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by Thomas Holmes

Pfister is a manufacturer with over a century of experience. They manufacture faucets, showers and bath related products to a very high standard. Their Marielle model is a ‘raincan’ style showerhead, designed so that the water falling has the lush trickle of rainfall. The raincan design gives a lot of coverage and a steady and pleasant water flow.

Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead Review

Pfister Marielle Raincan

  • Meets or exceeds EPA WaterSense standards
  • Rated to meet or exceed CALGreen criteria
  • 1.8 gpm showerhead
  • Brass ball joints for reliable performance

The Pfister Marielle Raincan is not the cheapest product on the market. It is in the high-mid range for this sort of product in terms of price. There is an element of ‘you get what you pay for’ in this market and for the build quality on offer with the Pfister range it is inevitable that you will need to part with a fair amount of money. Nobody could accuse the Pfister of being overpriced once all of its features have been considered.


  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you are protected if issues occur.
  • Six to eight inch spray which gives a large coverage and a realistic rainfall experience that these types of products should offer.
  • Can be purchased in two different finishes. Either polished chrome or brushed nickel, to suit your bathroom design.
  • Cleverly optimized flow rate which means this shower head can heighten the efficiency and performance of your shower.


  • Only has one function and flow rate, the ‘raincan’ with a gentle flow. No option to increase the power or spray patterns.
  • Some have reported the included arm being too small if they are fitting into a recessed section of the wall.
  • The design is slightly tilted, meaning not quite a true ‘rainfall’ experience.

Key Features

Build Quality

The Marielle Raincan showerhead is very well made. Whereas a lot of shower heads are made out of cheap materials such as plastic, or even steel, before being finished with bronze, the Marielle is made of brass with a nickel finish. Some shower heads can be prone to corroding and starting to develop mold or discoloration. The brass design avoids this brilliantly.

The nozzles themselves are rubber, and this is where the water comes out, of course. This may not have the most classy look possible, but it is almost unavoidable. What it does mean is that this is extremely easy to clean.


This shower head has a real feeling of class. This isn’t a cheap and flimsy product and you can tell when looking at it. The fact that you can purchase this in two different styles and finishes means you can fit it in with the rest of your bathroom decor.

The Pfister range has a lot of products which will fit perfectly if you plan to kit out your whole bathroom in a similar style, with faucets which match this well. The “Marielle” name is one of the collections within the Pfiser range so there are plenty of matching products.

This is definitely a traditional design in spite of the unavoidable rubber rubber nozzles. The manufacturer describe this design as being French country. This is defined by the high arc spout which give the upmarket look.


Another area the manufacturers have spent a lot of time on is the installation. Shower heads can be awkward and annoying to install at times, but not this one. The Pfiser Marielle raincan shower head is certainly not awkward.

It is up to you whether you fit it yourself or whether you look for a plumber to do the job. Though some people would always rather use a plumber so they do not have to worry about the design, it may not be necessary here. If you have a decent amount of knowledge on DIY subjects then you will be comfortable fitting this shower head.

As you might expect, full installation guidelines come with the product. The manufacturer even claims that the Pfiser can be fully installed in just five minutes. Even if you don’t know much about doing so, you can fit this with just some reading and common sense you will quickly be able to get your head around it. The quick and easy installation process is a big plus point.

Flow and Feel

If you have specifically set out to look for a raincan style shower head then you are probably looking for a certain feel and flow to your shower. If you are looking for super amounts of power then this may not be the first option you go for, but if you are looking for a gentle flow with a lot of coverage, so your whole body can experience a relaxing shower after a tough day.

The fact that this has a diameter of six inches means that you experience a full flow instead of an annoying little trickle. The point of a raincan head is that it feels like a huge amount of water is falling from above, with a wide spread.

While certainly not weak, it is important to realize that this is not the most powerful shower money can buy. A 2.5 GPM flow rate is what is on offer with the Marielle head. GPM means gallons per minute, and 2.5 is a pretty standard figure, but the fact that this is a wide head without a huge amount of pressure means a more gentle experience.


As already mentioned, 2.5 GPM is the key figure when it comes to economy too. The flow rate number has actually been brought down significantly and manufacturers have to stick to the regulations, which permit a maximum of 2.5 GPM, down from 3.5 GPM in 1990. This has a huge impact on the use of water in the USA every year. Some have even made calls for this number to be lowered, but in terms of the optimum flow rate, 2.5 is enough, assuming the shower head has been manufactured with quality.

The Pfister Marielle makes exceptional use of the GPM available, giving a consistent and pleasant flow and keeping your water bills down to a minimum in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does This Include an Arm?

Answer: Yes, the arm of the product does come with it as displayed in the picture.

Question: How Long is the Arm?

Answer: The arm is around 15 inches long. The arm needs to be attached to your wall and often it is attached in a recessed area, which it is important to be careful isn’t too far recessed so that you don’t end up with the shower head too close to the wall. Generally, this is not an issue.

Question: What is the Diameter of the Head?

Answer: The diameter is six inches which is larger than the vast majority of shower heads on the market. This is measured across the center of the head.

Question: Does the Head Pivot?

Answer: Though there is a small amount of movement in the head, it has not been designed to pivot and point in multiple directions. It has a slight angle which should point away from the wall on which it is mounted, and doesn’t pivot much from that position.

What Does The Customer Say?

It is very important in the interests of balance to take into account consumer reviews. We’re always looking to ensure we get a good idea of what people have said after buying this product. This way we can get the opinions of a wide range of customers all with different needs.

Looking for commonalities in customer reviews is a good way to see the strongest points of the product, and in the case of the Pfister Marielle there are definitely some features that keep cropping up, as reviewed below.


One of the main things that keeps coming up in customer reviews is the fact that this has a large amount of coverage. The diameter of the product is much larger than many of its competitors. What this means is that rinsing off is much easier and the feeling of the shower is much more pleasant for a lot of people.

Not many of us like using a shower with a small spray of water, and those looking for a raincan shower head are usually looking for a large surface area of coverage. It is one thing looking at the tech specs of this product but it boils down to the feel of the shower.

Ease of Installation

We’ve already discussed this above, but there are so many customer reviews which back up our opinion that this is a very easy installation process. The vast majority of reviewers have been happy to take up the installing process themselves. There are very few, if any, who have reported any sorts of issues. The installation is as simple as unscrewing your old shower head and screwing your new head on with a standard ½ inch connector.


We all have our own levels of house pride, but the truth is that getting in a run down and nasty looking bathroom when getting ready in the morning is unlikely to put a smile on your face. A luxurious look and feel to your shower can be achieved with the Marielle range. On top of this, you can choose between either the polished chrome or brushed nickel finish to ensure you’ve got a design which perfectly fits with your bathroom color scheme and design. The ‘high arc spout’ on this product give an extra touch of class, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by reviewers.

Longevity and Build Quality

The reviewers out there appreciate the quality of the product. Many of the shower heads out there aren’t made with the best quality materials, but the Marielle raincan head absolutely is, with a metal structure instead of the plastic or cheap steel that some shower heads are made with.

This has a huge amount of comments in the review section on amazon and other retailers which pertain to the fact that it is made out of only the best materials. This means that it is far less likely that something will go wrong, and limescale build ups or discoloration are less likely.

Although it is hard to gauge from reviews which are usually left after just a few days of having the product, however there are some comments from users who have owned the product for years, with some describing it as the “best shower head they’ve ever had”. This is quite a bold claim, but what is clear is that the product offers value in that it should last for many years.

Final Words

Finding the right shower head can be a difficult task, and finding a combination of good value for money and quality can be even tougher. The Pfister Marielle raincan head is a wonderful example of a product which is extremely well made and doesn’t cost the earth.

While there are much cheaper products on the market when it comes to shower heads, it is unlikely that these will be made with such quality materials and workmanship. It is even less likely that products which are cheaper made will give you years of service like the Marielle has the ability to.

It certainly isn’t the most powerful shower head we’ve come across, but it still has plenty of pressure and a good, comfortable flow. People who are in the market for a raincan shower head don’t usually look for huge amounts of power anyway. This isn’t really the priority of the Pfister product.

What raincan shower lovers are looking for is a large coverage and a luxurious feel and flow of the water above. The six inch diameter certainly give this high level of coverage and the flow and pressure are great when you take into account the 2.5 GPM restrictions modern shower heads have to abide by. The manufacturers have also made another product with a lesser GPM, the Pfiser G15-M95C flows at 2.0 gallons per minute.

The shower head may not have a lot of options in terms of pivoting and changing the settings. All-in-all, though not a cheap shower head, this is a big hit with customers looking for something with a large spread and a comfortable, gentle shower experience.

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