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by Thomas Holmes

Moen, the world's leading manufacturers of plumbing supplies, faucets, showerheads, released the Moen S6320 Velocity in several color schemes (it is also available in Brushed Nickel). The S6320 Velocity has a diameter of 8 inches, thus, you can imagine a big, stylish, elegant circular shaped showerhead. It is capable of discharging water at a flow rate of 2.5 gpm. Moreover, it has a height of around 3.2 inches. Moreover, it is mountable on the wall and on roof based on the plumbing design of your washroom. Furthermore, it’s easily adjustable and can be tilted to give you the best angle and shower experience.

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower

Moen S6320

  • Chrome finish is highly reflective 
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Connection Size: 1/2 inch
  • Connection Type: IPS

One of the most important reasons people draw to this showerhead is due to its trustworthy brand, Moen. Moen is known for revolutionizing the plumbing sanitary and its features, dropping some light on parts of your house that used to be undeservingly forgotten. Now, they’re the first thing that you see to judge the caliber and standard of a household. Moen delivers remarkable finishes, highly efficient water discharge, eco-friendly use, and loads of comfort so that their product lasts a lifetime by your side.

The Moen Velocity offers you the experience of both the rain shower and concentrated rinse so that you and your partner can use one shower with different preferences. Furthermore, it’s endorsed by Consumer Reports, declaring this as the first rain shower to make it to the list. It’s also eco-friendly and saves water while providing you with adequate pressure. As it caters to a wide majority of people through its all-encompassing features, it usually comes down to the only cost. Above all, you get what you pay for in this and I’m very sure that it’s going to be the best bang for your buck.


  • Famous and trustworthy brand
  • Immersion rainshower technology for good pressure
  • Two distinct modes i.e. rain shower and focus rinse
  • 4 stylish finishes and clean sleek looks
  • Easy to remove flow limiter
  • Durable metal construction
  • 8 inches diameter and 100 nozzles
  • Adjustable angle with 30 degrees tilt on all sides


  • Expensive

Key features

Extraordinarily excellent coverage through the wide showerhead

The Moen Velocity S6320 has an 8-inch exceptional diameter that covers a lot of space with the rain effect. It has a total of 100 well-planned nozzles for a good 2.5-gallon quantity of water, in a minute. Moreover, a steady serene stream of water is discharged to rinse your body and give you the feel of utter comfort.

Immersion technology for superior spray power

It is embedded with Immersion Rain Shower Technology. The Immersion technology makes sure that the water is delivered with an ideal stable flow rate, by channeling the water proficiently throughout the entire nozzle array, thus delivering the best shower experience which is sure to swoon and comfort your tired body.

How does it do that? It has a self-pressurizing network and design that pushes the water into an annular tornado like pressure variant pattern for a consistent pressure yet substantial water supply. Most rain showers rely solely on gravity to collect the water in the showerhead and then discharge it out. This is a very inefficient process which results in a wilting, lousy water stream with low pressure.

Therefore, it is obvious why Velocity S6320 is able to send those thriving jets of water stream, which are twice as powerful, in concentrated rinse mode for absolute rinsing and cleansing.

Adjustable water flow with two Spray modes

The best feature of this showerhead, in my opinion, is the Two Spray Mode. Let me get into the full details regarding this feature for you. Basically, the Velocity showerhead enables you to choose between two spray modes:

  • Rain Shower Full Spray Mode
  • Concentrated High-Pressure Rinse

The Rain Shower Full Spray Mode, allows you to experience rain-like serene dripping of water from the wide 8-inch shower head, utilizing all 100 invigorating nozzles. It allows you to enjoy that experience in the safety and confidence of your own bath. It’s a great cure for relieving tiredness with a general warm steady supply of water.

The second mode, Concentrated High-Pressure Rinse Mode, immediately blocks the flow of water to more than half of the nozzles without compromising on pressure. What do you get with a reduced outlet volume and a consistent pressure? It’s not a hard fluid lesson really but more like you get a higher water velocity. Such a feature is a must-have for constant bathing purpose as it’s imminent to clean yourself with sharp thorough high-pressure streams of water to remove all dirt and foreign pollutants.

You can switch between the two with a flip of a simple lever. What an ingenious design feature, isn’t it? It definitely serves its purpose like a two-in-one showerhead.

Great build quality with durable swivel ball assembly

This is basically the trademark feature of Moen, so it should come as no surprise to those who have any experience with this outstanding brand. It’s built with high-quality metal and durable swivel ball assembly. To vouch for its build quality, you get covered by Moen’s exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

Stylish and easy to clean

It does not matter what color your bathroom is because the Moen Velocity comes in a wide variety of colors and surface finishes, to fit in with most elegant bathroom schemes. Not just that, to further glorify your bathroom décor wise with its sleek looks.

It has the standard chrome finish which is just awe-inspiring to look at, if you are looking for the Brushed Nickel finish then you should have a look at the Moen S6320BN model. That clean reflective and shiny mirror-like-look, reflective the lights all around your tiles and all. Furthermore, you can also get some antique grandeur and touch with the brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze finish. In either case, you’re sure to get tons of compliments regarding your taste when your guests now visit your luxury bathrooms.

Moen Velocity also takes pride in its capability to fight off the dirt; scratches and overall slime feel on showerheads. It has a gentle polish that compliments many designs with its amazing application. It features rubber spray formers, too. They allow an easy removal of deposits over the surface. The rubber spray formers are extraordinarily easy to get squeaky clean.


As mentioned above, durability and finesse in the manufacturing of high-quality products with well-working features are one of Moen’s trademark characteristics. That is why they have such a high in the industry. Most of Moen’s products are covered by their lifetime limited warranty. Their quality workmanship, heavy-duty raw materials, discipline, and ambition get us these amazing techs in our daily life.

Moen covers basic leaks, dripping, part durability, finishing and basic functionality for the original consumer purchaser. That’s basically the warranty period for the consumers. It’s practically a lifetime warranty.

While its solid metal construction is designed to last a lifetime, it’s quite known that utilities aren’t utilized with as delicacy in industries and commercial fronts as in residents. Yet, Moen provides a 5-year warranty period for non-homeowners, i.e. purchase for industrial, commercial or business use.

Moen Velocity S6320 | Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to install or do I need to buy a separate gasket and tool?

It’s quite easy to install if you have basic plumbing knowledge. Many users have stated that they were able to install it themselves. You need a plumber tape. Use the plumber Teflon tape on the threads and to allow the showerhead to screw on easily. Tighten the showerhead to the shower arm with your hands first. Don’t overdo it, just like with a light bulb. Then tighten it with a wrench. Simple!

Does this come with arm shown in the photo?

This product comes with a showerhead only. An extension must be bought if you don’t already have one. It uses a simple standard half-inch NPT thread pattern and the showerhead therefore also doesn’t require any separate tool or gasket. So, it will most probably fit your already owned shower arm. However, Moen also delivers high-quality shower arms, and some are in chrome to match perfectly with this product, like the Moen S113 Waterhill 14-Inch Shower Arm. So, you might want to consider that too.

Can it be combined with a hand-held shower spray?

Yes, it can and it really comes down to proper plumbing. This feature can easily be incorporated, without even touching the Moen Showerhead. Just put a standard two-way diverter in the main arm where the water comes from, and incorporate the joint with a valve to control water supply through shower or hand held shower spray.

Does it have a cutoff switch to save water when soaping up or doing other shower-related chores?

Unfortunately, it does not incorporate a lever; however, its purpose is to switch the flow pressure in the showerhead. The water supply can only be cut off through your valves. Though, this problem can be fixed by getting high quality, valves which allow for easier switching by translational motion rather than a pesky rotational motion.

Does this shower have clogging issues?

Many consumers used this product for an ample amount of time without such complaints.

Can it be mounted to the ceiling?

Yes, if your roof has proper plumbing for water supply with properly sized pipes. However, be aware that it also depends on your height and your roof’s height. You don’t want to miss the ability to switch the lever and lose the functionality of dual shower modes. Make sure the level is always in your reach and it is recommended to use plumber tape in the grooves to ensure a tighter seal.

What Does the Customer Say?

A significant change in pressure when changing mode

Both modes have different uses and functionalities. The rain shower mode is for luxury, comfort, fun and stress-relieving purposes mainly. On the other hand, the thorough rinse mode provides the right pressure and velocity, to cleanse your body and open the pores on your skin. The number of nozzles used and the pressure difference makes it clearly addressed.

Flexible, adaptable showerhead with good tilt

The showerhead is capable of tilting in both vertical and horizontal direction, making it extremely adaptable and ergonomic. Due to this it covers a vast angle under the shower area and is sure to satisfy you with its flexibility. The tilt in each direction is around 15-25 degrees, which is quite significant compared to many other wide showerheads.

The focused shower works wonders even with low line pressure

It will drench you to the core even if you have low water pressure, through focused shower immersion technology.

Installation manual might or might not be there

People have conflicting reviews regarding the availability of an installation manual with the showerhead. However, it’s very easy to install and there are many online tutorials that got you covered. Thanks to the high number of enthusiastic owners of showerheads from Moen.

Remove the water restrictor for high pressure and better flow-rate

The water restrictor is a plastic piece, placed by Moen, to regulate the flow rate and pressure. However, many consumers prefer it pulled off for higher flow rate and higher hydro pressure and stream speed. To remove it, just open the head with a screwdriver and then use pliers to simply pull out the plastic.

Installation to-do

Be sure to buy a roll of Teflon tape or pipe joint compound and put it around the shower threads protruding from the wall to reduce the possibility of leakage and dripping water wastage.


The showerhead is for anyone who’s looking to change their old shower and wants to touch a taste of modern and luxury with added comfort. If you’re renovating your washroom for splendor or premium features, then it’s definitely a candidate for your consideration. This ultimate rain shower head is a strong candidate for being known as the best on the market. It should be noted that the Moen Velocity retails at a very high initial price and is therefore considered costly by many. However, its robust design, superior build quality, handy life-easing features, and Moen’s lifetime warranty is enough of a reason why you should lean towards considering this epic shower head.

Moen showerhead provides you with the best in terms of reliability, innovation, features, durability and lasting value. You also get a limited lifetime warranty, to further reduce your buying anxiety. If that doesn’t satisfy you enough, you get premium amazing features with a stylish looking shower capable of providing two shower modes. It does have its cons too, mainly the pricing. However, looking at the product closely, we think that the quality of product deserves to be paid for with that much amount.Overall, the Moen Velocity, S6320 is a great choice for a showerhead and we recommend it.

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