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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

Kokss has been in business manufacturing upscale bathroom fixtures since 2005. They are located in Elmhurst, Illinois and pride themselves on attention to detail and superior design and craftsmanship. That shows in the design and quality of this GT0531 corner steam shower and Jacuzzi tub combination.

This steam shower comes with the steam generator integrated, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing it separately. The rest of the integrated features transform this steam shower into a true spa experience in your own home.

Starting with the steam generator, it is a full 3 kilowatt unit that ensures you will get the steam output you want when you want it. A large rainfall shower head is mounted on top of this steam shower, but there is also a separate hand-held shower with multiple flow settings.

If you want to enjoy the tub, there are two back massage jets that pulsate to help work out the kinks and stresses of the day. The soaking tub also comes with a built-in headrest so you don’t have to deal with trying to get comfortable.

While you’re soaking, there’s no need to interrupt your bath because of a phone call. This steam shower comes with an integrated phone and speaker, so you can talk while you’re relaxing. And if you block your calls while relaxing like we do, there’s an FM radio built in to enjoy, as well. Pair that with an FM transmitter and you can listen to your favorite Spotify mix while you rest.

Controlling all these functions is easy thanks to the touch screen computerized display. And if you’re lying down, no need to get up. Just use the remote control to adjust lighting or volume as you need to.

The construction of this steam shower uses ABS board, aluminum alloys and toughened 5-mm-thick glass. Everything inside of the shower is sealed and completely moisture-proof. Additionally, when the unit is installed, a waterproof plastic belt is also installed around the shower room. This provides a permanent water barrier that won’t break down like a silicon seal can.

How Much Does Running a Steam Shower Cost?

  • One of the primary concerns about getting a steam shower is how much the steam costs to generate. The short answer is: not that much at all. Here, let us explain why that’s so.
  • The steam generator is a 3kw generator. That means if you use it for an hour, you have used 3 kilowatt hours.
  • The average price of electricity in the United States is 13.27 cents per kilowatt hour. The highest rate is in Hawaii, where it is 31.42 cents per kilowatt hour, and the lowest rate is in Washington State, at 9.72 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • That means that on average, a 20 minute steam shower will only cost you 13 cents.
    • (13.27 cents per kilowatt hour * 3 kilowatt hours)/3
    • Divided by 3 because 20 minutes is one-third of an hour.

What is the Number One Benefit of a Steam Shower?

There are numerous benefits to a steam shower, including positive effects on health and mood. But the number one benefit would have to be on health. A steam shower can actually help improve your blood circulation without the need for medications.

A study done in 2012 showed that moist heat (such as from a steam bath) on older individuals had a pronounced effect on skin blood flow. They used the study to show how effective it can be in people who suffer from pressure or diabetic ulcers in the lower legs.

The application of moist heat was found to be most effective when used in durations of greater than ten minutes (to allow the heat to penetrate), and led to a blood flow increase of 450 percent.

While using a steam shower should never be substituted for your regular medication, using it as a supplement can have a huge benefit.

Pros and Cons

Steam showers are not cheap, so we want to help you make sure the one you buy is the best one for your home. Here is a list of features that you can easily compare to our other steam shower reviews.


  • 64 ¾ ” x 32 ¾” whirlpool tub enclosure
  • 6 body massage jets
  • Ceiling mounted rainfall shower
  • Computerized control panel with touch screen
  • FM radio
  • Integrated phone and speaker
  • Blue fluorescent lighting
  • Foot massager
  • Remote control


This steam shower and Jacuzzi tub combination is a well-made bathroom fixture. The size of the unit means that it should fit in nicely in your existing shower and tub space with just a little work. The included feature set highlights everything you want and includes some features that go a little above and beyond. If you want a spa experience and love steam showers, this is a great purchase. If you’re not ready to make a final decision, check out our other steam shower reviews here.

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