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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

This bathroom faucet is the ideal addition to any restroom. It is designed to match any décor and offers simple, contemporary elegance. It is built to conserve water, but you won't notice any reduction in the stream that comes from this faucet. Since it only requires you to drill one hole in your countertop, it's ideal to pair with a custom counter.

Moen 6191 Bathroom Faucet

Moen 6191 Bathroom Faucet

  • 1.2 Gallons Per Minute
  • Lever handle design
  • Spout Reach 4.5 Inches
  • Chrome finish is highly reflective

The Moen 6191 One-handle bathroom faucet is the perfect way to modernize the look of your bathroom. It is easy to turn on and off and a simple nudge of the handle will adjust the temperature. It’s designed to comply with the ADA, too.

The Importance of Hygiene

Germs are found everywhere in a bathroom. You likely recognize the importance of washing your hands before eating, but you may choose to do that in that very same, germ-covered bathroom. So how do we make sure that washing our hands really does leave them clean?

Steps for proper handwashing:

  • Wet your hands
  • Add soap
  • Scrub for at least 20 seconds (some people hum a song)
    • Remember to get the backs of your hands and between your finger
  • Rinse your hands well
  • Dry your hands on a clean paper towel

To fully benefit from these clean hands, though, you won’t want to touch the same knobs or handles that you used when your hands were dirty.

The Moen 6191 One Handle Faucet eliminates this dilemma by allowing you to easily shut off the water with a bump of your elbow. This will leave your hands clean and ready for whatever fun and food you may have planned


The Moen 6191 One Handle Faucet makes it easy for kids to turn the water on and off for themselves. When you are teaching children to care for their own needs, hand washing is one of the first skills you should teach them. Some faucets can make it hard for them to turn on, but the Moen 6191 alleviates that concern.

This faucet is designed so that you only have to lift the handle gently to have water come pouring out. Adjusting the temperature is easy, too. Shift the handle to the left and the water will get warmer. Shift it to the right and the water will get colder. The handle on this faucet moves easily enough for children to find the water temperature that’s right for them.


A full bathroom remodel can easily cost well over $5000.00. If you choose custom countertops that expense is likely higher. When you invest that much money into a room, you want every last detail to look perfect. The single hole design of the faucet prevents you from having to drill any extra holes in your counter.

This bathroom faucet comes with a drain assembly that matches the faucet. Together they will brighten any bathroom. They match any décor and add a contemporary polish, even to older bathrooms. This bathroom faucet makes installation easy, too.

To install this faucet, determine the location for the faucet first. Once you know where it will go, cut one hole to fit the faucet. Be sure that your water supply is turned off before connecting your hoses and remember to match hot to hot and cold to cold. After the handle and faucet are fully plumbed and secured in place, you can install the drain assembly.

Once your new bathroom faucet is installed, a simple swipe of caulk will ensure that it remains water-tight and easy to clean. Your Moen 6191 Align one-handle faucet will make your bathroom shine for years to come. Moen makes it easy to install so that anyone can add it to their bathroom.


  • Single-hole required for installation.
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Adjusting the temperature is simple
  • Kid-friendly
  • ADA compliant
  • Conserves water, but won’t reduce flow to a trickle


  • If your current faucet requires more than one hole, you may need to replace your counter for this faucet to fit.


Bathrooms are an important part of everyday life. The right choice in the faucet can make handwashing easier which can keep your family healthier. A faucet that is simple and easy to use makes it easier for kids to wash up, and adults will enjoy the convenience, too.

The Moen 6191 Align one-handle faucet is the perfect faucet for any bathroom update. It will only require drilling one hole in your countertop, looks great with any décor, and includes a matching drain assembly. This faucet is an easy way to give your bathroom an updated, sleek, and modern look without having to renovate the entire room.

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