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by Thomas Holmes

If you’re a showering enthusiast like me, you’ll know how the right amount of spray can make a huge difference. How many times have you gotten into your shower and wanted to spend the rest of your daytime there? If you’ve never experienced this, then I hate to break it to you but you need a new shower.

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower

Moen S6320

  • Chrome finish is highly reflective 
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Connection Size: 1/2 inch
  • Connection Type: IPS

I recommend trying out the Moen S6320BN Velocity Two-Function ShowerHead (it is also available in Chrome finish) due to its supreme quality features. Moen’s line of showerheads, especially this specific model, has something about it that I just can't resist. I recommend it for those who are on a higher budget and can afford to spend a few hundred on a showerhead. But don’t worry, you’ll definitely get what you pay for. I also suggest this for couples who want to increase the water pressure, especially in houses where the water pressure is very low. You should also try it out if you have hard water or are sick and tired of clogged nozzles and want a better maintenance option.


  • 8-inch diameter with 100 nozzles allows for better coverage and expansive water flow.
  • Green flow restrictors and gaskets are easy to remove and install.
  • Uses two spray modes: full spray or concentrated rinse.
  • High velocity, sends out water at 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Is both wall and
  • Uses stainless steel coated with brushed nickel to enhance durability and corrosion resistance.
  • A lifetime warranty which covers most types of


  • A bit more expensive than the other brands.
  • Does not include a shower arm or any other secondary parts.

Key Features

Glossy Look and Design

You might be thinking that there isn't anything much you can do with a showerhead that just looks fancy, and you might be right. But the Moen Showerhead doesn’t just boast a glossy look for nothing. The exterior is made of expertly polished brushed nickel and an alloy of stainless steel to give you not only a metallic look but durability and strength. Apart from that, the showerhead itself has a slightly tanned color, so you get so much more than plain old boring grey.


Moen’s Showerheads, especially the S6320BN, are all equipped with a two-function design. These rain showers can be used on two modes: full spray and concentrated rinse. In Full Spray mode, the water is evenly distributed and sprayed, so you get coverage on every part of your body. In second mode, the water is concentrated more towards the center, so you get a heavier amount of rinse. I think this level of customization in a non-digital showerhead is more than enough. Most showerheads only have just one method of rinsing. Moen S6320BN is a great choice for those who want to enhance their showering experience.

Nickel Finish

The Moen Showerhead S6320BN has a brushed nickel finish that makes the product more durable and reliable. Normally, showerheads would rust easily, even those which were marketed as “rust proof”. And many even try to use reinforced or hydrophobic steel to accomplish this. But the Moen goes the extra mile, and instead of using plain old steel finishes, it makes use of a nickel alloy to enhance the durability. Nickel is a naturally rust and corrosion resistant element. So Moen’s choice in material doesn’t entirely disappoint us. The main metal underneath the nickel coating is still steel though, and I found that sometimes it rusts as well. But these are rare cases.


The Moen Showerhead is one of our favorites mainly due to the 8-inch diameter. Most shower heads are at most 6 inches. So this actually makes for a wider and more expansive coverage of water. I find that the Moen is a far cry from the cheap unreliable showerheads found at the dollar store. The dimensions allow for a great amount of coverage, especially with the one hundred nozzles that are evenly distributed. Surely, 8 inches is an optimal width.

Lifetime Warranty

Moen’s customer service is good enough, but that is nothing compared to their warranty and return policies. A showerhead isn't a big product, so many companies don’t even provide a warranty plan. But those who do only give a limited warranty for up to 3 months or less. However, Moen’s showerhead is unique in the fact that it provides a warranty for a whole lifetime. So you know that you can get a refund or replacement anytime you like. However, there are a few limitations, such as the amount and type of damage the warranty covers.

High Velocity

A good showerhead must have a regular and rapid flow of water to keep you hydrated and fully rinsed. The Moen Showerhead does just that. The main head contains about 100 nozzles which are evenly distributed to expand its coverage. The showerhead has been designed to spray up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Many people see this as an advantage, while many others see this as a drawback. For example, a regular flow of water leaves little to no room for customization or moderation. This could also mean loss and wastage of very precious clean potable water. However, this is one demerit complemented by a hundred merits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the showerhead by titled in any direction?

The Moen S6320BN Showerhead has a swivel feature which allows it to be easily rotated and turned about its axis. This is best for changing the angle of the water in case you need to stand closer or further from the main head.

Does it include the “arm” to attach the head to the wall?

Unfortunately, no. The shower arm, which is shown in many marketing photos and product images, is not included in the product. The package includes just the showerhead and nothing else.

Can I use it with my handheld Moen shower line?

Yes. The Moen Rain Showerhead can be used as a handheld showerhead, and is especially compatible with those bought from Moen themselves. Although, I found that the Moen was more adapted at being wall-mounted, a little bit of compromise never hurt anyone.

Will the jets/nozzles start clogging up?

The Moen head uses 100 nozzles and jets to send out a gushing heavy flow of water for your everyday needs. Not even one of these nozzles seems to be clogged even after 6 months of use. However, the clogging mainly depends on the quality of the water you use and not the product itself. Any showerhead can get clogged if the water forced through it is full of dirt or micro particles.

Can the Moen Showerhead be mounted from the ceiling to point straight down?

Although advertised as “wall-mounted”, I found that the Moen S6320BN can be used on the ceiling as well. Most people like to use a ceiling shower head to let the water fall straight down. So if you're one of them, then you will definitely enjoy the Moen.

What are the two spray settings for the Moen?

The Moen showerhead uses two spray settings. You can either allow all of the water to be evenly dispersed by each of the 100 jets, or you can opt for more water flowing from the center of the head. This makes it easier to concentrate the water to a specific part, say your hair, to get rid of soap or shampoo faster.

What material is used in the Moen Showerhead?

Unlike other brands which just use stainless steel or even plastic to model their showerheads, Moen uses steel coated with nickel. The nickel is naturally resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, and will prevent the steel underneath from rusting. This is actually a very clever combination of elements, as nickel itself is too brittle and steel on its own rusts rapidly. Combine the two and you get a symbiosis that will save your shower!

What Do the Customers Say

When it comes to the best products, our word just isn't enough. You want to be extra sure about your product, and that’s where customer reviews come into play. It is important to know what the other people who bought the product have to say about it. You want to be taking everyone's opinion under consideration. I noticed the following recurring pattern with customer reviews:

Easy Installation

One recurring pattern customers are exceptionally happy with the easy installation and the water pressure. Most showerheads nowadays use flow restrictors to let you choose the amount of flow you want. Many customers seemed to be content with the green flow restrictor which is so easy to remove. All it requires is a needle plier and a few spins, and there you have it. Your very own Moen Showerhead is ready for use. The installation was one thing, but the fact that it can be mounted almost anywhere with any type of shower arm completely compelled us.

Regular Water Flow

Many customers have reported that the two-function design of the Moen allows for easy and regular flow. This is mainly in connection to the green flow restrictor. Customers say that the product allows the water to flow without interruption, and that the water can flow out with a lot morepressure than your water pipelines might be able to afford. So if you’ve had bad experiences with showerheads with zero pressure, then the Moen showerhead is the perfect choice for you. Me and all the other customers highly recommend it.

A Bit Costly

One downside that many customers have frowned upon is the high price. Many did not even mention the price. However, those that did gave it a 5-star. This is because they felt that the price was perfect for such an efficient showerhead. The water flows out with enough pressure, the flow restrictors and gaskets are easy to remove, there are two spray modes, and it works non-stop for about hours. So naturally no one felt that the product was unfairly overpriced. In the words of one happy buyer, “You get what you pay for.”

Excellent Two-Function Design

People were especially happy with the two-function design. Usually manual or handheld showerheads don’t offer much customization. But the Moen has the kind of customization that everyone needs. The two modes allow you to either spray water all over the body or just in one concentrated area. This makes it better for rinsing soap and shampoo, although the regular pressure should be enough. Almost every other buyer kept complementing the clever user-friendly design proudly boasted by the Moen product.

Zero Maintenance

A lot of consumers also commented on the lack of maintenance that the showerhead requires. Usually showerheads tend to get clogged. If the water contains visible particle then the Moen will get clogged too. But for microscopic dust and grease, the Moen has your back. The nozzles are self-cleaning so you don’t have to do the dirty work of cleaning them out every month or so. This was actually one of the very few features that only a few reviewers noticed. Many people don’t even realize that they don’t have to clean out the Moen, as they’re so captivated by the other aspects.


Moen’s S6320BN High-Velocity Two-Function Showerhead is a great example of both quality content and customer trust. To summarize it all up, the showerhead is 8 inches in diameter, uses 100 nozzles, has two spray modes, has a glossy look, has a lifetime warranty, is made of stainless steel coated with nickel alloys, can be tilted in any direction, does not clog or get dirty, does not lose quality even after 6 months, can be mounted on the ceiling as well as the wall, is very easy to install, and can be used as a handheld as well.

The only downsides I see to the product is that it is slightly more expensive than other brands and that it does not include a shower arm. However, seeing all the other great qualitative features, I come to the conclusion that the Moen is in fact worth the price.

So final conclusion: do I recommend it? Yes, for sure!While it has its drawbacks, the Moen showerhead is certainly approved by us and even by Consumer Reports. I think that you will definitely love this product for its great quality and customer experience.

Thomas Holmes

Welcome to my blog, a resource about how to choose that perfect shower head. We all know how a good shower can make the day so please browse my site to find that shower head that will make your day.

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