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by Thomas Holmes

Have you ever had a luxurious shower at a spa, a luxury hotel or a high-end gym and come home wondering if you could achieve the same sort of result at home? It can be easy to assume that large, multi-functional systems with lots of different water jets and nozzles would cost thousands to buy and install. This isn’t necessarily the case. The Perfetto bathroom shower panel tower system is a wonderful example of how a modern and luxurious shower can be achieved without spending a fortune.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65" Dual Style Shower Panel Tower System

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65" Shower Panel Tower System

  • 2 shower head functions
  • 8 adjustable jet nozzles
  • Constant water pressure
  • Hydro massage

This is a shower system with eight different water jets in total, all designed to do a slightly different job and to work together to ensure an immersive and powerful shower experience. These water jets, combined with a rainfall style shower head and a handheld shower head means you have options ranging from a gentle trickle to huge amounts of power, and everything in between. You can set up the perfect shower room for your own preference with the Perfetto tower system.


  • A huge amount of functions, shower heads and water jets, all of which can be used simultaneously if you wish.
  • Surprisingly simple to install. If you are a competent DIY-er then you may be able to install this shower panel yourself.
  • Reinforced pipes and excellent quality materials mean minimal likelihood of leaks and other issues.


  • Can be a little on the large and bulky side if you have a small bathroom or shower area.
  • On the more expensive end of the market.

Key Features

Jets and Heads Galore

The Perfetto gives you the kind of control you may never have thought possible in a home shower. The rainfall head has dual settings, so you can control the power, so whether you would like a gentle trickle or a more firm wakeup call in the morning, it is up to you. Eight different jets are totally customizable and can be pointed to the areas you wish to give a brilliant massaging sensation. Finally, a handheld shower head or “wand” as the manufacturer describes it can be used for the harder to reach areas. This even has an extra-long hose to allow you to reach all the way down to the tips of your toes, if needed.

All of these different water outlets can be used together at the same time, which is why we have described this as an ‘immersive’ shower experience. You truly can experience a glorious water flow from all sorts of angles.

Installation and Wall Mounting

Unlike just buying a shower head, this is a full ‘panel tower’ system. It needs to be mounted on a wall and properly connected to both a hot and cold ½ inch outlet. If you have some DIY or plumbing knowledge then this will probably sound like childsplay, and not be difficult at all. However, it is all relative. Some people find themselves incredibly daunted by the prospect of this sort of installation.

Whereas some shower heads are so simple that anyone could install them, DIY knowledge or not, this is not one of those. If you are quite handy around the house, then it could be a weekend project for you. If not, you may need to seek help. This said, it is a relatively straightforward job, and a plumber or handyman would be able to get this installed in next to no time.


The look of a shower isn’t always important. If it is just a simple shower head, then sometimes it can be easily overlooked. This is not the case with the Perfetto! This is a product with quite striking looks.

The main styles you think of when seeing this product are sleek and modern. This feels like it would be at home in a slick modern apartment or a newly refurbished bathroom. The black stainless-steel finish is a versatile look which will go with many different styles of decor, but modern and minimal designs go particularly well.

The Perfetto shower panel tower system looks great against black walls or white walls as the monochrome design adds a modernist feel. This is not the type of shower which will blend into the background, it is 66 inches in length, so it is quite the statement piece. Ensure it will work with the bathroom design you are aspiring to.

Build Quality and Pressure

A vital yet often forgotten about feature for shower products is the build quality. Low quality products can be susceptible to buildups of minerals and limescale, rust and other unwanted deteriorations. The Perfetto is extremely well made and as such is unlikely to give you any problems for a long time. For instance, the reinforced pipe system behind the visible panel is reinforced and designed to last years, if not decades of use. The stainless steel with black finish is designed to be rustproof and keep its looks for many years.

The build quality goes hand-in-hand with the pressure this is capable of. This pressure will be dictated by your pipes at home. You can measure your pressure from your output with a simple and cheap gauge, but as long as it is between 27 and 70 then this shower can handle it. The higher pressure, the more power you may feel from your shower.

This isn’t one of the cheaper products out there. When you invest a little extra in a quality product such as this one, you expect it to be well-made, using great materials. The Perfetto doesn’t disappoint in this regard. On top of this, it comes with a one-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure that if any parts are faulty, for instance, you can get them replaced.

Extra Long Shower Wand

The mounted head and all those brilliant water jets give a brilliant close up feel when you’re in the shower. The massaging effects are amazing, and you truly feel that your body is getting a thorough soaking!

The extra-long shower wand which is included, and sits just to the right hand side of the shower panel, is still extremely useful. This shower wand is wonderful for things like washing hair, getting to the harder-to-reach areas of your body or even ensuring you can bathe the pets or children in your home, too. This wand is long enough to ensure you can reach most of the areas you’d want to, and can even help you clean out the tub if your shower is attached to a bath.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What size pipe does this require?

Answer: The Perfetto hooks up to a ½ inch pipe as a standard, but many customers have reported using it with a ¾ inch and a converter, which should work absolutely fine just so long as your converter is properly installed.

Question: Does this come in other designs?

Answer: The two designs currently carried by the manufacturer are the brushed black finish and a stainless-steel finish. This is fine for many of us, with our bathrooms fitting at least one of these decors. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something more specific like chrome or brushed nickel you may need to look elsewhere.

Question: Can the functions all be used simultaneously?

Answer: With all of these jets and multiple heads too, you may have assumed that they can’t possibly all run together. Luckily, they can! If you don’t have the highest water pressure then you will feel this reduction in power if you’re using every head at once, but for those who have plenty of pressure this is definitely a realistic option, and for some it is the best shower scenario.

Question: Do all of these shower heads and jets use loads of water?

Answer: The flow rate of the water is limited, and the clever design of the nozzles means that the water is diverted equally throughout. It is very unlikely that you would notice any more water being used, and due to the fact that the Perfetto multi-function bathroom shower panel system has to stick to the regulations of manufacturers in the USA, it means you may even experience a drop in water use. This is especially true if you are using one of the older shower heads on the market.

What Does the Customer Say?

Ease of Use

This may sound like a basic point. There aren’t many shower heads which aren’t easy to use, but when you consider that this panel system has so much going on it is natural to assume that this makes it tough to control, to point things where you want and to turn nozzles and jets on and off. This isn’t the case at all, and the valves and interface to switch between the different settings will take you just minutes to get used to.


The installation of a product can be difficult to get a read on. If you are a contractor or a plumber then you will have no issue at all with this product, it is easy to install. If you’re not too keen on DIY then it may be a little more challenging. As this is a full system, the Perfetto has a totally open back, which means it needs to be mounted flush to a wall. Everything you need to do so is included with the product, and it is arguably no more complex than an Ikea flat pack.

Customers have reported that the plumbing itself is extremely simple. It is just a case of connecting a hot and cold ½ inch connector and then it is good to go. Putting the 65 inches of panel up could be a challenge if you’re not comfortable doing so. Even if you don’t plan to put this up yourself, it shouldn’t be overly expensive to get someone to do so, according to reviewers, most DIY lovers will be able to breeze through this process.


The looks of any statement product like this are best judged by the images and feedback of the customers. Any product can be sold to you in a professional product photo, but customer reviews are an important barometer to how a product actually looks.

While some people have mentioned that the shade of black is not actually that black, most are very happy with the design. It is true that there is a steel, silver, metallic finish, and this is perhaps to be expected from a ‘brushed’ finish. It certainly won’t be an issue for most.

On top of this, the fact that it is a large fitting panel, with so much going on, adds a really modern feel to your bathroom. While it may not fit with a classical design which looks like the 1920s, it is very popular in modern bathrooms and apartments. Words such as ‘classy’, ‘modern’, ‘sleek’ and ‘clean’ are used a lot in the consumer reviews.

Final Words

This is not for everyone. The Perfetto kitchen and bath multi-function bathroom shower panel tower system is quite a unique design. It is clear that this has been created with modernists in mind. While it is a little bit of a statement in terms of its size, though, the color is quite neutral, so there are a wide range of bathroom designs in which the Perfetto could easily fit.

For people who do a lot of sports, the extra nozzles and massaging jets can be really useful not just for washing but for having a recovery impact on the body. Many people who turn to this shower have experienced some immersive, luxurious showers elsewhere and are hoping for the same thing at home.

The cost is a little bit more than some competitors, and a steep jump from simple individual shower heads, but bear in mind that a shower system like this would have cost thousands a decade or two ago. All-in-all, this is a reliable and striking product which many of us may have never thought we could have in our bathrooms at home.

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