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by Thomas Holmes

Product Overview

Moen made a beautiful faucet when it created the Eva One-Handle Singe Hole Bathroom Sing Faucet. Its brushed finish will add a touch of modern beauty, and it's one handle design makes sense for everyday use. Since it's made by Moen, you'll know that you are getting a good quality fixture, too.

Moen Eva Bathroom Faucet

Moen Eva Bathroom Faucet

  • High Arc Sprout
  • Maximum flow of 1.5 gpm
  • Single hole mount
  • One–handle lever design

This faucet features a beautiful high arch that leaves plenty of room for hands to scrub. Even better, the design is adjustable and can work with a vessel sink. This faucet will pair very well with a wide range of existing designs. It’s got a very contemporary finish, but its softly rounded edges will allow it to blend in with a more classic décor, as well.

If you are looking for the best bathroom faucet, be sure to look at the Eva one-handle bathroom sink by Moen. It’s a pretty design that will meet all of your functional needs with ease. It’s made by a great company, so you can depend on it for many years.

A Versatile Design

The entire Eva collection offers fixtures that feature clean lines to fit any bathroom style. The brushed finish keeps the look friendly and welcoming, while the sophisticated design adds a level of elegance. Whether your bathroom style is contemporary, classic, or country, the Moen Eva one-handles single hole bathroom sink faucet is a great choice.

This bathroom sink faucet is designed to be turned on and off with just one hand. It has a gently curved handle that is easy to lift and lower. Even better, it smoothly shifts left and right to adjust the water temperature to suit your needs.

It’s designed to be installed using just one hole in your bathroom countertop, but Moen includes a deck plate that allows this fixture to work with existing three-holed counters, as well. If you have or want, a vessel sink, this faucet offers the perfect flexibility. Moen makes an extension kit available to add more than 5.5 inches of height to the faucet, though you will need to buy that extension separately.

Great Features

Moen’s Eva one-handle sink faucet has great features, including:

  • 4-7/8-inch spout height
  • Lever style handle that pivots to adjust the temperature
  • WaterSense certified through the EPA
  • A flow rate of just 1.5 gallons each minute
  • The smooth, clear, steady flow of water due to the use of laminar stream physics
  • Optional deck plate allows this faucet to be compatible with one or three-holed counters
  • The available additional extension makes this faucet pair well with vessel sinks
  • ADA compliance means that this sink is easy for everyone to use
  • Pairs beautify with the rest of Moen’s Eva line of fixtures and accessories

This Moen faucet makes it easy for you to imagine adding a touch of updated beauty to your bathroom. Whether you want to completely remodel the entire bathroom or are just interested in a quick update to your fixtures, the Eva model by Moen is the right choice.

Performance Makes Sense

Moen believes in making a design decision that allows you to save energy and money. The Eva One-handle, single-hole faucet follows through with this promise ensuring that it’s got the WaterSense label. That means that it uses up to 32% less water. You won’t notice any difference in performance, though.

The brushed finish on this fixture doesn't just look beautiful, it stays that way, too. It's got a LifeShine guarantee that promises that it won't tarnish or corrode. They even include a guarantee against flaking. The LifeShine finish also means that this faucet is less likely to corrode, too.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-install
  • Versatile design with accessories for added flexibility
  • Beautiful looks
  • LifeShine finish guaranteeing long-lasting beauty
  • WaterSense Certified


  • If you are looking for a smooth finish, this design may not be the right choice for you.


When you want an elegant bathroom fixture, be sure to look at the Eva line by Moen. It’s got the clean look of a modern fixture with the gentle curves of a classic design. The brushed finish will match any décor, and Moen is a name brand that you can trust.

Moen’s Eva One-handle, single hole bathroom faucet comes with a deck plate to give you the ability to install it with whatever existing holes you have in your bathroom counter. If you are upgrading your counter at the same time, you’ll be excited to know that you only need to drill one hole for this faucet.

A small upgrade in a bathroom can make a really big difference. Adding the Eva one-handle faucet by Moen is an easy way to bring updated beauty into your bathroom.

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