drop of water is enhanced by its intelligent engineering so that performance is not sacrificed.

Low Profile Design

The low-profile design of this Kohler Rain Showerhead makes it a beautiful addition to any modern or traditional bathroom decor. No matter the interior design of your bathroom, this showerhead will complement any existing surfaces and plumbing hardware.

MasterClean Sprayface

The Kohler K-13688-BN is outfitted with a MasterClean spray face. Its translucent nozzles repel mineral buildup, keeping the showerhead functioning reliably for many years.

Vibrant Finish

Customers who choose the Vibrant Brushed Nickel finish on this Kohler Rain Showerhead are guaranteed a showerhead that maintains its brilliance throughout its entire lifetime. Because Kohler’s vibrant finishes are constructed with high quality materials, they remain durable and functional for the lifetime of the showerhead. A PVD steam vacuum-coating process makes the surface resistant to corrosion, loss of gloss, and scratches. Customers must remember never to use cleaning products that contain ammonia, abrasive cleaners, waxes, acid, chlorine, solvents, or alcohol when cleaning the showerhead.

Low Flow Rate

The flow rate of this Kohler Rain Showerhead is 2.5 gallons per minute, meaning that every minute, 2.5 gallons of water are used. Therefore, a10-minute shower will only consume 25 gallons of water using this showerhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the most common questions asked by potential buyers on Amazon and other sites about this showerhead.

Is the Kohler K-13688-BN moveable?

Yes, the showerhead adjusts to tilt in or out from its base.

Is the hardware that attaches the showerhead to the shower arm metal or plastic?

All attachment hardware that comes with this showerhead is metal.

How much does this showerhead weigh?

The Kohler showerhead weighs approximately four pounds.

Does this showerhead come with a ceiling mount extension bar?

No, the ceiling mount extension bar must be purchased separately.

Because this showerhead has a rain effect, is the water pressure from the Kohler K-13688-BN sufficient?

The water pressure is not generated from the shower head. Your water pressure will depend on the pressure generated from your water lines.

Will the Kohler K-13688-BN fit on the Kohler Hydrorail if I already have that installed?

Yes, these products are compatible and work together nicely.

What Do the Customers Say?

Customer feedback on the Kohler showerhead has been overwhelmingly positive. There are some universal themes running through reviews of this showerhead, and most of them should be encouraging to prospective buyers. Of the many product reviews on, these are some of the most common comments.

Kohler’s Quality, Reputation, and Reliability

A frequent theme throughout reviews of this Kohler Rain Showerhead is that customers feel assured by the recognized and anticipated quality and reliability of a Kohler showerhead. Kohler has a long-standing great reputation for offering quality construction in its bathroom fixtures and this showerhead definitely does not disappoint.

Larger and Heavier than Other Showerheads

Another frequent comment from reviewers of the Kohler K-13688-BN 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead is that this showerhead is much larger and heavier than other showerheads. Customers note that you must have a strong shower arm from which to hang this showerhead in order to install it correctly and effectively. Examples of shower arms that are compatible with and can stand up to this showerhead can be found on the website.

Metal Construction at a Reasonable Price

Reviewers of the Kohler showerhead note that it is solidly constructed of metal yet at a price that one would not expect for such sturdy construction. They also comment that the showerhead is much less expensive when purchased on than when purchased directly from Kohler.

Luxurious Rain Effect

Customers rave about the heavier, rain-like feel of the water drops coming from the Kohler K-13688-BN 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead. They love the wider coverage provided by the larger shower head and the fact that it can cover the whole body simultaneously instead of just one body part at a time.

This Showerhead Saves Water

Other reviewers of this Kohler Rain Showerhead have noted that the product saves them water, as family members who might have taken longer showers with previous shower heads tend to take shorter showers with the Kohler. This showerhead ultimately ends up saving the household water and money.

Offered in Beautiful Colors and Finishes

Customers love the fact that the Kohler K-13688-BN Showerhead is available in two rich, attractive finishes — vibrant brushed nickel and polished chrome. It gives any bathroom an expensive upgraded look for a reasonable price. Vibrant finishes are guaranteed to maintain luster and durability for the lifetime of the showerhead.

Can’t Improve Upon Existing Water Restrictions, However

One customer review of the Kohler K-13688-BN 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead noted that while they love this product in their shower and enjoy the way it feels, the water restrictions in their area made the water pressure coming from the showerhead a bit weak. Unfortunately, a shower head won’t improve a home’s water pressure or alleviate water restrictions in a given area.

Final Words

The Kohler K-13688-BN 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead is one of the finest examples of luxury rain showerheads available. Its patented Katalystair induction spray and Racetrack technology means that you will enjoy larger, warmer, more uniform water droplets without sacrificing water conservation. Using just 2.5 gallons of water per minute, this showerhead is not the most conservative on the market but saves water effectively when compared to other rain showerheads. It is also heavier and larger than most rain showerheads and therefore requires a strong shower arm in order to be mounted properly.

The price of this showerhead may be prohibitive for some consumers. If that is the case, you might want to look instead at the Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour Air Showerhead or, an even less expensive model, the American Standard 1660.680.002 8-inch Rain Easy Clean Showerhead. They don’t carry the Kohler name, however, that many consumers have come to know and trust for its quality craftsmanship.

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